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The name ‘Brazil’ is recorded in several spellings including, Brassill, Brazil, and Brazeall, this surname has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the South American country. It is Irish and was formerly only recorded in ancient times in the South East corner of County Wexford. It derives from the pre 10th century Gaelic O’Breasil, which translates  literally as “The descendant of the one involved in strife”.

Almost all Gaelic surnames have a nickname as the base and usually from ten centuries or more ago. These base names referred to the real or supposed characteristics of the then chief. Some of these characteristics were very robust indeed and included such meanings as “ugly head” or “fickle”, which not everybody would regard as Complimentary. This does not seem to have worried the people of ancient times, suggesting perhaps that to them the meaning at that time, may have been different from today’s interpretation.

Early examples of the surname recording taken from authentic surviving records and charters include William Braseile, the son of John Braseile, christened at the church of St. John the Baptist Dublin 7th November 1652, Thomas Brazil a witness at the town of Waterford 19th October 1863 and Hannah Brassell a witness in Newmarket-on-Fergus 22nd July 1864. (Copyright: Name & Origin Research www.surnamedb.com1980-2012)

The Brazil name is also found in County Armagh where they held a family seat from ancient times. They were descendants from Fiachrach Casan, the progenitor of the Clann Brassil, he was the son of King Colla da Crioch, one of Ireland’s greatest kings, who was banished to the Hebrides in 327 A.D. after losing his fight for the High Kingship of Ireland, Cola da Crioch returned to Ireland in 357 A.D.

Brazil, Brassil, these two anglicised forms of the Irish surname O’Breasail are now about equal in number, they are found mainly in counties Waterford and Offaly. A century ago they were located in counties Tipperary, Kilkenny, Limerick and Kerry, but more recent statistics indicate that the name has become rather rare outside of county Waterford. The name O’Brasil occurs there as early as 1308: the old name of Lysaghstown in County Cork and the County Waterford border was Baile ui Bhreasail and O’Bressyl occurs in County Cork in 1285. Sixteen and Seventeenth century records are rich in reference to the name. The prefix O, now quite obsolete with Brazil, is retained with the Tudor Faints, but as early as 1537, when Brassell occurs among the commoners of Kilkenny, and in 1551 when Mahowne Brassill, a kern, was convicted at Clonmel of having stolen cattle, it is omitted. In the “census” of 1659 Brassell is returned as a principle Irish name in the County Waterford barony of Upper-Third: as it occurs ten times in the Tipperary Hearth Money Rolls of 1665-67 in various spellings also without the O. Other seventeenth century men of interest were John Brassell of Ballycargin County Wexford, who was High Constable of the Barony of Gorey in 1608, and Denis Brazill of Ballydufff of the same county, attained as a Jacobite after the failure of that cause.  West Offaly was one of the homelands of the Brazils. However, he  probably  was a MacBrassill, a name which occurs in the Elizabethan Fiants in County Galway and is that of a small but distinct sept almost if not quite extinct. Brassil or Brazil: the name is also found in Dublin, Wicklow, Mid-West Kerry, Offaly and Laois.

The sept of O Breassil has no connection with the clan Bhreasail, which was the tribe name of the Ui Bhreasail of Oriel.

Breasal Boidhiobhadh:  88th King of Ireland. Lineage: Breasal m. Rudhraighi m. Sittride m. Duib m. Fhomuir m. Argatmair.

In The Book of Irish Genealogies by MacFbirbhisigh O’Muraile can be found a connection between the Brazil name with the Ui Neill’s.

This then is the family of Colla Dha Chrioch, Fo Chri: all the Oirthir and the Royal line of the Dartraighe, i.e., Coiuninis, Ui Mheith, Fir Fhearnmahighe (Men of Fearnmhagh), Fir Lemhna, Siol Duibhthiure, Ui Bhriunin of Archoill, Fir Ros, Fir Mhaine, Fir Dhubshalat, Ui Cheannfhada, Ui Mheic Bhroc, Ui Eachach Beaga, Ui Eachach Mora, Ui Thortainn, Ui Niallain, Ui Chonaill, i.e., the craftsmen of Ui Bhreasailof Macha, Mudhorna (Muighe Dorn), Ui Chreamhthainn, Ui Luian  together with other relations.

Fiachra Casan has one son: Feidhlimidh, f. Eochaidh from whom are Ui Eachach Breasal, from whom are Ui Bhreasail, Tuathal Cruinnbheal, from whom are Ui Chruinn. Trian, whom are Ui Threanna, Fiuacha, f. Torthann and Niallan.

Cumascach and Buachaill two sons of Chonchabhair Corrach (Charraigh) s. Maol Duin s. Finghin s. Cronan (Ronan) s. Tuathal s. Oilill s. Fiac.s Breasal s. Feidhlimidh s. Fiachra Casan s. Colla Fo Chri.

Donhnallan s. Maol Brighde s. Tighearnan s. Loingseach s. Domnhall s. Breasal s. Dluthach s. Fitchcheallach s. Diochuill s. Eoghan Fionn.

O Breasail came from the aforementioned Fleaithbheartach s. Conchabhar Fleaithbheartach s. Conchabhar O.

Clann Bhreasail: O Sibhleachain (Cibhleachain) Sibhleachan (Cibheachain) s. Fionachta s. Flannabhra s. Loghalach s. Breasal s. Conchanbhar s. Muireashach Muillrathan s.Fiachra Casan had one son Feidhlimidh, f. Eochaidh, from whom are Ui Eachach, Breasal, from whom are Ui Brerasail, Tuathal Cruinnbheal, from whom are UI Chruinn, Trian, from whom are Ui Threana, Fiachra f. Torthann and Niallan s. Feidhlimidh Ui BH O.

These are the family of Colla Dha Chrioch, or Fo Chric : all the Oirthir and the royal line of the Dartraighe, i.e. Coininis, Ui Mheith and Fir Fhearnmuighe (men of Fearnmagh) and Fir Mhanach and Fir Leanhna and Siol Duibhthire and Ui Bhriuin of Achoill and Fir Rois and Fir Mhaine and Fir Dhubhshalat, Ui Cheannfhada, Ui Mheic Bhoc, Ui Eachach Beaga, Ui Eachach Mora, Ui Thortainn, Ui Niallain, and Ui Chonaill, i.e. the craftsmen Ui Bhreasail of Macha, and Mudhorna (Muighe Dorn) and Ui Chreamhthainn and Luain together with their relations. UI BH Mhaca.

Clann Chairbre Ua mBresuil. Giolla Padraig agus Raghnall dha m. Mhaoiliosa m. Muireadoigh m. Eochagain m. Airtri m. Eachach mcCumusgaigh m. Cairbre mcDonnaghaile m. Buachalla m. Conchabair Corraigh.

From the aforesaid Cumascach are Ui Bhreasail of Macha, i.e. from whom are Ui Chlochagain.

The Genealogy of Ui Bhreasail Oirthir, Archu s. Aodh s. Treinfhear s. Ceileachan s. Gairbhioth s. Aodh s. Maol Duin s. Dunghal s. Buachaill s. Conchabhar Corrach s. Maol Duin s. Finghin, etc, as above UI BH Oirthir.

The Genealogy of Ui Bhrerasail of Macha, Domhnall s, Flkaithbheartach s. Aodh s. Colga (f. Cumascach) s. Domhall s. cuan (Conn) s. Gearadhan (Earadhan) s. Gairbhioth s. Flaitheagan s. Aodh Laighean (of Leinster) s. Cumascach s. Conchabhar Corrach.

Ceneul m Breasuil Domhnallan m. Maoilbhrighde m. Tighearnain m. Loingsigh m. Domnuill m. Breasail m. Dluthaigh m. Fidhchellaigh m. Diocholla m. Eogain Fhind s. Dluthach CnL O.

Breasal, from whom are Ui Bhreasail, was a high king without opposition, Eochaidh, from whom are Ui Eachach, was around great judging Ard Macha.

Breasal s. Fearghus Forcraigh s. Maol Foghartaigh s. Suibhne s. Furadhran s. Beice.

Foga s. Dallan had twelve sons, Murbhan (it was he who ruled the kingdom) after it was bequeathed to him by his father to his junior, i.e. Muireadhach, for wealth and permanent hostages- it was he who ruled the kingdom through the most junior of the family, i.e. through Muireadhach s. Foga having bequeathed it to him – every king of Siol Murbhrain of Ceineal Muireadgaigh serves him); Combart (Combrat) was whom is Ceineal Combairt (Combrait); Connadh, from whom are Ui Chonnaidh; Eanna whose seed is not (or is extinct); Neamh, from whom are Ui Neamhan (Neamhann) among the Criomhthainn; Lughaidh, from whom are Ui Luighdheach; Breasal, from whom are Ui Chonaill; Creamhthann, from whom are Ui Chreamhthainn; Aonghus Iobhdhach, whom are Ui Iobdhaigh (i.e. his mother was of Iobhdhaigh); Muireadhach Muindearg whom Patrick blessed in the kingdom of Ireland, as others said. S. Forga UI BH I.

Breasal s. Aodh Ron, from whom are Clann Bhreasail in Sliabh Garbhraighe. S. Aodh Ron CL. BH I.

Of the Genealogy of UI Thasaigh or Thaisigh the Eight sons of Oilill mTasach s. Eochaidh Liathan: Laoghaire, Breasal, from whom are UI Bhreasail, Mac Droighin, Mac Carthinn, Aodh, from whom si Ceineal Aodha, Feidhlimidh, Aonghus Breac, from whom are the Tradraighe, Noes (Nos) the poet. S. Oilill Tasach UI BH E.

Lair in Ceall Lasrach, daughter of Ua Breasail (sic; it was there that Brighid burned the weaver’s beam at the close of the day. Breasail Ua Y.

Ui Longain, Ui Dhuibh Eamhna, Ui Chonchabhair of Crioch Dhealbhna, all belong to western Ui Bhreasail, by whom every great man is served. UIBH Iarthair.

O Duibhleachain without gloom is over yellow haired Clann Bhreasail; O Clothrain, bulwark of the homestead, is permanently over Dal Corm.

Noble the blood companies, well-shaped Ui Dhomhnallain who defeated in water battles yellow topped Clann Bhreasail CI BH 0-M.

Of the branch of relationship of Clann Chonchabhair still Dubhlachtna s. Doibhleachan s. Flaithbheartach, from whom is Muintir Dhoibhleachain, s. Doibhleachan, from whom are Ui Ogain. UI BH.

Of the seed of Colla Uais were Ceineal Beice, Ceineal Baodain, Muintir Dhiugaire, Ui Luraigh, Siol Cathasaigh, Siol Duibh Ghuaile (Duibh Aille), the kings of Fearnmhagh (Farney), the folk of Tanhlachta Laogh, and Ui Ghearain, Ui Dhuirb Dhaire, Ui Bhreasail, Ui Dhaighcheannanin, Siol Aodha s. Beac, Ui Chonaing, Ceineal Eichin, Ui Dhuibh Fheadain, Ui Dhroiein, Ui Leatain, Ui Fhloinn Line, Ui Dhomhnallain, Ui Mhuirighin, Ceineal Forannain, Ui Bhaoighill of An Boghach, Ceineal Dioma, Ui Fhionnchuill, Ceineal Caithcheirn, Sol Finn at Letir Finnigh, Ui Fhiommchaidh, Ui Dhiochon.

Clann Bhreasail from Breasal s. Dluthach.

As a result of every king of Siol Murbhrain of Ceineal Muireadhaigh serves him; (2) Combart (Combrat), from whom is Ceinral Combairt (Combrait); (3) Connadh, from whom are Ui Chonnaidh; (4) Eanna, whose seed is extinct; (5) Neamh, from whom are Ui Neamhan (Neamhaimh) among the Criomhthainn; (6) Lughaidh, from whom are Ui Luighdheach; (7) Breasal, from whom are Ui Bhreasail; (8) Loingthe, from whom are Ui Longther; (9) Conall, from whom are Ui Chonaill; (120) Creamhthann, from whom are Ui Chreanhthainn; (11) Aonghus Iobhdhach, from whom are Ui Iobhdhaigh (i.e. his mother was of the Iobhdhaigh); (12) Muireadhach Muindearg whom Patrick blessed in the kingdom of Ireland, as others said.

Breasal from whom are Clann Bhreasail in Slibh Garbhraighe.

Clann Nad Fraoich s. Corc here Nad Fraoich had four sons; Aonghus, Oilill Eochaidh and Feidhlimidh, from whom are Ui Bhreasail in Eoghanacht of Aine and Ui Dhonnghusa (from whom are Ui Lotraighe) in Eoghanacht of Ui Chathbhaidh. From Aingheas, d. Cairbre Daimh Aurgid, wife of Nad Fraoich, mother of Opilill s. Nad Freaoich, is named Ceineal Anghais, Faochan Bainbhreathnach was the mother of Aonghus s. Nad Fraoich. Feidhlimidh s. Nad Fraoich Ui BH E.

Of the family of Daire Cerba s. Oill Flann Borag Anmachadha , Ui Mheic Caille, Ui Thaisigh, Tradraighe, Ceineal, or Ui Breasail, ceineal Aodha, Ui Ghabhla, Ui Roisa, Ui Chonaill Ghabhra, Ui Scannalain, Ui Leadhbhain, Ui Shaichill, Ui Eolcholhair, Ui Urthuile, Ui Mhurchada, Ui Artghaile, Ui Dhunadhaigh, Ui Fhidhghintigh, Ui Mhuiredhaigh, Ui Dhubhartaigh, Ui Fhlannanhra , Ui Bhrain, Ui Chumascaigh, Aos Raighne Ui Dhuibhionnrachta, Ui Chormaic, Ui Chairbre, Ui Chinn Fhaoladh, Fir Thamhnaighe and Meic Bhrocain and Ui Gharbhain, Meic Con Irigh, Ui Chillin, Ui Laipe, Ui Eirc, i.e. Ua Eirce, Ui Laoghaire, Ui Sheadna, Ui Ghlaisin, or Ui Ghlasain, Ui Chonnath. Nl/Ui E.

Bresal Bodibaid son of Rudhraighe. (Bodibaid – Cow-destruction, so called from a rinderpest that occurred at that time).

Findatmar: Breasal of the Compacts. Breasal is the nickname of Bo-dibaid  Cow-destruction, so called from a rinderpest that occurred at that time). The name of Luigaidh, Luighne, which occurs after that of Breasal is the list of Irish Kings generally. Breasal Bodibhaidh is the vigorous. Taken from the Annals of Ireland and Fenagh.

Breasal Bodibhaidh is listed in the footnotes as King of Ireland a.m.

Ronan’s son was fames Nargus, whose son was haughty, fierce Breasal.

Reference in the Irish Fiants of the Tudor Soverigns IV Index Elizabeth is of a pardon to Brasill Ellena No 552, Brasill Margaret No 2347 and Brasill William No 2424.

The County of Wexford is where some of the earliest records of the O’Breasails can be found. Other examples taken from authentic surviving records and charts included the christening of William Braseile, the son of John Braseile in the St John the Baptist Church Dublin 7th November 1652 and Thomas Brazil a witness at the town of Waterford 19th October 1863, and Hannah Brassaell, a witness at the town of Newmarket-on-Fergus 22nd July 1864.

The O’Neill family are linked with the Brassileaghs, with Phelim Coach O’Neill, Prince of the Cenel nEogain, who was grandson of Conn O’Neill, then King and later Earl of Tyrone. Clan Brassill are also listed in County Antrim. From the Four Annals.

The O’Brassil family is listed among the families of Ulster & Hy-Maine who were descendants from Colla da Chrioch.

Milesian Genealogy: List of Heremon: No 84 lists Eochaidh Dubhlen; father of the Three Collas, (Kings of Origiall). 1, Muireadach, or Colla da Chrioch (Colla of the Two Countries; Ireland & Scotland. 2, Carioll or colla Uais (Colla the Noble) 121st Monarch of Ireland. 3, Meann or Colla Meann (Colla the Famous), their mother was Aechia, daughter of the King of Alba (Scotland). One of Eochaidh’s two brothers was Fiacha Srabhteine, who was the 120th Monarch and he begins the branch from which descends the Royal family of England. Queen Victoria is no 136. He is also the ancestor of O’Neill and Brassil to name but a few of the families. From Irish Pedigrees.

During the Plantation of County Leix (Laois-Queens County), a number of Irish tribes were removed by a man called Crosby (he was actually called MacCrossan) into County Kerry. This migration included some O’Breasails who it appears anglicised the spelling to Brassil. Main locations were Tarbert, Tarmon and Ballylongford. Some Escaped from Crosby and went into County Offaly. From a History of County Kerry.

The Brazils of Waterford were a major family name in Waterford in the 1659 census returns.

The Brazils of Dublin show a record of a Thomas Brasyell of 1470 as the Grammar Master of St. Patrick’s School, other records show Brazils in 1751 1652, 1655, 1658 From Dublin Street Names & Dates explained 1882

Brazils are also listed in The Syncronised Annals by D P MacCarthy Royal Irish Academy.

In reviewing the writings of the history of the Brazils in Ireland, these records cover marriages, battles, murders, pillages, burnings, power struggles, land grabbing, clerical appointment, weather conditions and information on specific family’s.  It gives an insight into the Ireland of yesteryears before the English came and conquered the nation.  Ireland then, was made up of many Kings, Chiefs and War Lords, similar to far Eastern countries such as Afganistan, the big difference was that the Irish were at war with one another whilst the Afganistanie peoples banded together as a force to fight the invaded. The Irish Chiefs did not fight as a group but amongst themselves.

In the early years the Brazil’s were involved at the top level of power (Kings, Clans, Chiefs and War Lords), but by the 1700’s they seem to have become ordinary citizens with a limited distribution of family’s in the south and midlands of Ireland.  Family’s also change religion to hold unto lands and position depending on who was in power at that time as did many other families.

In reading “Ulster m1641 Aspects of the Rising”, the series of articles contained therein give an insight into the conditions which the English created which has left such a legacy of trou8bles on this island even to this day.

In the 1641 Depositions on Shenane Brassell of Waterford a spinster is involved in a murder and Alexander Brassil a Commissioner of Athlone  is listed under County Donegal. From TCD 1641 Depositions.

A list of Dates and Events and Records Books

Annals of Inisfallen Vol 2 903-1171 Vol 3 1172-1372 Vol 4 1373-1500 Vol 5 1501-1588

A 1005 Repose of Aengus son of Bresal, coarb of Cainnech.

A 1346 Death of King Bresal Brec (AU 435, 436).

As for the camps in the district of Kinel-Fheichin, they were front to front, guarding against each other daily, from the festival of St, Patrick to the end of the month of April, when the provisions and stores of flesh meat of the sons of John Burke began to grow scant and to fail; and they therefore, proceeded to quit the territory; and after their departure they carried off a prey from O’Madden, i.e. Donnell, the son of John, son of Breasal, and then proceeded across the Suck. The sons of the Earl, in the meantime continued to pursue them; many persons were slain between them on this occasion. The son of John Burke then went to Tirconnell, to O’Donnell; and the sons of the Earl returned to their own county and their houses. Upon their return to patrimony, they found their father, i.e. Ulick, the son of Rickard, son of Ulick-na-gCeann, in his last moments, after making his will and bidding farewell to (pages missing).

A 1666 Death of Diarmait son of Aed Slaine, king of Temuir and of Blathmac, son of Aed Slaine and of Mael Bresail (AU 665, 668).

LC  1047 Muirchertach, grandson of Madadha. King of Ui-Breasil was killed in Ard-M.

LC 1107 A victory by the Ui-Breasail over the Ui-Meth in which they slaughtered together with their king, i.e. Aedh Ua hImmreachtaigh.

A hosting by Domhnaill Mac Lachlainn accompanied by the men of the North of Erinn, to Sliabh-Fuaid; but Ceallach, comarb of Patrick, made a year’s peace between O’Briain and Mac Lachlainn; and the men of the North of Erinn, together with the Cenel-Conaill and Conel-Eoghain, went afterwards to Magh-Ui-Bresail to attack the Ulidians who were in Magh-Cobha but the Ulidians gave them the three hostages whom they themselves selected.

5001 There was a great mortality of kine in Ireland in Breasal’s reign.

4990 Breasal Boidhiobhadh son of Rudhraighe after having been eleven years king of Ireland, was slain by Lughaidh Luaighne.

4990 Innatmar son of Nia Sedhamain, after having been nine years in the sovereignty of Ireland, was slain by Breasal Biodhiobhadh son of Rudraighe.

4991 The first year of Breasal Boidhiobhadh in the sovereignty of Ireland.

4815 Fearghus Fortamhail son of Breasal Breac after having been eleven years in the monarchy of Ireland was slain by Aenghus Tuirmheach in the battle of Teamhair Tara.

525/526/535 Ailill Bishop of Armagh was of the Ui Breasail died.

683 Breasal son of Fearghusd chief of Cobha died.

CS 685 The death of Bresal son of Fergus, i.e. king of Coba from disease.

712 A battle was fought between the two sons of Beg Boirche and the sons of Breasal chiefs of Ui Eathach Uladh Iveagh; and the victory was gained over the sons of Breasal.

733 Breasal son of Aedh Roin King of Ulidia was slain at Dun Celtchair.

U 733 The slaying of Echaid of ~Coba son of Breasal.

738 The battle of Damh Dearg in Breagh by Indreachtach Ua Conaing in which were slain Dungal son of Flann, Lord of Feara Cul; and Fearghus son of Oisteach with many others.

739 Eochaidh son of Breasal chief of Ui Eathach (Iveagh).

771 Fearghal son of Eladhach Lord of Ui Breasail Beiri was slain.

777 Cormac son of Bresal, Abbot of Ard Breacain Ardbraccan and other churches died.

787 Tomaltach son of Innreachtach King of Ulidia was slain by Eochaidh son of Fiachna.  Breasal son of Flathrai was Lord of Dal Araidhe.

787-792 Breasal son of Flathrai (Bresal m. Flaithri) lord of Dal Araidhe.

U792 Bresal son of Flaithri king of Dal nAraidi and Dorm Corci king of Dal Riata died.

822 Eochaidh son of Breasal lord of Dal Araidhe of the North was slain by his own people.

M841 Fineachta son of Breasal Abbot of Cilldumha; 824 Eochaid m. Bressail ri Dal Araide un Tuaisceirt.

823-825 Maelbreasail son of Ailell Cobha (Mael Bresail m. Ailello Cobo) lord of Dal Ariadhe died.

841 The first year of Fergus Fortamhail son of Breasal Breac in the sovereignty of Ireland.

M843 Robhartach son of Breasal Abbot of Achadh Bo Cainnigh

843 Breasal son of Caingne Abbot of Cillmanach.

847-849 Mael Bresail macCernaigh tigherna Mughdhorn was slain.

850 Fogartach son of Mael Bresail lord of Oirghialla died.

851 Maelcaurarda son of Maelbreasail lord of Ui Mic Oirghiall died.

M/U 851-853 Cearnachnson of Maelbrasail lord of Cobha died.

852 Fogertach m. Maele Bresail rex na n-Airghialla died.

CS 896 Flaithbertach son of Murchad King of Ailech was slain by Ui Breasail.

914 Erudan son of Gairbith toisech H m. Breasail Macha.

984 Flaithbertach ua hAnluain king of Ui Niallain was deceitfully killed by Ui Breasail.

1017 Gillacoluim son of Muireadhaca Ua Maeltrea and Aedh Ua hEradain lord of Ui-Breasail-Macha died.

1018 Aed ua Erudain king of Ui Bresail Macha died.

1026 The paved way from Garrdha-an-bhainbh to Uluidh-na-gcross was made by Breasal Conailleach at Cluain–mic-Nois.

1037 Archu Ua Celechain lord of Ui Breasail and Ruaidhri Ua Lorcain lord of Ui-Niallain were slain at Craebh-caille by Muireadhach Ua Ruadhacain and the Ui-Eathach.

1038 Colman Cam ua Conghaile ri H. m-Bresail slain by Matadan ua Ceilecan.

1042 Ailill son of Breasal resident priest of Cluain-mic-Nois died.

1044 Niall ua Ceilecain king of Ui Bresail was blinded.

1047 Muirchertach son or grandson of Madadhan king of Ui-Bresail was killed in Ard-Macha by Madadhan Ua Celechain.

1054 The son of Archu ua Ceilecain king of Ui-Bresail was slain by men of Fernmhagh.

U1082 Finnachad son of Amalgaidh chief of Clann Bresail was killed.

1107 A victory by the Ui-Bresail over the U-Meth in which they were slaughtered together with their king, i.e. Aedh Ua hInnreachtaigh.

1109 A slaughter was inflicted on the Ui Bresail including their king i.e. Dartin.

1107 A battle was gained by the Ui-Breasail-Macha over the Ui-Meith in which the latter were slaughtered together with their lord Aedh Ua hInnreachtaigh and Fearghus son of the lord of Conaille and a great number of others fell along with him.

1165 Niall Ua Ceileachain lord of Ui-Breasail and his brother i.e. Trenfhear were blinded by the sons of Madadhan through guile and treachery.

1165 The Ulidians began to turn against Muircheartach Ua Lochlainn and proceeded with a force against Ui-Meith and carried off cows and slew many persons. They made another deprecatory irruption upon the Ui-Breasail-Airthir and another upon Dal-Riada. A great army was afterwards led by Muircheartach Ua Lochlinn consisting of the cinel-Conaill, Cinel-Eoghain and Airghialla into Ulidia; and they plundered and spoiled the whole country, except the principle churches of Ulidia; and they made a countless slaughter of men and slew amongst others Eachmarcach Mac Gilla-Epscoib and Ua Lomain; and they banished Eochaidh Mac Duinnsleibhe from Ulidia after having deprived him of his kingdom; and all the Ulidians gave their hostages to Ua Lochlainn for his royal power.

No references to Brassel or Brazil were found in the Annals of Ireland Connellan 1171-1616

A.D. 1585 A Proclomation for a Parliament was issued to the men of Ireland commanding their chiefs to attend in Dublin precisely in May. Thither went Teige the son of William son of Trige Duv O’Kelly (Prince of Hy Maine in Galway and Roscommon: O’Madden (Lord of Siol Anmcha in Galway now the barony of Longford and the parish of Lusmagh in the Kings County) namely Donalk the son of John son of Breasal.

The High constables of the Barony of Gwery I son John Brassell of Belecargin.

List of Captains who attended Tyrone, including Tirlough Berassill’s sons.

A note from Sir Garrett Moore to the Lord Deputy refers to an army that Tyrone had camped at Benburb with 500-600 men, but a dispute arose over articles which included Tirlough Brassill and Sons, it is not clear what the dispute was about.

Records of letters from the Lord Deputy & Counsellors in the field to the English Privy Council lists Tirlagh Braslagh’s sons as names of the subcommittees.

Flemings messenger brought a letter indicating that Turlough Brasselagh had sent a horse load of wine and a promise to come to Turlough Limeach at Benburb.

1599 A reference to a garrison in Armagh and Monaghan  various men and includes Tirlough Barassells sons with 120 men. Here also it lists the O’Neill and Barassell names with various spellings of Brazil and Turlough.

1575 Earl of Essex to the Queen. Turlogh Lynagh’s pledges having escaped from Sir N Bagnall are restored. Turlough Lynagh has proclaimed that whoever molested those that draw timber for the fort at the Blackwater shall be hanged. Turlough Brasselagh, the Scot fearing to live in the Glynn’s desire to pass into Connaught (Listed under O’Neill in the Index).

1579 Four competitors for the name O’Neill, vix the Barons of Dungannon, and Shane O’Neill sons strong, and Turlough Brasselagh and Art McHenry are weak.

1579 Turlough Brasselagh craves to depend immediately on Her Majesty.

1579 Turlough Lynagh to the Lord Drury, peace made between him and Turlough Bresselagh.

1579 Chancellor Gerrarde and Justice Dowdall and the Dean of Armagh, instructions to tell Turlough Lynagh that the force of the Pale is gathered to aid L. Justice against the traitor. Turlough to take pledge from Turlough Brasselagh.

1580 Captains Morris’s sickness and death deplored. His men divided. Phelim has joined Dungannon, Magennis, O’Reilly, Turlough Bresselagh, McPhelim Roe and the O’Hanlons together to resist Turlagh Lynagh.

1587 A note of lands fit to be granted to Turlough Lynagh and the Earl of Tyrone. The reversion of Clancan and Turlough Brasselagh.

1587 A note of certain that they have put in pledges including Turlough Braelagh.

A reference is made to a General Synod in Erin was held at Rath Breasail in the fifth year of the reign of the said Murtough O’Brien A.D. 1110 whereat attended the nobility and clergy of Erin and whereat dioceses with their boundaries were defined ( a further note states that  the where about of the Breasail Forth situation is unknown.

At the Synod at Rath Breasail about the year 1118, presided over by Gillebert Bishop of Limerick and Papel Legate (as Christian Bishop of Limerick was afterwards in Ireland), the assembly says the Doctor “was attended  like that of Fiadh-mac-Aengussa, not only by bishops and clergymen of various ranks, bu8t likewise by distinguished laymen from it seems all parts of Ireland. (Irish Arch 80c).

1770 List include a 1770 marriage, a Dublin Trade Directory 1778, The Gentlemens Almanack 1817, along with births marriages and deaths from parish church records.

1772 The Brazils of Kildare Pre-1864. None are recorded in Griffiths Valuations but Baptisms are recorded for Athy in 1772

1800 Brazils can be found living in County Laois.

Phelim Coach O’Neill was a prince of the Cenel  nEoghain from 1517-1542

The first son of the King Conn Bacach O’Neill , Conn came from a long line of Ulster Kings and was known throughout all the O’Neill provinces as “The O’Neill” of the most supreme among the O’Neills Lords. Phelim’s mother was Lady Alice Fitzgerald, the daughter of Gerald Fitzgerald, 8th Earl of Kildare. His father and maternal grandfather were probably the two most powerful men in Ireland in the 1540’s.

Phelim Coach (The Blind) was the eldest son of Conn O’Neill, 1st Earl of Tyrone, then King of Tir Eoghan. Phelim was raised in the Gaelic fashion at the family castle in Dungannon County Tyrone and was groomed to one day be the King of Tir Eoghan himself. At the time of his birth, his uncle was King, but at his death in 1519, his father assumed the throne of Tir Eoghan, and the over-chief-ship of all three O’Neill houses: Tir Eoghan, The Fews, and Clanaboy. He was the supreme ruler of all of Ulster. Phelim grew up learning the diplomacy and the art of rule and war in Northern Ireland. He took part in activities of his father’s kingdom, including a stint as a hostage to the English just before his death. A part of Irish culture of that period was raiding. Raids against neighbouring lords for cattle, was a primary past time for young noblemen. Especially in Ulster, cattle, was the main element of wealth. Thus raiding punished or promoted a junior Lord in the O’Neill world. The O’Neills had a continuous series of battles with the Antrim Scots led by the MacDonells.

Phelim was married to Honora O’Neill, daughter of Sir Phelim O’Neill, Lord Edenduffcarrick and the Clanaboy O’Neills. They had a son named Tirlough Brassileagh O’Neill. He gained this patrimony on being fostered by the Clan Brassill in Southern Ulster after the death of his father.

Events surrounding his death: It was a raid against neighbouring Scottich Clan the McDonalds of Antrim that cost him his life. In early 1542 he was cut down by a single thrust from a MacDonell gallowglass according to his obituary in the Annals of the Four Masters of Ireland. Phelim Coach died prior to his father’s submission to King Henry VII. One is left to wonder what might have happened had Phelim lived. After Phelim died, Conn Bacach was left with Shane, a boy of only 6 or 7 years old and an illegitimate teenage son named Mathew Kelly. Had Phelim lived perhaps the warfare of the 1550-1560’s might not have taken place. From Annals of the Four Masters A.D. 1542.

O’Neill, the Ancient and Royal Family Tirlough Brassileagh O’Neill: was the son of Phelim Coach O’Neill, Prince of Cenel nEogain. As the grandson of Conn O’Neill, then later King and later Earl of Tyrone, he was fostered by the McCann clan in the area of the south of Lough Neagh know as Clan Brassill area. When Tirlough’s father died in 1542, he and his family were quickly pushed aside by the internal politics of O’Neill dominated Ulster. As a son of Conn Bacach, he would eventually be able to attempt a try at the Chiefship of all the O’Neills and thus was seen as a threat by his uncles Shane O’Neill (nicknamed “An Diomss” or “The Proud”) and Mathew Kelly (Fedrocha), Baron of Dungannon.

In spite of his uncles warfare and attempts to push Tirlough out, he eventually outlived both uncles and grew to some importance in the turmoil of the late 16th century. Turlough stood for elections as The O’Neill Mor in 1583 when it was though that Sir Tirlough O’Neill, the reigning O’Neill Mor had died and led sizable groups of fighting men in 1575 and throughout the 1590’s during the nine years war. He is listed as having the ability to raise “50 Horse and 200Foot” soldiers out of his territories at 24 hours’ notice to fight.

He again made a bid for the Chiefship in the 1590’s, but his cousin, Hugh O’Neill 3rd Earl of Tyrone bough him off with a gift of territory. In 1595 the English make reference to him as being part of the leadership in Ulster, but too old to worry about, and he died sometime later.

Turlough Beassileagh was married to Anabla O’Reilly, a daughter of the O’Reilly of Cavan. They had children: Con and Hugh McTirlough. These sons fought in the nine years war raiding neighbouring clans and fought in the 1608 Rebellion.

1641 Two Breasail families are recorded as making a depositio0n following the 1641 massacres.

The Book of Ballymote cites Sil Colla Focrich; of the stock are Airthera, Rigradh Dartraighe Coindinse, UI Meth, Fir Fernmuighe, Fir Manach Fir Lemna, Sil Duibtiri, Ui Briuin Archoill, Fir Roiss, Ui Maine, Fir Dubhshlat, Ui Cennfhada, Ui mic Brocc, Ui Echach bega, Ui Echach mora, Ui Dortaind, Ui Niallain, Ui Conaill, Ui Bresail of Macha and Mughdorn, Ui Cremthaind, and Ui Luain with relatives.

From Colla-da-Chrioch are claimed to descend some of these noble families of Ulster and elsewhere- Boylan, Brassil, Cahil, Callaghan, Carbery, Carey, Carroll, Cassidy, Conan, O’Connor, Corrigan, Cosgrave, Devine, O’Donnell, Donnelly, Duffy, Dwyer, Fogarty, Garvey, Gavin, Hanlon. Hart, Higgins, Hollgan, Kelly, Kennedy, Keogh, Lane, Larkin, Leahy, Lynch, MacCabe, MacDaniel, MacKenna, MacMahan, MacManus, Madigan, Madden, Maguire, Malone, Mooney, Muldoon, Norton, Orr, Traynor, Tully etc.

Airghialla – the Tribes of the Three Collas.

The Airghialla were a loose federation of tuath, largely located in the modern province of Ulster. Their territory, depending on timeframe, included much of what includes the modern counties of Monaghan, Armagh and Fermanagh.

The Book Of Fenagh states the sub-territories of Airgialla were: Ui Niallain (Oneilland baronies of County Armagh); Ui Bresail (now includes the baronies of Oneilland).

The Book Of Ballymore A Meg Mathgamma Genealogy: Mugdoran – County Monaghan. The Mugdorna territory stretched from Monaghan south as far as the river Boyne at Navan. The early chiefs of Mugdorna are stated to be descendants of one of the Three Collas i.e. Colla Mend.

An early genealogy of Sil Colla Mend, which appears to relate to the Ua Machainen of Mughdorn: Maelruanaid and Congalda m. Gillacrist m. Amlaimh m. Aillene m. Osene m. Scolaigi m. Machainen m. Suibne m. Artraich m. Aillene m. Mailail m. Mailbresail m. Maelduin m. Aillene m. Ail m. Misene m. Fergusa m. Duach m. Breasail.

Airthir (Airtheara) was cantered in County Armagh. The Airthir had split into the main septs by the 8th century, the Ui Niallain, the Ui Bressail, and the Ui Echdach. About the 10th century some of the major groups in the modern County Armagh region included Ui Meith, the Ui Niallain and the Ui Bresail.

An early Airthir Genealogy by Laud 610 shows Ua Bressail Macha and Ua Bresail Airthir, descendants from Conchobhir Chorraig m. Mailduin m. Finghin m. Ronin m. Thuathail m. Ailella m. Conaill m. Feicc m. Bressail m. Feidlimthe m. Fiachach m. Colla Fochrich.

Ui Bresail – Northern Armagh. The annals of 1155 cite Amhlaibh MacCann as ‘Pillar of Chivalry and Vigour of Cinel Eoghain’. Other noted chiefs included O’Keelaghan (oCeileachain) of Ui Breasil Airthir. O’Dugan (Poems) cites the sept of Gairbhith fierce chiefs of Ui Breasial of Macha as well as the sept of Mag Suilechain over Clann Breasail, and also the septs of the O’Longains, O’Duibheamhanas and O’Conchobhairs all of the western Ui-Breasail.

MacFirbhis (Book of Genealogies) describes a Clan Bresail, alias Muinter Domnallain, cited between Ballinasloe and Loughrea in Ui Maine (Connaught).

An early genealogy of the Ua Bresail Airthir by Rawlinson: Lorcan m. Gilli Padraic m. Madain m. Aeda m. Trenfhir m. Celechain m. Garbith m. Aeda m. Mael Duin m. Donngaile m. Buachalla m. Conchorbuir Corraig m. Mael Duin m. Fingin m. Ronain m. Tuathail m. Ailella m. Conaill m. Feicc m Bressail m. Feidelmid m. Fiachrach Cassain m. Collai Fochrith.

An early genealogy of the Ua Bressail Macha by Laud 610: Domnall m. Flathbertaigh m. Aeda m. Colgan m. Domnaill m. Cuind m. Erodain m. Gairbid m. Lathechan m. Aeda Laigen m. Cummascaig m. Conchobuir Chorraig m. Mailduin m. Finghin m. Ronain m. Thuathail m. Ailella m. Conaill m. Feicc m. Bressail m. Feidlimthe m. Fiachach m. Colla Fochrich.

The annals cited territories of Ui Meic Uais in the regions of Mudhe and Brega, that is within the counties of Westmeath and Meath.

The Annals cite for Ui Mic Uais: for 851 Maol Caurarda Mac Maoil Brewasail, tigherna Ua Mic Uais Airghiall, died.

An early genealogy of the Ui Fiachrach Arda Sratha from the Book of Ballymote is 787 Mael Bresail, mac Aedha, Mic Crichain, tigherna Ua Fiachrach.

Ui Echach – The Ui Echach of Oirgilla, in Tuath Echach, comprised the barony of Armagh.

The Airthir (of Airghialla) had by the 8th century split into three main septs, the Ui Niallain, the Ui Breasail and the Ui Echdach.

The Annals cite for the general term Echach: Dal n-Araidhe was the name of the territory in southern County Antrim and part of County Down where St. Patrick was held as a slave during his young manhood.

An early genealogy of the Dal Araide is cited by Rawlinson as: Donnall m. Conchobuir m. Echri m. Flathroi m. Aeda m. Loingsich m. Meicc Etich m. Lethlabair m. Loingsich m. Tomaltaich m. Indrechtaich m. Lethlabair m. Echach Iarlathi m. Fiachnae m. Baetain m. Echdach m. Condlae m. Coelbad m. Cruind Ba Drui m. Echach m. Lugdach m. Rossa m. Imchada m. Feidelmid m. Caiss m. Fiachach Araidi m. Aengus Goibnenn m. Fergu Gallen m. Tinraiti Tirech m. Bressal Brecca m. Ferb m. Mal m. Rochbridem. Cathbad m. Giallchad m. Condchad m. Findchad. m. Muiredach Finn m. Fiachu Findamnas m. Iarel Glunmar m. Conall Cernach.

Legendary chiefs of Dal nAraide; Cermna, Sobuirche, Setna Artt, Fiachu Findscothach, Ollam Fotla, Finnachta, Slanoll, Gede Ollgothach, Berngal m. Geide, Ailill, Find m. Blatha, Sirlam, Argatmar, Aed Ruad, Dithorba, Cimbaeth, Macha (Queen), Rudraige, Bressal Bodibad, Congal Claringnech, Fachtna Fathach, Ellim m. Conrach, Mal m. Rochride, Coelbad m. Cruind.

Ui Eathach Cobha was centred in County Down.

An ancient genealogy of Ui Eathach an offshoot of the Dal n-Araidhe cited by Rawlinson is: Flaithbertach m. Echmilid m. Aeda m. Echmilid m. Oengusa m. Aitid m. Laigne m. Blaithmeic m. Domnaill m. Conchobuir m. Bresail m. Fergusa m. Aedain m. Mongain m. Sarain m. Maine m. Fothaid m. Conaill m. Coelbad m. Cruind Ba Drui m. Fraechair m. Fergusa m. Lugdach m. Rossa m. Imchatha m. Feideilmid m. Caiss m. Fiachach Araidi m. Oengusa Goibnenn m. Fergusa m. Tipraite m. Bressail Bricc m. Briuin m. Feirbb m. Mail m. Rochride m. Cathbath m. Ailchada m. Cuindchatha m. Findchata m. Muiredaich m. Fiachach Findamnais m. Iareol Glunmair m. Conaill Cernaig m. Amargin m. Caiss m. Fachtnai m. Capai m. Ingai m. Rudraige m. Sittride m. Duib m. Fomuir m. Argatmair m. Sirlaim m. Find m. Blatha m. Labrada m. Ollaman Fotla m. Fiachach Finscothaig m. Setnai Airt m. Ebricc m. Ebir m. h-Ir m. Miled Espaine.

Congal m. Aeda m. Garbith m. Ecertaich m. Lorccain m. Cernaich m. Mael Bresail m. Ailella m. Fiedeilmid m. Mael Cothaid m. Fergusa m. Aedain m. Mongain m. Sarain m. Maine m. Fothaid m. Conaill m. Echach Coba (a quo Ui Echach Coba) m. Cruind Ba Drui.

Brassell – Brassill Brazil Records

Jeremiah Brazil b. 1808 d. 1864. m. Sally (Sarah) Connolly Mountmellick Co Laois 1825 RC. Lived in Rosenallis. Had issue: Margaret b. 1826, William b. 1828 Mary Ann b. 1831 Patrrick b. 1833 Sally b. 1834 Catherine b, 1836 Hannah b. 1839 Elizabeth b. 1841. Jeremiah married twice his 2nd wife Lucy and had issue a daughter Elizabeth b. 1844. Jerimiah  was a tailor.

From The Tithe Applotment Books Kilfinnane Co Limerick 1828 Kilmallock Poor Law Union of Coslea Barony.

Head of Household only: Spelt Brassill

Darby, Edmd, John , Patrick of Ballinlina

Denis of Ballyroe

John, Mathew, Thomas of Kilfinnane

Thomas & a Widow of Bosnetstown

Brazils of Doon: Denis & Hanora Leonard 10th April 1826


St Andrew Roman Catholic Records:

Rathfarnham RC


Biddy Brazil to James Murphy 4th December 1784


Joes Brazil 1774

Petrus Brazil 1795


Gulmus Brasill to Marcella Coughlin 11th October 1773

St Audoen RC  Dublin


***** Brazil to Michael Connor 22nd November 1748

St Catherine’s RC Dublin


James Brazil 10th Jul 1770

Thomas Brazil 16th December 1771

Eleanor Brazil 17th November 1776

Mary Brazil 7th June 1778


William Brazil to Anne Casey September 1760

Elizabeth Brazil to Pat Whelan 14th February 1791

St Michaels & St RC Johns Dublin


James Brazil of Castle Street 1744

John Brasill of Merchants Quay 1745

Robert Brazil 1765

Francis Brazill 1766

Mary Brazill 1767

Elizabeth Brazill of Church Lane 1768

John Brazill 14th October 1794

Ann Brazill 23rd October 1798


Eleanor Brasil to Reid Lyons 6th February 1744

St Michans RC Church Dublin


Mary Brazil 11th May 1746

John Brazil 5th June 1755

Thomas Brazil 10th June 1789

Edward Brazil 9th June 1790

Elizabeth Brazil 31st March 1791

John Brazil 19th June 1791

Elizabeth Brazill 21st July 1793

Michael Brasil 5th February 1798

Christophus Brazil 27th December 1799


Anne Brazil to Thos Holt 19th February 1745

George Brazil to Mary Magennis 25th May 1790

Michael Brazil to Jane Dowling 24th July 1785

St Mary’s Pro Cathedral RC Dublin


Mary Brasil 12th November 1749

Anne Brazill 21st February 1773

Anne Brazill December 1777

St Nicholas RC Dublin


Patritius Brazel 5th March 1798

County Kerry Roman Catholic Records



Patrick Brassil of Tralee to Honora Hallinan 23rd August 1786

Mary Brassil to Thomas Fitzgerald of Tralee 20th February 1787

Johanna Brassil to Michael Slattery of Tralee 14th September 1790

Ellen Brassill to James Carmody 1st February 1797

Church of Ireland Records

St Andrews Dublin


Richard Brazil to Hestor Johnston 24th September 1747

St Audens C of I


Joanna Brasil to Michael Connor 22nd November 1748

St Catherine’s C of I


Robert Brazil 20th December 1726

St James C of I


Elizabeth Brazill of Christ Church 20th August 1768

Francis Brassel of Dirty Lane 12th August 1769

St Johns C of I


Jane Braseil 19th October 1651

William Braseile 7th November 1652

John Brasil 7th January 1655

Marie Braseile 30th August 1658

Thomas Brazell 16th March 1758

Martha Brazell 15th March 1759

Catherine Brazell 12th July 1760

Martha Brazell 4th May 1766


John Braseile 26th December 1657

John Brassel 2nd May 1658

David Brazell 3rd October 1729

Richard Brazell 22nd April 1775

St Marks Dublin C of I


Mary Brazill of Lazrs Hill 5th August 1778

George Brazil of City Quay 1st March 1781

St Mary’s C of I


Mary Brasil 3rd April 1724

St Pauls Dublin C of I


Alice Brazill 6th September 1781

Civil Records By County

County Clare

Bridget Brassill b. 1799 D. 1879 Ennis

County Dublin

Harriet Brazil b. 1786 d. 1865 Dublin North

Sarah Brazille b. 1792 d. 1867 Dublin South

County Galway

Michael Brazil b. 1774 d. 1864 Gort

County Kerry

Edmond Brassil b. 1785 d. 1865 Tralee

Timothy Brassill b. 1789 d. 1869 Tralee

Timothy Brassil b. 1790 d. 1882 listowel

William Brassil b. 1791 d. 1869 Listowel

Ellen Brassill b. 1792 d. 1867 Listowel

Mary Brassill b. 1792 d. 1878 Listowel

Patrick Brassil b. 1`794 d. 1879 Tralee

Timothy Brassill b. 1794 d. 1872 Listowel

Mary Brassell b. 1797 d. 1869 Listowel

Mary Brassil b. 17908 d. 1890 Listowel

Co Kilkenny

Mary Brazil b. 1789 d. 1866 Castlecomer

Co Laois

Denis Brazil b. 1786 d. 1870 Rathdowney

Catherine Brazil b. 1789 d. 1873 Rathdowney

Peggy Brazil b. 1793 d. 1873 Abbeyleix

Johanna Brazil b. 1794 d. 1869 Rathdowney

County Limerick

Patrick Brassil b. 1780 d. 1876 Limerick

Ellen Brassill b. 1784 d. 1881 Glin

Mary Brassill b. 1792 d. 1872 Glin

Daniel Brassill b. 1796 d. 1866 Glin

Bridget Brassel b. 1797 d. 1877 Limerick

Catherine Brazil b. 1798 d. 1868 Limerick

Mary Brazil b. 1799 d. 1865 Croom

Mary Brazil b. 1799 d. 1883 Limerick

Mary Brazil b. 1799 d. 1883 Limerick

County Offaly

Patrick Brazil b. 1796 d. 1876 Tullamore

County Tipperary

Mary Brazil b. 1782 d. 1868 Clonmel

Honour Brazil b. 1794. 1864 Carrick-on-Suir

Margaret Brazil b. 1796 d. 1884 Carrick-on-Suir

Maurice Brazil b. 1798 d. 1870 Clonmel

Mary Brazil b. 1798 d. 1878 Clonmel

County Waterford

Patrick Brazil b. 1773 d. 1868 Kilmacthomas

Patrick Brazil b. 1781 d. 1867 Dungarvan

Michael Brazil b. 1783 d. 1879 Dungarvan

Bridget Brazil b. 1787 d. 1877 Dungarvan

Michael Brazil b. 1794 d. 1874 Dungarvan

Michael Brazil b. 1795 d. 1879 Parsonstown

County Wexford

Thomas Brazil b. 1790 d. 1874 Gorey

Miles Brazil b. 1791 d. 1867 Gorey

Anne Brazil b. 1796 d. 1876 Gorey

Other Records

The Brazils of Dublin pre 1864: Rev Fr. Raymond Maher CSSW has extracted Brazil references from directories taken at random every few years. The first reference is in the Franchise Rolls for 1470 where a Thomas Brasyell is recorded with the occupation of Grammar Master of St Patrick’s Grammar School which was attached to St Patricks Cathedral. In St John the Evangelist Dublin are the baptismal records of Jeane 1651, William 1652, Johne 1655 and Marie 1658 children of Johne Braseil. In Dublin Street Names shows Brazill-ct of Winetavern Street, a Richard Brazill a plumber in 1763 at 12 Wintavern Street.

A Richard Brazill m. 24th September 1747 in St Andrews, another Richard 23rd April 1757 in St Marks and another Richard m. 14th February 1774 in St Audeon’s.

A William Brazell is listed in a 1778 trade directory as a cooper at 37 Ushers Quay, In 1790 a listing of Patrick Brazil a silk dyer at 16 Abbey Street, a Michael Brazil a flour & corn factor at 45 Townsend Street, in 1814 a D Brazill at the Silk Warehouse 11 Parliament St and P Brazil a silk dyer at 13 Mary Street.

A record in 1814 shows a Patrick Brazill a silk and cotton dyer at 14 South King Street. In the 1819 issue he is recorded at 7 Henry Street and in 1821-1825 at 15 Mary Street Dublin.

In 1833 a John Brazil a bottle seller is listed at 26 Liffey Street, a Thomas Brazil a victualler at 20 Royal Row Ormond Market. Four other Brazils are listed during 1834-16 also we find John, Thomas & James also a victualler at Royal Row and a Samuel at Rumley Avenue Kingstown.

In 1837 Samuel has been succeeded by Denis and John has moved next door to 27 Liffey Street.

In 1845 Patrick Brazill is listed as a silk & woollen dyer at 48 Watling Street.

In 1850 a William Brazil is listed at 8 Royal Row.

In 1852 Denis Brazil is at Rumley Avenue, William in the Ormond Market, Thomas is lasted as a civil engineer at 12 Holles Street and John Brazill is secretary of the catholic Book Society at 33 Essex Quay.

In 1846 Stephen Dickson Brazill a solicitor at 1 Clare Street Dublin and in Limerick, this is probably the same Stephen son of Thomas Brazill also a solicitor who married the widowed Charlotte Lipton daughter of Francis Walker on 4th November 1845 in St Luke’s Church Cork. The Kings Inns Admission Papers  of 1607-1867 lists Stephen aged over 16 years of Limerick as been admitted in the Hilary Term 1833. Stephen is listed as being from the Victoria Hotel Cork.

In 1851 a Chris Brazil is at 9 Bull Lane, a Mary Anne Brazill at 74 Pill Lane now Chancery Street, and William Brazil at 7 Flag Lane with Patrick at Watling Street.

In 1861 Thomas is still at Hopllis Street but George is now at the Ormond Market. By 1871 George and William are at the market while in 1881 in Westland Row it has a butchers owned by John & Mrs Brazil. Thomas Brazil has moved to Charlemont Mall.


1825 John & Harriet Brazil clerk of St Marys RC Parish a boy.

William & Sally Brazell a labour of St Pauls RC Parish a girl.

1828 Terence & Sally Brazell a labour St Marks RC Parish a boy.

1829 John & Harriet Brazil dealer St Marys RC Parish a boy.

1832 William & Catherine Brazill (a19) a butcher St Michans Parish a boy.

1853 Patrick & Martha Brazil a 30 brass founder of St Marys RC Parish a girl.

From St Pauls Church Aran Quay list the following Brazil Births.

1762-1779 Fanny, 1783-1804 Thomas, 1805-1829 James, Mary, Thomas, 1829-1856 Lucy, Marcella, Michael

Marriages, 1805-1836 William

other records

1864 John Brazil a labourer from the North of Dublin City with Christopher, Edward, James and Michael.

John Brazil & Bridget Byrne, John a butcher from Thomas Street d 1871 and his widow remarried in 1876. Later they are listed as living in Kingstown and later again as Margaret and Theresa were married from Merrion Square it is possible that the John Brazil of 1881 a butcher of Westland Row is from that family.

Patrick Brazil a silk dyer of the 1790 trade directory is the godfather of Ester. It is possible that this is her uncle, suggesting that Luke (son of Patrick) had a brother.

The grave records from Glasnevin show that Luke c1829-1899 was buried in a grave the property of Julia Callaghan 1805-1845 who is understood to have been his aunt.

Simon Brazil, this is the family to whom Denis erected a monument in Goldenbridge. The reference to Samuel at Rumley Row Kingstown would appear to refer to this family with Samuel being a misprint for Simon.

Thomas Brazil and Anne Murphy. Thomas was a gardener at Our Lady Hospice Harolds Cross Dublin.

William Brazil was a car man from Brides Lane.

Other families were John Brassil and Kathleen Byrne, James and John Brazil a John Brazil and Margaret Entwistle, a  John Brazil and Bridget Mullane, Joseph Brazil, a Paul Brazil and Margaret Coyle. A James Brazil and Margaret Groves, John Brazil, Martin Brazil, Myles Brazil, Patrick Brazil Richard Brazil, Thomas Brazil early 1800’s Patrick Brazil and Anne Griffiths and Peter Brazil and Mary c 1808. These names may be from marriage registers.

The Brassils from County Kerry, Clare and Limerick.

According to Sean Russel Thomas Brazil family of Ballylongford/Tarbert area it appears they arrived in the area from County Offaly. Brazils were also to be found in Lislaughtin, Listowel and Ardfert.

From Australian sources Thomas Brassil b. 1750 in Ballylongford d. c 1793, Thomas had a son Thomas b. c 1775 m. Brigid McMahon and are ancestors of the Brassil in Tarmoand Hill and Lislaughtin.

Daniel Brassil is the ancestor of the Brassil in Tarmon Hill. M. Catherine Culhane from Ballyculhane Glin Co Limerick.

County Kildare Brazils pre 1864

No Brazils are records in Griffiths Valuation, this is somewhat surprising as four Brazil families located in the county in 1864. From Niall Foley comes the following:

Ann daughter of Michael & Mary Brazil baptised St Michael’s Athy 17th October 1772

Peter Brasil m. Anne Delaney in the church of the Assumption Castledermot 21st October 1792

Rose Brazil m. James Hynes in Newbridge 7th August 1859

Margaret Brazill m. James Gibbs a soldier of Newbridge 22nd March 1861

Benjamin John son of James Brazil & Mary Moloney baptised in Newbridge 11th May  James was serving with the Royal Horse Artillery.

The family of James Brassil as no location is given the marriage of his son Francis is recorded. He was serving with the 102nd Regiment in Naas Barracks.

Edward Brazel and Roseann Flanagan.

Simon Brazil and Margaret Kelly John Brazil son of Simon  m. 1870 was farming in Old Connell Newbridge.

Thomas Brazil. This consisted of two branches John & Michael both were married in Newbridge in 1859.

William Brazil initially located in Clane and moved to Celbridge.

The Brazils of Kings / Queens Counties.

In the 16th century when the O’Breasail clan were cleared out of Queens  County  and transplanted to County Kerry a number of families escaped to Kings County.

Post 1864 Brassil and Hennessy, Brazil and Horan, Patrick Brazel and Margaret Nolan, Christopher Brazil and Bridget Hynes, Edward Brazil and Anne Reilly, James Brazil and Lucy Kenny, James Brazil and Brigid Maloney, John Brazil and Rose Kelly, farmer of Cooldorragh. Joseph Brazil and Elizabeth Courtney , Patrick Brazil and Anne McDermott, John Brazil, Peter Brazil and Elizabeth Feeney.

From the Tithe Applotment Books.

John Brasil Kilkishen Clonea

P’t Brasil Kilenenag Clonlea

Thos Brasil Derreen Cragalogh, Granahan & Ruan, Tomfinlough.

Thomas Brasil Ballycanon Gabboett St Munchins

Danl Brasill Knocknaminster Tulla

James Brassil Knockroe Kilfintinan

John Brassil Knockroe

Widow Brassil Inchiquin Killinaboy

D’s Brassill Rosscaree

James Brassill Lisduff

Dennis Brazil Killaloe


James Brazil Lisduff

John Brassill lands at Tull Mat

Griffiths Valuations 1848-1864 and Other Records

County Antrim

Alexander Brazil Craigs Ballyconnelly

Samuel Brazil Ahoghill Glenhugh

Elizabeth Brazill Kirkinriola Ballymena

County Armagh

1917 Thomas Brassil a poultry dealer son of James Brassil

Michael Brazil of Ballybeg son of Robert Brazil m. Mary Kelly of Clonegal

County Clare

Daniel Brassil Killinaboy

Connor Brassil Kilchreest Poulaphuca

Martin Brassil Kilcreest

Michael Brasssil Killinaboy

James Brassil Tulla

Michael Brassill Quin

Patrick Brassill Drumcliff

Hannah Brazill Tomfinlough

William Brazill O’Briens Bridge.

County Cork

John, Mary & Patrick Brassell Ballyhay Newtown

Alicia & John Brassil Ballyhay Rathmorgan

Patrick Brassil Ballyhay Knockardamrum

Thomas Brassil Ballyhay Rathmorgan

Mary Brassill Rathgoggan Garrynagranoge

Denis Brazil Templemolaga Kilcooney

County Down

David Brazil Tullyish Ballymacanallen

Stewart Brazle Belfast d aged 60 1873

Thomas Brazil Belfast d. a 40 1876

Mary Brazill Belfast a 9 died 1882

Gerald b. to John Brazil and Jane Hood of Belfast 1876

James son of James Brassil a soldier m. Annie Grogan in Newry Catholic Church 1893

William son of Thomas Brazill m. Elizabeth Anne Wasson Holy Cross Church Ardoyne Belfast 1895

Thomas Philip Brazil son of John Brazil & Hannah Comerford 1914

County Dublin

Thomas Brassil Stillorgan

Denis Brassill Monkstown

John Brazil Garristown Commons Upper

William Brazil Ormond Market & Daltons Row

John Brazil Newfoundland Street

Peter Tully Murphstown

Luke Watling Street

County Fermanagh

Thomas Brazzil son of Thomas Brazzil of the 3rd Buffs (East Kent Regiment) m. Bridget Muldoon in Enniskillen Catholic Church 1867

County Galway

John Brassil son of Patrick m. Ellie Prendergast in Loughrea 1895

Patrick Brasil Clonfert Kylemore

James Brazil Clonfert Cankilly

County Kerry

William Brazell Listowel Gortcurreen

Michael Brazil Aghavallen Aghaanagran Lower

Catherine Brazill Aghavallen Main Street Ballylongford

Daniel Brazill Aghavallen Cloonaman Lislaughtin

Ellen Brazil Kilury Kilmore

Honoria Brazill Killury Kilmore

John Brazill Aghavallen Main Street Ballylongford

Mary Brazill Listowel Clievragh

Michael Sn & Jn Kilnaughtin Tarmon East

Patrick Brazill Ballynahaglish Ballymakegoge

Robert Brazill Aghavallen Main Street Ballylongford

Thomas Brazill Aghavallen Coolnagraigue

Thomas Brazill Kilnaughtin Tarmon East

Timothy Brazill Aghavallen Coolnagraigue

William Brazill Rattoo Rahealy

County Kilkenny

Alice dau of James Brazil & Mary Anne Nolan of Kilkenny 1887

Michael & Richard Brassill Rosbercon Millbanks

Daniel & Thomas Brazil Fiddtown Ballygowan

James Brazil Castlecomer Moneenroe

Michael Brazel m. Catherine Brennan and emigrated to the USA in the 19th century

Martin Brazell a tailor of Rosbercon

William Brazill Tullaroan Foylatalure

Kings County Offaly

Andrew Brasil Wheery

Catherine Brasil Wheery

Charles Brasil Wheery

James Brazil Wheery

John Brasil Wheery

Peter Brasil Wheery

Thomas Brassell Drumcullen

Daniel Brazil Lemenaghan

Michael Brazill Gallen

Patrick Brazill Kilmanaghan

Andrew & Denis Brazel a shoemaker of Gallen

James Brazel of Derica

Michael Brazel Endrim

Charles Brazil Derries

James Brazil Cooldorragh

John Brazil

Patrick & Peter Brazil Derries

Jeremiah Brazill Mountmellick

William Brazle Derries

County Limerick

Honoria Brassil Doon North

Jeremiah & Margaret Brassil Darragh Ballintober

Catherine Brazel Corcomonhide

James Brazil Ballylanders

Patrick Brazil Ballingarry

Stephen Brazil Killonahan

Thomas Brazil Ballylanders

Matthew Brazzil Kilfinnane

Jeremiah & Mary Brazzille Kilfinnane

William Brazzille Stradbally

County Londonderry

William Jr & Sr Brazil Banagher

Lowery Brazil Desertoghill

County Meath

James Brassill Castlejordan

Queens County Laois

Michael Brassil Lea Cooltedery

Jeremiah Brassill Rosenallis

Patrick Brazil Clonenagh

John Brazill Abbeyleix

County Roscommon

Winifred Mary daughter of David Brazil a soldier m. George A Armstrong in the C of I Roscommon 1902.

James Brazil m Rosanna Mason Elphin daughter Emma b. 1876

County Tipperary

George Brazell son of Henry Brazell a private in the 7th Dragoon Guards m. Mary Farmer in Clonmel

Thomas Brazil of Killeen Silvermines m. Hanora Ryan c 1878

William Brazil of Killeen Silvermines m. Ellen Ryan c 1872

Maurice Brazil Clonmel   `

William Breassell Templetouhy

David & William Brazell Killoscully

James Brazill Holycross

Roger Brazill Templemore

Co. Tipperary Ballinahitch Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2503-05-05


Cornelous of Williams & Ellen Ryan P 116 29th May 1868

Darrah of Thomas & Margaret Brazil P 61 16th Jan 1864

David of William Brazil & Eliza Rayhdee P 88 16th Dec 1860

Henry of William Brazil & Ellen Ryan P 100 22nd Sep 1866

Jane of Elizabeth Brazil & Michael Sweeney P 31 3rd Mar 1845

John of Betty Brazil & Michael Sweeney P 41 1st Aug 1847

John of William Brazil & Ellen Ryan P 93 3rd Jan 1862

Margaret of Thomas Brazil & Margaret Murnane P 37 2nd Aug 1846

Margaret of William Brazil & Margaret McCormac 06 P 56 16th May 1852

Margaret of William Brazil & Margaret McCormac P 45 11th Sep 1848

Mary of Ann Brazil & Mathew Carey P 40 28th Mar 1847

Mary of Betty Brazil & Michael Sweeney P 41 1st Aug 1847

Mary of Thomas Brazil & Margaret Murnane P 27 5th Jul 1844

Mary of William Brazil & Margaret McCormac P 37 17th Aug 1846

No Name of Eliza Brazil & Michael Sweeney P 20 13th Feb 1843

Thomas of Williams & Ellen Ryan P 97 28th Feb 1863

Unclear Name of William Brazil & Margaret McCormac P 21 11th Jun 1843

William of Williams & Ellen Ryan P 108 6th Oct 1864


Daniel of William Brazil 1932


Eliza Brazil & John Royane P 22 18th Feb 1860

William Brazil & Ellen Ryan P 19 8th Mar 1859

Ballycahill Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2493-06


James of James Brazil & Ellen Long P 17 3rd May 1837

Borrisokane Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2483-05-06


Peter of Denis Brazil & Bridget Smyth of Arrowfield 05 P 45 20th May 1841

Thomas James of Henry Brazil & Brid Smith 05 P 6 29th Jan 1836

Thomas of Martin Brazil & Kitty Kennedy 05 P 11 3rd Jul 1836

Margaret of Martin Brazil & Catherine Kennedy 05 P 52 28th Apr 1842

Carrick-on-Suir Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2455-04 2456-01-02


Bridget of Lucas Brazil & Honoria Hackett 01 P 130 15th May 1796

Brigida of Guiliumus Brazil & Maria Bourke 01 P 217 13th Jul 1802

Guiluimus of James Brasil & Barbara Murray 04 P 106 3rd Jun 1810

Joannis of Jacob Brazil & Cath Kelly 01 P 72 22nd Oct 1792

Lucas of Lucas Brazil & Honoria Hackett 01 P 66 21st May 1792

Maria of Guiliumus Brazil & Maria Bourke 01 P 171 24th Jan 1790

Maria of Maria Brasil & Peter Lynagh 04 P 106 9th May 1810

Nicholas of Guliumus Brazil & Joanna Roache 01 P 52 6th Dec 1791


Anistasia Brazil & Edmundus Kenedy ?? 02 P 3 29th Jun 1826

Brigida Brazil & Geraldus Landers 01 P 240 5th Feb 1792

Maria Brazil & Peter Lynach 01 P 255 1st Sep 1796

Nichola Brazil & Jacobus Cowan 01 P 275 30th Dec 1801

Patrick Brazil & Margaret Mullins 02 P42 8th Aug 1837

Clogheen Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2453-03


Brigida of Walter & Catherine Brazil No 659 P 69 15th Feb 1876

Catherine of Gaultier Brazil & Catherine Mahon of Kilgarron No 519 P 52 28th Jun 1876

Michael of Walter & Catherine Brazil No 670 P 61 6th Dec 1876

Patrick of Walter & Catherine Brazil No819 P 80 13th Mar 1880

Clonmel St Peter’s & St Paul’s Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2463-01-02-03


Catherine of Ellaina Brazil & Jacob Power 02 P 42 22nd Nov 1863

Catherine of Maria Brazil & Jerimiah Sheehan 02 P 30 7th Sep 1862

Catherine of Petrus Brazil & Cath Lyons 01 P248 30th Oct 1855

Jeramiah of Maria Brazil & Jerimiah Sheehan 02 P 30 7th Sep 1862

Maria of Catherine Brazil & Jacobus Loughlin 02 P 13 21st Nov 1860

Maria of Maria Brazil & Patricus Tobin 02 P 161 20th Mar 1878

Michael of Petrus Brazil & Cath Lyons 01 P 139 5th Oct 1845

Thomas of Petrus Brazil & Catherine Lyons No 14 01 P 102 14th Apr 1843


Elena Brasil & Patritius Kelly 03 P 102 9th Nov 1881

Gululimus Brasil & Margaret Ryton 03 P 1012th Nov 1837

Patritius Brasil & Marta Ryan 03 P 75 1st Feb 1864

Clonmel St Mary’s Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2461 02 2462-02


Catherine of Honour Brazil & Dan Dokany  02 P 35 5th Oct 1801

Maria of Johannis & Maria Brazil 02 P 6 7th May 1799

Edmond of Honour Brazil & Edmondus Carthy of Batten Street 2460-05 P 98 25th May 1873

Honour of Guiliumus Brazil & Bridget Fenson 05 P 40 18th Apr 1877


Patritius Brazil & Maria Noonan 2462-02 P 12 7th Jan 1804

Thomas Brazil & Mary Lahay 2462-02 P 16 23rd Feb 1807

Clonoulty Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2502-06-07 2503-01


Ellen of Philip Brazil & Mary Ryan of Balanaga 07 P 116 25th Mar 1847

Margaret of John Brazil & Ann Dwyer of Coldharbour 01 P 28 12th Apr 1861

Margaret of P Brazil of Bishop’s Wood & Pat Furlong 06 P 84 2nd Nov 1816

Mary of John Brazil & Ann Dwyer of Glenough 01 P 20 3rd Jan 1859

Patrick of Robert Brazil & Mary McGrath 07 P 138 2nd Apr 1834

Thomas of Robert Brazil & Judith Moore Witness Phil & Mary Brazil 07 p47 6th Aug 1841

Thomas of Thomas Brazil & Mary Turley 07 P 130 6th Oct 1833

William of Robert & Judith Brazil Witness Pat Brazil 07 P 81 30th Jul 1844


Bridget Brazil & John Ryan Witness Philip Brazil 07 P 181 25th Jan 1841

Judith Brazil & Patrick Lenerghan 07 P 214 8th Nov 1854

Phillip Brazil & Mary Ryan 07 P 199 24th May 1846

Robert Brazil & Judith Moore Witness Phillip Brazil 07 P 177 10th Jan 1839

Cullen & Lattin Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2498-01


Margaret of Joanna Brazil & Matthew Hogan P 118 16th May 1880

Drangan & Emly Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2493-01


William Brazil of Tullamore & Bridget Ryan of Crohane P 54 18th Feb 1847

Dron & Inch Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2491-06


Michael Brazil & Ellen Maher P 7 11th Feb 1828

Gambonsfield Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2452-08


Catherine of ??? Brazil & Catherine Duggan P 79 14th Jul 1845

Christomes of Catherine Brazil & John Conkelly P62 19th May 1844

Edmondus of Honoria Brasil & Thoras McGrath P 26 30th Sep 1841

Helena of Margaret Brassil & James Carty P 151 23rd Jul 1853

Joannas of Margaret Brazil & John Carthy P 19 24th Apr 1841

Johannis of ??? Brazil & John Conkelly P 79 22nd Jul 1845

Marguerita of Bridgit Brazil & Patrick Fahy P 13 25th Oct 1840

Marian of Honoria Brasil & Thoras McGrath P 52 27th Aug 1843


Catherine Brazil & John Conkelly P 157 6th May 1842

Kilcommon Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2506-04-05 2507-01


Anthony of Nichola Brazil & Margaret Dwyer 01 P 18 25th Aug 1850

Denis of Nichola Brazil & Margaret Dwyer 01 P 29 25th Aug 1853

Johannas of Winney Brazil & Nat Wail 05 P 34 15th Jun 1846

John of Margaret Brazil & William Benton 04 P 40 20th Nov 1823

Margaret of Nichola Brazil & Margaret Dwyer 01 P57 10th Mar 1861

Martin of Nichola Brazil & Margaret Dwyer 01 P 48 1st Aug 1858

Martin of Nichola Brazil & Margaret Dwyer 01 P 5 28th Nov 1847

Thomas of William Brazil & Mary Bourne 04 P 11 26th Mar 1816

William of Peggy Brazil & Richard Benton 05 P 21 25th Dec 1843

Lorrha & Dorrha Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2480


William of Martin & Margaret Brazil 07 P 22 28th Mar 1832

Loughmore Castleiney Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2490-03-04


James of Mary Brazil & Cornelious Meacher 03 P 7 28th Jun 1798

Cornelious of Mary Brazil & Cornelious Meacher 03 P 37 18th Feb 1803

Patrick of Catherine Brazil & Cornelious Ryan 03 P 12 23rd Feb 1799

Moylarkey & Borris Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2488-03


Judith of Patrick Brazil & Alica Mara P 2 8th Oct 1796

Templemore Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2491-02-09


Edmond of John Brazil & Ellen Clarey Witness Biddy Brazil 09P 14 8th Oct 1812

Elizabeth of John Brazil & Ellen Clarey Witness Margaret Brazil 09 P 18 10th Nov 1813

Ellen of Michael Brazil & Mary Doorley 2492-02 P 90 31st Jul 1842

Honor of John Brazil & Ellen Clarey Witness Roger Brazil 09 P 6 30th Dec 1809

Judith of John & Ellen Brazil of Main Street, 09 P 48 11th Jan 1820

Martin of Nelly Brazil & Daniel Leahy a farmer 09 P 18 10th Nov 1813


Michael Brazil & Mary Doorley 2492-02 P 164 2nd Jul 1830

Moyne Templetuohy Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2491 01-03


Catherine of John Brassile & Bridget Meagher 01 P 9 29th Sep 1809

John of Margaret Brassile & Derey Bowes 01 P 182 25th Jun 1843

Thomas of Peggy Brassile & Derey Bowes 01 P 164 26th Dec 1840


Patrick Brazil & Mary Whelan 03 P 67 27th Jan 1845

Nenagh Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2484


Thomas of Eliza Brazil & Thomas Cullen No 2 P 90 Jul/Aug 1870

Newport Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2505-04-05-06-07-08


Bernardous of Marguerita Brassil & Jacob McGrath 04 P 11 9th Jun 1796

Bridget of Kit Brazil & James McKeogh 06 P 23 18th Aug 1814

John of Biddy Brazil & Michael Mulcahy Lab Forester 06 P 20 6th May 1814

Mary of Ellen Brazil & John Ryan 07 P 77 22nd Nov 1829

Mary of Honor Brazil & Michael Burke farmer Sponsor Margaret Brazil 04 P 18 6th Feb 1814

Pat of Biddy Brazil & John Farrell 06 P 32 18th Feb 1816

Tanya of Thomas & Marians Brazil 07 P 98 2nd Oct 1837/8

Timothy of Thomas Brazil & June Young 06 P 70 24th Feb 1822

William of Thomas Brazil Farmer & Jane Young 06 P 20 6th May 1814


Martha Brazil & Pat McKeogh a Cooper 06 P 170 17th Apr 1820

Maria Brazil & Patrick Hall 05 P 14 1st Dec 1801

Kit Brazil & Paddy Ryan Witness Thomas Brazil 06 P 192 2nd Oct 1828


Alexander Brazil 05 1st Aug 1799

Religious Census of 1765

Nicholas Brassil of Toome

Robert Brassil of Toome

William Brassil of Toome

Silvermines Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2481-02


Denis of Mary Brazil & Denis Crowe Witness Thomas Brazil P 134 2nd Dec 1876

Thurles Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2490-02


Cath Brazil & Michael Mahet P 22 3rd Mar 1840

Roger Brazil & Cath Walsh P 17 2nd Aug 1838

Upper Church & Drumbane Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No2495-02


Michael of Michael Brazil & Mary Ryan P 12 10th Apr 1848

Co Waterford

Aglish Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2464-03


Bridget of Michael Brazil & Maria Kinnahan 03 P 62 31st Dec 1841

Jacob of Hoannis Brazil & Bridget Fitzgerald witness Johannis Brazil 03 P 135 4th Sep 1845

Joannis of Ellen Brazil & Peter Leonard 03 P 139 6th Jan 1846

Carrickbeg Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2450-04


Patricia of Maria Brazil & Patrick Harney 04 P 36 14th Dec 1852

Kilgobnet Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2464 -07


Thomas Brazil & Honour Dwyer Witness Patrick Brazil 07 P 27 11th Feb 1866

Gulelieumus Brazil Ellenan Keaver 07 P 27 11th Feb 1866

Killea Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2450-07-09-11-12


Johannis of Cornealous Brazil & Helen Power 11 P 71 21st May 1874

Thomas of Richard Brazil & Margaret Horan of Dunamore 09 P 46 24th Aug 1851


Richard Brazil to Margaret Horan 12 P 10 26th Oct 1850

Richard Brazil to F Sullivan 07 P 17 9th Jan 1790

Killrosanty Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2465 03-04-05


Anna of Patrick Brazil & Maria Walsh No 376 04 P 33 27th Feb 1864

Ellen of Maria Brazil & Patrick Foley 04 P 95 6th Apr 1872

Ellen of Pat Brazil & Margaret Walsh 03 P 9 20th Aug 1827

Ellenan of ??? Brazil & Ellena Flynn Witness Guilialmus Brazil 03 P 92 7th Feb 1857

Guilimus of Guilimus Brazil & Maria Keevers 04 P 85 29th Apr 1874

Honor of Patrick Brazil & Maria Christopher 04 P 88 12th Feb 1875

Honor of Patrick Brazil & Maria Walsh 03 P 18 17th Sep 1829

Joannis of Maria Brazil & Patrick Foley No 509 04 P 64 21st Feb 1870

No Name Gulilumus Brazil & Alice Crotty 04 No 426 P 37 29th Sep 1864

No Name Gulilumus Brazil & Alice Crotty 04 P 71 1st Mar 1871

No Name of Bridget Brazil & Patrick Foley 04 P 56 17th Apr 1868

No Name of Guiliumus Brazil & Alicia Crotty 04 No 318 P 25 24th Aug 1862

No Name of Patrick Brazil 04 P51 2nd Feb 1867

Partritus of Pat Brazil & Maria Walsh 03 P 32 28th Feb 1834


Maria Brazil & Patrick Foley 05 P 17 9th Feb 1867

Mothel & Rathgormack Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2449-02-04


Bridget of Edmund Brazil & Maria Phelan 04 P 94 13th Jan 1876

Bridgit of Maria Brazil & Edmund Hannigan 04 P 88 15th Mar 1874

Catrina of Maria Brazil Edward Hannigan 04 P 83 9th Mar 1872

Diougtiuan of Guilimus Brazil & Bridget Ryan 01 P 93 23rd Oct 1875

Jacob of Edward Brazil & Maria Phelan 04 P 85 24th Sep 1873

John of Guilimus Brazil & Johanna Connelly 04 P 84 30th Mar 1873

Margaret of Maria Brazil & Edmund Hannigan 04 P 94 20th Mar 1876

Marguerita of Guilimus Brazil & Bridget Ryan 04 P 99 30th Jun 1877

Mariano of Edmund Brazil & Maria Phelan 04 P 76 24th Mar 1871

Thomas of Catherine Brazil & Patrick West 02 P 102 16th Apr 1849

Newcastle Roman Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2454-04-05-06


Catherine of Mary Brazil & ????? Crotty 06 P 225 9th Nov 1842

Jacob of Johannas Brazil & Ellana Lonergan 06 P 208 4th Dec 1840

Jefenay of Helen Brazil & Dionysis Heany 06 P 228 Apr 1843

Johannis of Johannas Brazil & Maria Byrne 06 P 64 27th Oct 1822

Thomas of Guilimus Brazil & Mary Grady 04 P 16 Apr 1847

Thomasina of Johannas Brazil & Maria Byrne 06 P 223 9th Dec 1842


Joannem Brazil & Marian Lynch Witness Peter Brazil 05 P 60 12th Jan 1865

Joannis Brazil & Elmeo ?? Lonergan 05 P 40 13th Oct 1840

Joannis Brazil & Novuai Fleanry ?? 05 P 32 16th Mar 1836

Portlaw Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2449 -06


Guilimus Brazil & Maud Foley 06 P 243 3rd Jul 1858

Patrick Brazil & Bridget Ryan 06 P 135 2nd Aug 1843

Rossmore Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2452-05-06-07


Anna of Charles Brazil & Bridget Hanahay 07 P 98 13th Jan 1844

Ellinia of Charles Brazil & Bridget Hanahay 07 P 58 1st Jan 1839

Johanna of Johannis Brazil & Anastalia Keane 05 P 157 25th May 1828

Mariana of Patrick Brazil & Julia Donovan 07 P 175 1st Nov 1858


Maria Brazil & Laurence Burke 06 P 119 1st Feb 1881

Touraneena Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2454-08-09


Bridget of Bridget Brazil & John Ryan Witness Edmondus Ryan 08 P 51 31st Jan 1870

Bridgit of Thomas Brazil & Honor Dwyer 08 P 47 10th Apr 1868

Catherine of Ellen Brazil & Name unclear 08 P 26 17th Mar 1853

Catherine of Mary Brazil & Patrick Tobin 08 P29 21st May 1862

Catherine of Thomas Brazil & Honor Dwyer Witness Catherine Brazil 08 P 74 16th Dec 1877

Edmondus of John Brazil & Anastatia Kelly Witness Edmondus Brazil 08 P 47 5th Aug 1868

Ellenam of Younas Brazil & Anistata Kelly Witness Dionisis & Margaret Brazil 08 P 62 7th Oct 1873

Guilimus of Michael Brazil & Joan Foley Witness Edmund Brazil 08 P 44 31st Dec 1867

Guillimus of Michael Brazil & Maria Dunne 08 p 57 13th Feb 1872

Hannora of Thomas Brazil & Horour Quirke 08 P 56 11th Nov 1871

Jacob of Michael Brazil & Johannis foley 08 P 29 15th Jan 1862

John of Bridgit Brazil & John Coffey 08 P 19 31st Oct 1858

Marguerita of Bridge Brazil & John Ryan Witness Thomas & Marguerita Brazil 08 P 84 28th Nov 1880

Maria of Michael Brazil & Maria Dunne Witness Patrick Brazil 08 P 63 21st Feb 1874

Maria of Patrick & Maria Brazil Witness Michael Brazil 08 P 62 20th Aug 1873

Marian of Marian ?? Brazil & Mary Coughlan 08 P 14 12th Nov 1856

Marian of Mattew Brazil & Ellen Coffey 08 P 20 11th Jun 1859

Martra of Patrick Brazil & Margaret Coffey 08 P 42 3rd Jan 1867

Michael of Patrick Brazil 08 P 56 26th Nov 1871

No Name of Jacob Brazil & Ellina Grady 08 P 11 2nd Aug 1855

Patricia of Joannis Brazil & Anistatia Kelly 08 P 55 9th Apr 1871

Patritium of Patritium Brazil & Maria Wall 08 P 66 25th Mar 1875

Thomasina (Illegitimate) of Catherine Brazil & Pat Dunphy Witness Ellen Brazil 08 P 9 1stJun  1854


Bridged Brazil & John Ryan 09 P 15 4th Feb 1868

Ellina Brazil &Jacob Power Witness Maria Brazil 09 P 10 15th Jan 1863

Maria Brazil & Michael Morrissey 09 P 10 16th Feb 1862

Maria Brazil & Patrick Tobin Witness Marguerit Brazil 09 P 9 5th Feb 1862

Michael Brazil & Johanna Frawley 09 P 7 15th Feb 1861

Patrick Brazil & Mary Coffey Witness Edmundo & Mary Brazil 09 P 7 12th May 1862

Thomas Brazil & Catherine Heany 09 P 20 9th Feb 1875

Tramore Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2448-01-02


David of Elina Brazil & Michael Kelly 01 P 10 14th Nov 1799

Elana of Johannis Brazil & Maria Butler 01 P 25 19th May 1805

Patrick of Elena Brazil & Michael Kelly 01 P 14 3rd Mar 1801

Thomas of Bridgit Brazil & Jacob Wall 01 P 10 14th Nov 1799

Thomas of Bridgit Brazil & Jacob Wall Witness Joan Brazil 01 P 15 3rd Aug 1802


Bridget Brazil & Jacobus Wall 02 P 10 24th Jun 1799

Johnannis Brazil & Marian Butler 02 P 11 30th Oct 1801

Mary Brazil & Patrick Riordan 02 P 35 24th Jan 1838

Waterford City Ballybricken Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2451-03


Guiliamus  of Thomas Brazil & Anastatia Kearney 03 P 332 26th Oct 1862

Guiliamus  of Thomas Brazil & Anastatia Kearney 03 P 332 26th Oct 1862

Johann of Patrick & Catherine Brazil 03 P 94 17th Jun 1848

Maria Helen of Thomas & Anastatia Brazil 03 P 397 17th Oct 1866

Maria Helen of Thomas & Anastatia Brazil 03 P 397 17th Oct 1866

Patrimus of Gullimus Brazil & Sarah Hitchcock 03 P 341 26th May 1863

Patrimus of Gullimus Brazil & Sarah Hitchcock 03 P 341 26th May 1863

Richard of Patrick Brazil & Catherine Cullen 03 P 44 7th Sep 1845

Thomas of Patricia Brazil & Catherine Sullivan 03 P 139 26th Aug 1850

Thomas of Patricia Brazil & Catherine Sullivan 03 P 139 26th Aug 1850

Waterford City Holy Trinity Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2444-08


Bridget of Ellen Brazil & Jeremia Power 03 P 114 23rd Jan 1804

Bridget of Ellen Brazil & Jeremia Power 03 P 114 23rd Jan 1804

Elizabeth of Maria Brazil & Jacob O’Neill 03 P 121 1st Dec 1804

Elizabeth of Maria Brazil & Jacob O’Neill 03 P 121 1st Dec 1804

Jaccob of George Brazil & Mary Hagan P 129 15th Dec 1805

Jaccob of George Brazil & Mary Hagan P 129 15th Dec 1805

Jacon of Jacob Brazil & Maria Cody 03 P 95 9th Feb 1802

Jacon of Jacob Brazil & Maria Cody 03 P 95 9th Feb 1802


Thomas Brazil & Margaret Woulfe 08 P 41 17th Nov 1791

Waterford City St John’s Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 2446-04


Edwardus off Guillimus Brazil & Eileen Flynn 04 P 70 15th Jan 1836

County Waterford

Mary Brasil Killea

William Brassil Tramore Old Road Waterford

John, Thomas & William Brazel Aglish

Catherine Brazil Kilrossanty

John Brazil Seskinan

Michael Brazil Seskinan

Patrick Brazil Kilrossanty

Bridget, Edmond & Ellen Brazill Rathgormuck

James Brazill Kilsheelan

John Brazill Drumcannon

Mary Brazill Kilsheelan

Patrick brazil Clonmel Oldbridge

Richard Brazill Rathgormuck

Thomas Brazill Rathgormuck

Edward Brazel Ardnurcher

County Westmeath

Matthew Brazill Athlone

Co Westmeath

Clara & Horseleap Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 4174-05-06


Edward of Michael Brazil & Judy Kelnahan 06 P 13 18th Jul 1847

List of People in Parish

Mary Brazil 05 P 120 22nd Sep 1841


John Brazil & Lara Walsh 05 P 31 13th Jan 1834

Mary Brazil & Pat Carey 05 P 20 12th Jun 1830

Moate Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 9358-01-02


Marian of Ferewrie Brazil & Brid Conaghton 02 P 20 21st Apr 1839

Michael of Ferewrie Brazil & Brid Conaghton 02 P 36 7th May 1841

Petrimum of Petri Brazil & Margaret McCormack 02 P 32 13th Sep 1840


Bridget Brazil of Kill 01 P 67 26th May 1836

Peter Brazil of Kill 02 P 2236 17th Mar 1840

Tubber Catholic Parish Church Records from NLI Microfilm No 4176-03


Anne of Pat Brazil & Catherine Kilenan P 102 3rd May 1848

Bridget of Pat Brazil & Catherine Kilenan P 83 2nd Apr 1842


County Wexford

Bridget Brazil Kilgorman

James Brazill Kilcormick

John Brazill New Ross

Michael Brazill Kilcomb

Patrick Brazill New Ross

Patrick & Eliza Brazelle New Ross

Thomas Brazill Ferns

Miles Brazil Camolin

County Wicklow

Patrick Brazil South Wicklow