Emigration Famine & other Records for Co. Wicklow

A Story of Emigration:  Southwest Wicklow to Ontario by Anne Burgess and  Joseph Kenny

In his book, Surplus People, Jim Rees has described the program of assisted emigration that Lord Fitzwilliam initiated in the late 1840s to reduce the number of tenants on his estate in southwest Wicklow. Most of these emigrants sailed from New Ross, County Wexford, to Quebec City, but few of them stayed in Quebec, where the population was for the most part French-speaking. Instead, they continued on up the St. Lawrence River to the province of Ontario (then called Upper Canada) and became part of Irish communities there. The following details the chain migration that drew them to two such communities.

Eastern Ontario

The British government’s creation of the Rideau Canal in eastern Ontario (1826-1832) was accomplished with the labour (and in some cases, the lives) of many Irish workers from the Fitzwilliam estate in southwest Co. Wicklow.

We know at least some of their names, recorded in an 1829 petition (the McCabe List)[i] to have family members join them:

John Byrnes, ML 142 of Ballynultagh (family at Knockatomcoyle);

James Byrnes (family at Muskeagh);

William Hopkins, ML 233 (Coolkenna); Thomas Hawkins (Kiltegan);

Charles Dowgard (?) (Tinahely);

Daniel Murphy(Coolbeg (Killabeg?);

Lancelot Jackson, ML 662 (Tullow, Aghowle);

Matthew Dunn


The Canal, intended to provide a navigable link between the Ottawa River and the town of Kingston, Ontario to the west, provided wage work for the labourers. It also provided them with an opportunity, at the time of the Canal’s completion, to acquire grants of land along the route.

Thus, in the 1840s when Lord Fitzwilliam’s tenants began arriving in Canada, the Rideau Canal labourers from southwest Wicklow, now settlers, were the source of new Canadian homes for many of the emigrés.

The 1851, 1861, and 1881 Canadian censuses document [ii] the presence of these new immigrants and their families, from Ottawa to Smiths Falls to Brockville to the Kingston area:

Name of Tenant—From—Settled—In

Bailey, William and Letitia   Rosnastraw    Kingston,

Balance, Mary and Elizabeth Minmore         Ottawa,

Balfe, John and Dobbs, Alice Hillbrooke      Kitley, ; later Oro,

Balfe, Thomas, Sarah; Thomas, Mary, Ann, Michael, Pat    Carnew Lombardy,

Balfe, Nicholas and Kealey, Catherine          Hillbrooke      Montague Twp.,

Balfe, Thomas and Kenny, Sarah       Hillbrooke      South Elmsley,

Ballance, William and Jane   Ballard            Marlborough,

Bates, William and Bridget; William Jr.       Ballynultagh   Hungerford,

Beaghan John and Byrne, Ann           Tombreane Bytown (Ottawa) and Chelsea, QC

Bedlow, Richard and Sarah    Coollattin        Brockville,

Blake, Elizabeth  Breen; Andrew, William, Elizabeth CoolLattin Kingston, ?; Oswego, NY

Bourke, John and Ann            Cronelea        Camden,

Bowe, Sarah    Coollattin        Brockville,

Bowen, Richard and Mary     Ballybeg Escott,

Breen, Charles            Ballykelly       Bytown,

Breen, James  New Row        Sidney,

Breen, Michael           Coollattin        Kingston, ?; Oswego, NY

Breen, Martin, Catherine, and Mary  Coollattin  (New Row)  Prescott,  and Oxford,

Breen, Michael and Lee, Mary          New Row        Kingston,

Breen, Thomas; Mary; Elizabeth       Ballykelly       Camden,

Broughan, Alice Hennessy; Ann; John; James; Richard Gowle Hungerford,

Brown, Lawrence and Cecilia            Minmore         Ottawa,

Burket, John and Kinsella, Elizabeth Killinure         Sheffield,

Byrne, Andrew and Roarke, Catherine          Hillbrooke      Brockville,

Byrne, Ann and O’Toole; Denis; Michael; William Ballynultagh   Bytown (Ottawa)

Byrne, Anne    Ballynultagh   Sheffield,

Byrne, Arthur and Kehoe, Elizabeth  Coolruss Park Augusta,

Byrne, Daniel Boley  Camden and Hungerford,

Byrne, Denis and Donahoe, Bridget; James; Hetty   Boley  Sheffield,

Byrne, Edward and Connors, Bridget            Coollattin        Bytown (Ottawa, )

Byrne, Garret and Pierce, Elizabeth  Ballincorbeg   Brockville, ?; Rossie, NY

Byrne, Henry and Hogan, Mary         Drummin        Sheffield,

Byrne, James and Delaney Catherine  Ballyraghine (Ballyraheen)    Bytown (Ottawa) see Bernard Cassidy

Byrne, James and Dewey, Mary        Coolkenna       Hungerford,

Byrne, John and Ellen            Ballynultagh   Kingston,

Byrne, John and Mary; Tom  Coolkenna       Brockville,

Byrne, Luke    Moylisha         Gloucester,

Byrne, Margaret; John; Patrick  Ballyraheen    Bytown (Ottawa)

Byrne, Michael and Jane; Richard, Elizabeth Ballyraheen   Bytown (Ottawa)

Byrne, Michael; Ellen; Mary Coollattin Bytown (Ottawa) and Nepean,

Byrne, Patrick and Ellen; Dolly; Bridget  Ballynultagh   Gloucester,  and Bytown (Ottawa)

Byrne, Patrick and Deegan, Alice      Killinure   Belleville,

Byrne, Rachel; John   Coollattin        Ottawa,

Byrne, Samuel and Ann; Mary Anne Rosbane          Brockville,

Byrne, Thomas and Ann; Bess, Thomas, and John   Ballynultagh   Hungerford,

Byrne, Timothy (s/o Thomas and Sarah)       Ballynultagh   Gloucester,

Byrne, Timothy, Thomas, John, and Mary    Ballynultagh   Camden,

Byrne, William and Mary  Agowle Camden,  Call, Thomas; Francis; Sarah Mucklagh            Hungerford,

Carr, Mary; George; John      Ballykelly       Brockville,

Carr (Kerr) Richard and Ann  Coolboy          Elizabethtown,

Carroll, Bridget; Dolly;          Killinure         Camden East and Raleigh,

Carroll, James and Welsh, Margaret Coollattin        Camden,

Carroll, John and Bridget; John Jr.    Ballycumber   Winchester,

Carroll, John and Byrne, Catherine; Michael; Joanna; James Ballynultagh Bytown (Ottawa)

Cassidy, John and Harmon, Bridget  Killinure         Hungerford,

Cassidy, Samuel and Hughes, Mary  Killinure         Camden,

Cassidy, Thomas and Foley, Bridget Killinure         Hungerford,

Cassidy, William and Dunn, Mary    Killinure         Hungerford,

Clare, Thomas and Connors, Rebecca           Motabower, Co. Wexford      Camden,

Cleary, Simon and Ellen        Farnees           Brockville,

Coghlan, Thomas and Murphy Margaret       Park     Kitley,

Coghlin, Elizabeth; Margaret Laragh Camden,

Collins, Patrick and Margaret            Coolfancy       Brockville,

Condell, George; Thomas      Rathbane         Ottawa,

Conners, John Boley  Sidney,

Connors / O’Connor, Mary; James    Coollattin        Nepean,  and Bowmanville,

Connors, Thomas and Catherine        Motabower, Co. Wexford      Camden,

Cosker (Cosgrave), Robert and Fanning, Bridget     Hot Pot Lane (Croneyhorn)            Gloucester,

Cummerford/Cumerton, George, also spelled Comerford    Ballinulta        Camden East,

Cummins, Thomas and Barrett, Ann Croneyhorn     Cornwall,

Dagg, Edward and Eliza         Aghowle         Kitley,

Deegan, Denis and Connor, Mary; Edward   Mungacullen   Kingston,

Deegan, James and Whelan, Catherine          Killinure         Belleville,

Deegan, William and Doyle, Catherine         Killinure         Belleville,

Dolanm, Thomas        Gowle Sheffield,

Donoghue / Donaghue, James and Nolan, Anastasia Aghowle         Camden,

Donaghue, Michael and Sutton, Mary; Bridget (Michael died at Grosse Isle) Ardoyne     Camden,

Donaghue, Thomas; Rose; Laurence Cronyhorn; Ballard    Sheffield,

Donnelly, Bartholomew and Quail, Joanna   Ballyraheen    Bytown;Bromley Township

Donnelly, Michael      Ballyraghine   Nepean,  (Rochesterville)

Dorcey / Darcy, James and Margaret; Edward          Ballynultagh   Kingston,

Dorcey / Darcy,  Thomas; Eliza         Ballyconnell   Richmond Twp.,

Doyle, Bridget, Nowlan; Michael; Simon; Henrietta            Coolkenna       Portland,

Doyle, Bridget            Kilballyowen  Dungannon,  (Hastings N.

Doyle, Darby/Jeremiah and Whelan, Mary; Hannah Ballynultagh   Kingston,

Doyle, James and Roark, Mary          Hillbrooke      Brockville,

Doyle, Morgan           Kilballyowen  Dungannon,  (Hastings N.)

Doyle, Patrick and Osburn, Bridget   Aghowle         Camden,

Doyle, Patrick and Catherine Killinure         Camden,

Doyle, Peter and siblings, and mother Honoria Doyle          Coolruss Park Augusta,

Doyle, Stephen           Glenphilippeen           Montreal QC and Cornwall,

Dunn, Peter; Ann        Killabeg          Sheffield

Eagers, Charles and Jane; Thomas and Joshua Knockatomcoyle     South Elmsley,

Ebbs, Simon and Jane; John, Ellen and Thomas Knocknaboley Quebec City and Ottawa,

Edwards, William and Esther            Ballycumber   Augusta,

Evans, Thomas and Mary       Aghowle         Camden,

Fardon, James Paulbeg           Kingston, ?; Sterling, NY

Fenlon, William and Doyle, Bridget Killinure         Hungerford,

Fitzgerald, Richard and Catherine; William; John   Killabeg          Camden,

Fleming, Patrick and McGrath, Mary            Killinure         Hungerford,

Fleming, Joanna         Killinure         Camden,

Foster, George; William        Ballykelly       Brockville,

Foster, James and Balfe, Margaret    Carnew            Kitley,

Foster, John and Mary            Ballynultagh  Camden,

Foster, Margaret Roach; Elizabeth; William; Isaac  Motabower, Co. Wexford Oxford Twp.,

Foster, Robert and Webb, Elizabeth; John    Coolruss Park Yonge & Escott Rear

Fox, Simon     Coolboy          Brockville,

Free, Mary; Samuel    Kilcavan         Kingston,

Furlong, John and Margaret   Ballard            Loughborough,

Gafney / Gaffney, Jeremiah and Murphy Ann (Ann died at Grosse Isle.)    Stranakelly            Hungerford,

Gahan, William and Kennedy, Mary Kilquiggan      Camden,

Garret / Garrett, Thomas, Eliza and Bridget Coolnafinogue            Brockville,

Giles, Miles and Sally            Coolroe          Brockville,

Goslin / Gosling, John and Margaret Coolroe           Escott,

Handrick / Hendrick, Edward, Patrick           Coollattin        Kingston, ?; Oswego, NY

Handrick , Michael and Balfe, Margaret (Hendrick)            Kennystown    Chelsea, QC (close to Ottawa)

Haffery, John and Ann           Minmore         Elizabethtown,

Hagerty / Hegerty, John and Brien, Elizabeth; Peter, Margaret, John, James, Elizabeth       Kilcavan Kingston,

Hannon, Matt and Margaret   Knocknaboley             Gloucester,

Headon / Hayden, John and Catherine; Ellen            Glenphilippeen / Tinahely     Kingston,

Headon / Hayden, John          Glenphilippeen / Tinahely     Alexandria,

Headon / Haydon, Thomas     Glenphilipeen/Tinahely         Kingston  and Port Hope,

Healy / Healey, Bridget Moran; Lawrence; Denis    Killinure Hungerford,

Healy / Healey, Thomas; David         Killinure         Kingston,  & Wolfe Island,

Healy, William and Kehoe, Elizabeth; Michael; Mary Anne; John; Peter; Sally; Pat; Tom        Killinure Hungerford,

Hennessy, Elizabeth Byrne; Mary; Catherine; Daniel Ballynultagh   Camden & Hungerford,

Hickey, Patrick and Dolly      Kilcavan         Brockville,

Hickey, Peter and family, including John Hickey and wife Mary Doran  Birch  Hickey, plus the Birch  children Kilcavan  Brockville,

Higgins, Michael        Ballyvolen      Belleville,

Hinch, James and Bridget      Ballynultagh   Camden,

Hinch, John; Bridget; Mary   Killabeg          Sheffield,

Hinch, Thomas; William       Ballenguile     Camden,

Hopkins, Nicholas and Elizabeth       Ballynultagh   Bytown (Ottawa) and Gloucester,

Hughes, Philip and Betty       Laragh Camden,

Hunt, James and Kavanagh, Catherine          Ardoyne          Bastard,

Jackson, Benjamin; Mary      Knockatomcoyle        South Elmsley,

Jackson, Martha; Joshua; Samuel; John; Mary; Elizabeth; Joseph  Hillbrooke            Brockville,

James , Mary; Michael; Martin; Lawrence   Kilquiggan      Camden,

Kavanagh, Ann           Killinure         Hungerford,

Kavanagh, Denis and Rorke, Jane; Charles; James Ballynultagh Hungerford,

Kavanagh / Cavanagh, John; Ann; Catherine;           Killinure         Camden,

Kavanagh, Laurence and Foster, Ann; James; Lawrence; Denis      Ballynultagh            Hungerford,

Kavanagh / Cavanagh, Phelim / Felix and Hickey, Mary     Kilcavan         Kingston,

Kearns, Edward          Ballenguile     Camden  Keely  / Kealey, William and MurphyJudith Mungacullen   Hungerford,

Kehoe, Denis and Handrick , Mary    Kennystown    Bytown (Ottawa)

Kehoe, Martin and White, Elizabeth Ballingate       Sydney,

Kehoe, Michael and Handrick, Johanna        Tombreane      Camden,

Kelly, Daniel and Betty (nee Davis); James, Catherine, Anty, George, John, Daniel            Killballyowen Dungannon,  (Hastings N.)

Kelly, Thomas and Catherine Aghowle         Brockville,

Kenny, Thomas and Purcell, Eleanor Motabower, Co. Wexford      Kitley, ; later S. Elmsley,

Kerrivan, James and Haskins, Ellen  Boley  Gloucester,

Kerrivan / Kerwin, Patrick and Cummins, Ann        Croneyhorn     Cornwall,

Kidd, William; Joseph; Thomas        Coolkenna       Camden,

Kimmit, John and Dorothy/Dolly      Knocknaboley Camden,

Kinselagh (Kinsella), Michael           Ballynultagh   Gananoque,

Kinshley / Kinsella, Pierce and Betty            Coollattin        Belleville,

Lawlor, Morgan and Welsh, Catherine          Killinure         Sheffield,

Loughlin, Denis          Laragh Camden,

Lowman, Michael and Balfe, Mary, and Michael’s brother, Thomas Coollattin Kitley,

Lyons, Edward            Boley  Camden,

Mara / O’Meara, Edward and Toole, Betty; Mary; Eliza      Ballynultagh   Bytown,

Mara / O’Meara, Patrick and Kelly, Mary; Edward; John; Elizabeth; James            Ballynultagh   Bytown (Ottawa, ) and Pembroke,

McCann, Elizabeth O’Brien; George; Patrick; Bryan  Aghowle  Bytown (Ottawa, ) see SWAIN family

McGormick / McCormick, Michael and Doyle, Ann            Stranakelly    Camden,

McGrath, Edward; Michael   Ballyconnell   Camden East,

McGrath, James         Killinure         Hungerford,

McGrath, John            Killinure         Hungerford,

McGrath, Nicholas     Killinure         Hungerford,

McGrath, William and Byrne, Mary Ballynultagh and Killinure    Gloucester,

McGuire, Patrick and Fox, Mary       Ballard            Camden,

Monaghan, Patrick     Coollattin        Kingston, ?; Oswego, NY

Monaghan, Edward; Alice, Mary       Ballyraheen    Kingston, ?; Oswego, NY

Monaghan, Elizabeth Ballyraheen    Kingston, ?; Oswego, NY

Murphy Michael and Byrne, Mary    Killinure         Sheffield,

Murphy Patrick and Dobbs, Julia      Parkmore        Kitley, ; later Oro,

Neal / O’Neill, Pat and Dolly; John; Andrew; Maurice; Pat; Bridget Kilballyowen            Dungannon,  (Hastings N.)

Neal, Michael and Bess          Ballynultagh   Camden,

Neal / O’Neill, Owen and Margaret (Owen died at sea.)      Aghowle         Camden,

Neal, Patrick and Jane            Coolkenna       Camden,

Neal / O’Neill, Peter and Hughes, Mary; brother Thomas Neal. (Peter died at Grosse Isle.)    Aghowle Hungerford,

Neal, Thomas and Catherine  Gowle Camden,

O’Toole, John and Mary        Coolboy          Edwardsburgh,

O’Toole, Thomas and Mary   Gurteen           Brockville,

Peareson, Richard, Sarah, and John   Carnew            Elizabethtown,

Pierce, Rachel Coollattin        Elizabethtown,

Pierce, Robert Coollattin        Brockville,

Pollard, John   Toorboy          Nepean,

Parsley / Pasley, John and Mary        Glenphilippeen           Kingston,

Prestley, Eliza nee O’Donoghue ; Catherine  Ballynultagh   Bytown (Ottawa)

Prestley, Robert and Susan    Motabower, Co. Wexford      Goulbourn,

Quirke, Peter and Betty          Ballynultagh   Camden,

Quirke, Peter and Betty          Ballynultagh   Camden,

Rathwell / Rothwell, John      Killaveny        Brockville,

Redmond, Edward and Doyle, Bridget; Jane, Mary, Sarah, William, Catherine, Margaret, Ann     Ballyraheen Bytown and Osgoode (Ottawa, )

Rickerby, John; Hannah/Ann Tomacork       Elizabethtown,

Roarke / Rourke  / O’Rourke, Thomas; Hugh           Ballynultagh   Earnestown,

Roche, Michael and Eleanor  Ballyvolen      Belleville,

Scantlin / Scanlin, William and Dalton, Elizabeth   Stranakelly     Sheffield,

Sheridan, Nicholas and Mullins, Eliza, and Eliza’s father, Michael Mullen            Carnew            Brockville,

Singleton, Eliza and Ally       Ballykelly       Brockville,

Singleton, John and Sally; William Jr.          Ballynultagh   Brockville,

Singleton, William Sr. and Mary       Ballynultagh   Brockville,

Summers, John and Ann        Hillbrooke      Brockville,

Summers, Thomas Coollattin Earnestown, Sprat, (Spratty) Michael and Byrne, Mary         Newry Sheffield,

Sweeney, Roger Kilquiggan Sheffield, Tallant / Tallon , Bridget  Ballynultagh            Camden,

New Tallant  / Tallon, Edward; John, Edward Jr., Mary Knockatomcoyle North Elmsley,

New Tallant  / Tallon, James and Mary; Edward      Knockatomcoyle        North Elmsley,

Tallant / Tallon , James and Dunn, Mary; Garrett    Ballynultagh   Camden,

Tallon, Matthew and Walker, Mary  Knockatomcoyle        Bytown (Ottawa)

Tallon, Peter; Edward Ballynultagh   Portland,

Tallon, Peter; Denis; John      Kilquiggan      Portland,

Timmons, Jane           Ballynultagh   Portland, ?; Annsville, NY

Timmons, Peter, Patrick, and Peggy  Ballynultagh   Portland,

Tomkin, Charles and Anne    Coolroe           Yonge Front,

Tomkin (Tomkins), Peter; John; Catherine   Newtown         Gloucester,

Tompkin (Tompkins), William and Susan    Croneyhorn     Camden,

Tracey, Thomas and Ann       Ballyconnell   Camden,

Trainor, Thomas and Brady, Honor   Croneyhorn     Augusta,

Travers, Peter and Harriet      Aghowle         Bytown (Ottawa) and Nepean,

Twamley, Henry and Elizabeth          Ballykelly       Camden,

Tyrrell, Nick   Ballyconnell   Camden,

Valentine, Jane           Knocknaboley Camden,

Wall, Margaret Dewey; John; Mary; Sarah; Abraham         Coolkenna       Camden,

Wall, William and Loughlin, Anne   Laragh Camden,

Welsh / Walsh, Ellen Neil; Catherine; Joseph          Killinure         Sheffield,

Walsh, John and Burket, Ann Killinure         Sheffield,

Welsh, James  Coollattin        Camden,

Whelan, Bridget         Ballynultagh   Aylmer, QC

Whelan, Catherine; Anastasia            Aghowle         Portland,

Whelan, James and Betty       Ballynultagh   Aylmer, QC

Whelan, William and IRETON, Frances       Aghowle         Camden,

A large number of Fitzwilliam emigrés from the Carnew area settled around Smiths Falls, many of them part of the extended family of Edward Balfe of Kennystown, and the families they were connected to by marriage. This area around Smiths Falls includes the townships of Kitley, Lombardy, North and South Elmsley, Bastard, North and South Crosby, Wolford, Montague, Yonge, and Burgess.

Edward Balfe had two relatives who had worked on the Rideau Canal: his brother, John Balfe (m. Mary Byrne) of Gurteen; and his niece’s (Mary Balfe) husband, Michael Shanks of Boley. These early Balfes had acquired land in Kitley; it and South Elmsley, farming townships close to Smiths Falls, were home to a number of other Canal workers, as well.

In the late 1840s, Michael and Mary Shanks offered a welcome to their Balfe connections from Carnew: John Balfe and Alice Dobbs (from Parkmore); Thomas Balfe and Sarah Kenny (from Kennystown); Nicholas Balfe and Catherine Kealey (from Kennystown); Michael Lowman and Mary Balfe (from Carnew), along with Michael’s brother, Thomas; James Foster and Margaret Balfe (from Carnew); Thomas Kenny and Eleanor Purcell (from Motabower); and Patrick Murphy and Julia Dobbs (from Parkmore). [iii]

Edward Balfe’s daughter, Margaret, and her husband Michael Handrick, had left Kennystown a year before the group above, and settled just outside Ottawa, to farm in the Meech Creek area, as did John Beaghan and Ann Byrne (from Tombreane). Margaret and Michael Handrick’s daughter, Mary (m. Denis Kehoe of Tombreane) settled in Bytown itself (as Ottawa was then known).

Most of the Balfes remained near Smiths Falls, raised their families, and prospered. Thomas Balfe and his son farmed some 300 acres, and later took over another farm that was the future site of the Smiths Falls Golf and Country Club. In time, Thomas and his wife, Sarah Kenny, took on with Mary Balfe and Michael Shanks the care of those in need. Nicholas Balfe and Catherine Kealey’s son, Nicholas Jr., founded the grain exchange in Winnipeg and became a millionaire.

Central Ontario

The Kenny family of southwestern Carnew parish, and in particular Myles Kenny (who married Dorothea Briscoe Wilkie in Kennystown on July 10, 1829), was the nucleus for a wave of settlers from the Fitzwilliam estate to an area north of Toronto, Ontario: the town of Barrie, and the surrounding farming communities of Vespra, Essa, and Oro.

Myles Kenny and his family arrived there in the early 1830s, along with Peter Murphy (m. Margaret Ann Doyle) from Kilcavan (Murphy had been a British navy veteran who had petitioned for land in Vespra); Michael Kenny (m. Mary Doyle) from Parkmore; Bridget Kenny (m. Patrick Doran) from Kennystown; and Henry Murphy (m. Catherine Kenny) from Umrygar.

Myles was their leader: he could read and write, where the others could not. The first school in Vespra was held in a log house on his property, where an older relative, Margaret Kenny (b. c1783) lived.

Myles was also active in the early political life of the settlement. He was a member of the first municipal council, and he served as its Reeve (mayor) from 1837-1849. (Myles was a Catholic, and it is interesting to see his political prominence in this corner of Protestant-dominated early Ontario.)

During the famine exodus years of 1847-1853, other Kenny relatives, and the families they were connected to by marriage, came to join Myles Kenny in the Barrie area:

Martin Kenny (m. Catherine Toole) of Tomacork;

Mary Kenny (m. MichaelByrne) of Kilcavan;

Catherine Kenny (m. John Kavanagh) of Parkmore;

Sarah Connors (widow of John Myers) of Carnew (she became Martin Kenny’s second wife);

Margaret Doyle (m. Martin Murphy) of Parkmore;

Ann Doyle (m. Patrick Shannon) of Hillbrooke;

Margaret Doyle (m. William Byrne) of Coolfancy;

John Heffernan (m. Sally Tompkins) of Coolroe;

Sarah Heffernan (m. Patrick Moore) of Ballykelly.

About 1856, John Balfe (m. Alice Dobbs) of Hillbrooke, and Patrick Murphy (m. Julia Dobbs) of Parkmore, [iv] (who had earlier settled near Smiths Falls, Ontario) having heard of the good land near Barrie, came to join their former Wicklow neighbors there.

Myles Kenny’s story has a very sad ending, however. In July 1838, nine of his children died in a single day from mushroom poisoning, and it is said that their coffins were constructed and set out on the Kenny farm’s front lawn. There was no Catholic cemetery in Barrie at the time, and the children were likely buried at the farm’s lot line, as was the custom at the time. Today, they are memorialized in a stone next to that of their parents in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Barrie.

Myles Kenny died on January 11, 1874 in Vespra Township, Simcoe County, Ontario. Despite the terrible tragedy in Myles Kenny’s family, it is most consoling to uncover the web of family relationships in these two Ontario communities— relationships that made the emigres’ arrival in this country a bit less daunting.

For the most part, the lives of the people from southwest Wicklow who moved to Ontario appear to have been successful. Many developed large farms and some became prominent in their communities.

These successes are inspiring to report, as one reads that heartbreaking line attached to the Fitzwilliam emigration record for so many of their tenants: “house to be pulled down.”


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A cluster of Fitzwilliam Settlers settled in Marlborough Township, Carleton County.


People from the Fitzwilliam estate who settled in Ontario, 1847-55

In the late 1840s a program of assisted emigration was initiated by Lord Fitzwilliam to reduce the number of tenants on his estate in southwest County Wicklow Ireland. Most of these emigrants sailed from New Ross to Quebec City, but few of them stayed in Quebec, where the population was for the most part French-speaking. Instead, they continued on up the St. Lawrence River to the province of Ontario (then called Upper Canada) and became part of Irish communities there.

The following data was compiled by Anne Burgess. It lists many of the Irish from the Fitzwilliam estate who settled in the West 1/2 of Ontario, from roughly Belleville to Lake Huron.

People that settled in the East 1/2 of ontario can be found at Find Death Records on Ancestors at Restbytown.net A Story of Emigration: Southwest Wicklow to Ontario, Canada

Name of Tenant—From—Settled—In

Balfe, John and Dobbs, Alice Hillbroo Oro, Ontario

Bannister, Andrew and Elizabet Askakeagh Trafalgar, Ontario

Boggs, Leyburn and Byrne, Jane Rossbane Garafraxa East, Ontario

Boulger, Judith Glenphillippeen Cobourg, Ontario

Bowes, James and Elliot, Eliza Coolfancy St. Vincent, Ontario

Byrne, Edward and Betty Coolfancy Barrie, Ontario

Byrne, Edward and Margaret Tanseyclose Haldimand, Ontario

Byrne, Hugh   Ballyshonog?  Garafraxa West, Ontario

Byrne, John and Mary Toberlownagh Hamilton Twp., Ontario (Northumberland County)

Byrne, Margaret Doyle Coolfancy Barrie, Ontario

Byrne, Mary Kenny  Kilcavan Vespra, Ontario

Byrne, Mary; Joseph; Lawrence; Mark; Mary Ann; Peter Ballinguile Hamilton, Ontario

Byrne, Mat and Fanny            Toorboy          Niagara, Ontario

Byrne, Patrick and Ann          Toberpatrick   Etobicoke, Ontario

Byrne, Patrick and Ann          Cronelea         Darlington, Ontario

Byrne, Patrick and Ellen        Rosbane          Trafalgar, Ontario

Byrne, Simon and Brien, Margaret    Coolboy          York, Ontario

Byrne, William and Bridget   Coolfancy       Toronto, Ontario

Carney, Betty; Richard           Moylisha         Etobicoke, Ontario and Colborne Twp, Ontario

Carroll, John and Bridget       Coolfancy       York, Ontario

Carroll, Joshua and Alice       Coolfancy       Etobicoke, Ontario

Coady, Patrick and Mary       Rathshanmore Whitby, Ontario

Collins, Ann and Jane (Grandy stepdaughters)         Croneyhorn     Manvers, Ontario

Connell, Edward and McCarthy, Ann            Kilcavan         Arthur, Ontario

Connell, James           Kilcavan         Arthur, Ontario

Cuffe, James and Mary          Askakeagh      Percy, Ontario

Cuffe, John and Anne Askakeagh      Bentinck, Ontario

Curren / Curran, Patrick and Toole, Mary     Coolboy          Toronto, Ontario (Peel)

Dillon, Richard           Rosnakill        Dereham, Ontario

Dorcey, Miles; Peter; Catherine        Coolroe           Etobicoke, Ontario and Glenelg, Ontario

Doyle, James and Judy           Kilmalone       Toronto, Ontario

Doyle, Pat and Biddy Killinure         Hamilton Twp., Ontario (Northumberland County)

Dunn, Frank and Lucy            Rathbane         Whitby, Ontario

Fox, Denis and Elizabeth       Coolboy  Hamilton Twp., Ontario (Northumberland County)

Freeman, Richard       Toorboy          South Easthope, Ontario

Gahan, Elizabeth        Farnees           Toronto, Ontario and Newmarket, Ontario

Graham, Nicholas       Carnew            Toronto, Ontario

Grandy, Henry and Susan       Croneyhorn     Manvers, Ontario

Griffin, Thomas and Jane       Knocknaboley Howick, Ontario

Hagen, John and Ann Carrigroe        Markham, Ontario

Harmon, Edward, James, Peter, Thomas; cousin Peter Harmon       Ballinguile      Hamilton, Ontario and Aldborough, Ontario (Elgin West)

Healy, James and Winny        Askakeagh      Brighton, Ontario

Heffernan, John and Tompkins, Sally           Coolroe           Vespra, Ontario

Hopkins, Edward and Jane     Corndog          Somerville, Ontario

Hutton, Thomas and Charlotte           Slievenamough           Bentinck, Ontario

Johnston, Henry and Mary     Ballinglen       Hamilton, Ontario

Kavanagh, Garret and Mary   Ballyraheen    Arthur, Ontario

Kavanagh, John and Kenny, Catherine          Parkmore        Vespra, Ontario

Keary / Carey, Robert Kilballyowen  Niagara, Ontario

Kenny, Martin            Tomacork       Vespra, Ontario

Kerrivan/Kerwin, Cornelius; Eliza    Ballinguile      Niagara, Ontario

Lambert, Catherine    Slievemweel   Brighton, Ontario

Lawrence, Anthony and Dorothy       Rathshanmore Toronto, Ontario

Lawrence, Henry; Anthony; Susanna; Martha          Slieveroe         Bobcageon, Ontario and Somerville, Ontario

Lawrence, John and Martha   Slieveroe         Glenelg, Ontario

Lawrence, Thomas and Henrietta      Rathshanmore Whitby, Ontario

Lee, John and Mary    Coolfancy       Trafalgar, Ontario

Lynch, Anne Byrne; Michael Glenphillippeen Barrie, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario

Mellon, Peter and Jane           Coolboy          Vaughan, Ontario

Moore, Mary Heffernan         Ballykelly       Barrie, Ontario

Morris, Stephen and  , Bridget           Mullans           Toronto, Ontario (Peel)

MurphyEdward           Mullannaskeagh         Proton, Ontario

Murphy Margaret Doyle; John; Margaret     Parkmore Vespra, Ontario

Murphy Patrick and Dobbs, Julia      Parkmore        Oro, Ontario

Murphy Philip and Bridget    Tomnafinnogue          Proton, Ontario

Myers, Dorothy          Tallyhoe          Manvers, Ontario

Nowlan, Mary; Edward; Patrick        Killinure         Normanby, Ontario

O’Neal, Patrick and Dolly      Kilballyowen  Etobicoke, Ontario

Prestley, Robert and Mary     Motabower     Etobicoke, Ontario

Redmond, John and Ann        Croneyhorn     Hay, Ontario

Roach, Catherine        Motybower     Chinguacousy, Ontario

Rossiter, Ann  Tombreane      Adjala, Ontario

Rossiter, John Tombreane      Tecumseth, Ontario

Rossiter, Patrick and Ann      Tombreane      York East, Ontario

Ryan, Michael and Mary        Coolfancy       York, Ontario

Shannon, Ann Doyle  Hillbrooke      Barrie, Ontario

Sheridan, Edward and Doyle, Ann; William; Mary  Slievenamough Orillia, Ontario

Sheridan, Lawrence and Bridget; Patrick      Slievenamough           Orillia, Ontario

Twamley, George and Eliza   Rosnastraw     Whitby, Ontario

Whelan, William and Mary   Ballynavortha Pickering, Ontario

See also: Emigration from Killinure Parish, County Wicklow, Ireland, to the Belleville, Ontario, Canada area, And, County Wicklow settlers near Poonamalie Lock (close to Smiths Falls)

People from County Wicklow Ireland in the U.S.A.

Between 1841 and 1851, Ireland lost 2 million of it people. An estimated one million of these people left the country while the other million died. Of the one million Irish inhabitants who emigrated during this decade, most went to Canada, England and the United States.

It’s a common misconception that the mass exodus that took place in Ireland during the first half of the l9th century was the result of the potato blight of 1845, but the famine was actually the last in a series of misfortunes that Ireland had to endure. Before the Great Famine, the Irish were already feeling the pressure of rising rents and a slow job market. There was little manufacturing in Ireland and what their was was concentrated in Dublin and Belfast.

The agricultural industry was growing but modern machinery was starting to reduce the amount of manual labor needed. Until the 17th century the Irish had lived under the rule of a small minority of wealthy landowners. When Oliver Cromwell invaded Ireland in the mid-17th century, those landowners who would not give up Catholicism saw their property confiscated and then given to the English. By 1661 about 40% of Ireland was owned by England. Many Irish peasants-stayed on as tenant farmers, working the land and paying rent on the small plots of land where they lived and grew their own food.

Eviction Images

famine Famine Evictions 1-1-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine Family Eviction 2-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine Evictions-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine evictions 4-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine Evictions 1-thestewartsinireland.ie famine Eviction Tenant farmer-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine Eviction pic-thestewartsinireland.ie

But as the growing of crops became less profitable, many landowners began to graze sheep and cattle for the English market, taking back the land from the Irish poor.

This led to a series of evictions where tenant farmers were forced off the land that had sustained them. The lucky tenant farmers who weren’t evicted found there was less land available to them, and these shrinking plots were being shared by more and more occupants.

This diminishing land contributed much to Ireland’s eventual reliance on the potato during the late 18th century. The amount of land needed to grow potatoes could feed more people than the same amount of land used to grow something else. By 1845 when the blight hit approximately 3 million Irish consumed almost nothing but potatoes.

Emigration from the Coollattin  Estate, County Wicklow, Ireland to Eastern Ontario, Canada, early 1800′s

April 30, 2007:Shillelagh, County Wicklow Church of Ireland, Shillelagh, Southwest County Wicklow

Annette Code has done a lot of work regarding her Codd / Code ancestors who emigrated from Lord Fitzwilliam’s Estate in South West County Wicklow.

Many people came to this area from the area in Ireland where three counties meet — County Carlow, County Wexford and County Wicklow. Background material for this large emigration can be found in:

The Rebellion in Wicklow, 1798, by Ruan O’Donnell, Irish Academic Press, 1998, ISBN 0-7165-2694-8

Emigration from South Leinster to Eastern Upper Canada, Bruce Elliott, in Kevin Whelan, ed. Wexford: History and Society (Dublin: Geography Publications, 1987) pp. 422-446 (Carleton University Library DA990.W5W49 – 5th Floor) ISBN 0 906602 0 68

Anne Burgess is also involved in a large project detailing the assisted emigration from Lord Fitzwilliam’s Estate during the period 1847-1854. Her work is based on Surplus People: The Fitzwilliam Clearances, 1847-1856 (County Wicklow) by Jim Rees, Collins Press, Cork, 2000, ISBN 1-898256-93-4

Both Anne and Annette have done extensive research in Ireland.

Tithe Allotment Book, Parish of Aghowle, Diocese of Leighlin, Co. Wicklow 1824-1825

Lists the head of household paying tithes to the established church of that time i.e., The Church of Ireland

Lower Munny (Money) No. 4

1) Thos Codd

2) John Codd

3) Nat Byrne

4) John Neil

5) John Hanley

6) Wm. Reily

7) Thos Evans

8) Wm Driver

9) Geo Driver

10) Wm(?) Driver

11) John Nowland / Nolan

12) James Byrne

13) Pat Byrne

14) John Byrne

15) Dan(?) Byrne

16) Martin Daniel (McDaniel)

17) Edw Kavanagh

18) Mick Donahoe

19) Owen McDaniel

20) …..? Henry

21) Pat Cummins

Dicksons Killinure: No.5 Compliment

Upper Munney

32 Thos McDaniel

33 John McDaniel

There is a new website for Carnew which contains some Griffiths and some Rockingham papers – Coollattin  which may be a good link for that Coollattin  page:

www.Carnewwhs.com and www.kennytree.com , Joe Kenny’s web site (John Kenny co-authored Anne Burgess’ article on the Fitzwilliam Estate emigrants, 1847-1854

There is an Arklow Parish census on www.censusfinder.com, follow the buttons. I just posted some Byrne information on rootsweb as I try and help people looking for information, I have the Cantwell’s CD’s and the 1798 Rebellion CD which if a person is lucky identifies that all important Parish.

Famine Landholding Before & After-thestewartsinireland.ieFamine Emigration Irish Emigration 1821 1920-thestewartsinireland.ie

WEXFORD – HISTORY AND SOCIETY ed. by Kevin Whelan 1987

located on Cantwell Memorial CD. page 427 (Period 1817)  ”By October word of the Ellys’ activities had reached Rathdrum, county of Wicklow, for Isaac Saul Jr. of that place wrote to the Colonial Office seeking information on behalf of many respectable families in and about the town who asked him what he knew about ‘the encouragement’: ‘they tell me that there is a Person taking down such Families Names as wish to Emigrat (sic) in Carnew a small town about 20 miles from this, but that they do not know his Name also I would of written to him to know the truth and not to have troubled Your Lordship’. Bathurst’s reply was more positive than the response to the Rev. Mr. Vaughan had received, for it stated that encouragement was not being offered at the moment mereley because the season was too far advanced. However, the Colonial Secretary informed Saul that any person taking down names was altogether unauthorised by the government.

On p. 426 a note on the ELLYS (of New Ross) (Ellis / Elly ?)

The Ellys were brothers of a Quaker merchant who imported timber and staves from Quebec. Samuel Elly Jr. commonly shipped out passengers in the vessels he chartered to bring timber to Ireland, so it was natural for the residents of Wexford to seek advice and information from his family.

Memorials were a common form of petition to the authorities during the 19th. century. This memorial, containing the names and addresses of 1500 people from south west County Wicklow, sought a change in the location of the Quarter sessions town from Baltinglass in the west to Tinahely in the south of the county in 1837.

The date of the memorial is intermediate between the Tithe Applotment Books and the primary valuation Survey (Griffith’s Valuation) and covers an area which includes the vast Coollattin  Estates of the Earl of Fitzwilliam which witnessed large scale assisted emigration between 1847 and 1856.

The following is an extract showing the names on the Coollattin  Estate but not the surrounding lands owned by Earl Fitzwilliam. He had six estates in Ireland under the company name of Coollattin  Estates. All the surrounding areas were in the estates too but not mentioned here. I will do look ups in this document if anyone wants to contact me at codeannette@shaw.ca I have already typed out the Byrne names – 3 pages from this book, but it would be too onerous a task to do all.

John Astlefoot?; William Black; John Byrne; James Byrne; Hoyle Byrne; James Byrne; John Carre; Laur. Cummins; Richard Cummins; Patrick Kehoe; Danl. Kenny; Samual A. Lawerenson; Patrick Murray; William Nowlan; William Rickerby; William Robinson; Charles Smyth; Robert Chaloner IPDL (Coollattin  Park)

Most of the Codd’s in Lanark Co. were from Aghold / Aghowle and Shillelagh they are definitely related to the Codd’s of Carnew but we have never been able to determine an exact link. I am going to Dublin in September to find what few Parish records available might clear this up, but if I remember rightly the records for Carnew only go back to 1808. William and Hannah were married there in 1811 and I didn’t come across that particular record, there might be witnesses written down that might prove some kind of connection.

1-44 Earl Fitzwilliam

43-64 Thos. Astleford

65 John Carr

81 Edward Carr and John Carr rep viz John Carr

87 Mic Toole

92 Betty and Mary Carr

93 Daniel now Denis Kenny

94 Thos. Bowes

100 Patrick Keohoe / Keough / Kehoe

102 John Quail

107 John and Michael Quail

112 Hugh Welsh

116 Pierce Kinshley (Kinsella or Kingsley?)

126 Denis Deegon / Deegan

127 Bedloe

128 Bedloe

129 Jeremiah Rickaby exe (executor) (Rickarby?)

130-135 Widow Rickaby

136 W. Stacy

137 James Sykes

138 John Jones

151 Thomas Jones

162 Patrick Byrnes

169 Pat Breen & Pat Byrnes

177 John Breen

185 Widow Handrick / Hendrick

192 Widow Bridget Byrne

193 James Byrne

198 James Appleby

201 Michael Byrne & Thos. Weeks

205 Samuel & Michael Lawrenson

220 Richard Oates

222 Robert Lawrenson

238 Thomas Foster

240 James Dowdell now Sheane (Dowdall)

243 Thomas Free

The Coollattin Estate Co Wicklow Ireland Children of the Famine.

The story of the Byrne Family

This is the story of Bridget Byrne, her brother Patrick, and their family, who live in Co. Wicklow on the Coollattin Estate during the Great Irish Famine which started in 1845.

Irish Homestead Images

Farming Village Street-thestewartsinireland.ie Farming Thatched House old-thestewartsinireland.ie Farming Thatch Cottages-thestewartsinireland.ie Farming Spinning Yarn-thestewartsinireland.ie

Famine Scenes abandoned houses-thestewartsinireland.ieFamine Irish homestead-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine Irish homestead 3-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine Irish homestead 2-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine Irish family cabin-thestewartsinireland.iecottage-irish-1897-thestewartsinireland.ie

 Famine Irish homestead-thestewartsinireland.ie

An Irish family homestead

Children of the 1800’s

famine School Children 1880's-thestewartsinireland.ie

Bridget was born in 1834 and Patrick in 1835. Their parents are James and Mary Byrne and there are three other children in the family, James, aged 12, Joseph, aged 7 and Mary, aged 5. Bridget’s grandmother, Bridget O’Neill, also lives with them. The Byrnes lived in a small house with two rooms. The roof is made of thatch, there is a large fireplace in one room and not much furniture.


Bridget’s father rents a farm of three acres.

This is enough to grow potatoes to feed the family.

Famine potatoes healthy-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine Potatoes basket (2)-thestewartsinireland.ie

Potatoes – The Staple Diet of the Majority of the Irish. The potato is a great source of food. It has all sorts of valuable vitamins, grows easily, even in poor soil and in most kinds of climate. Large amounts can be grown on a small piece of ground. The Byrne family eats Potatoes at every meal, along with drinking Buttermilk. This was the staple diet for most of the Irish during these years. Bridget washes the spuds and Mam boils them in the big round pot. When they are cooked Mam turns them into a big basket outside the door to let the water drain off. Then she puts the basket of potatoes on the table and everyone peels and eats as much as they want.  Sometimes people leave the nail on their thumb grow long and use it to peel the potatoes. Usually the potatoes are eaten with just salt but sometimes there is some buttermilk to drink. The family seldom eat meat or fish or any vegetables but, because the potato is such a good food everyone is healthy and well-fed. Bridget and Patrick love to go out to see how the potatoes are getting on.

In early summer, 1845, the crop is very healthy and Dad is very happy that they will have plenty to eat over the winter.

In the middle of August the weather changes.

It rains for days and there is a fog which covers everywhere.

One morning the children notice a strange rotten smell and, when they go to look at the potatoes all the plants are black and drooping and look as if they are dead.

Potato Blight 1-thestewartsinireland.ie

Potato Blight Strikes.

The signs of Blight on the potato stalks and the effects of blight on each potato. Bridget runs in to tell her father. He is very worried when he sees the potatoes and tells Patrick to run over to Michael Moore’s house and ask him to come help dig up the crop.  Dad, young James and Michael spend all day digging the potatoes. Bridget and Patrick help by picking them and putting them into baskets. The potatoes are small but they look alright. Back in the 1800′s farmers and gardeners did not have chemical sprays such as we have available today. That evening Bridget washes some of the potatoes and her mother cooks them. Then they notice that something is very wrong. Some of the potatoes still look dirty. When they are peeled some parts are rotten and some parts are good. About three-quarters of the potatoes are good and the Byrnes managed to store enough to use for food and to keep for seed for next year’s crop. James tells the children that he has heard that the blight is worse in other parts of Ireland. In some places more than half of the potatoes are damaged and useless. Dad thinks that if they are careful and not waste potatoes they will have enough to get them through the winter. Bridget and young James often visit Michael Moore’s family and sometimes bring them eggs and a little buttermilk.  When they visit now they notice that the family seem poorer than ever before and often there is hardly any food in the cabin. Michael tells the children that he is very worried about not having enough food for the coming winter. He has no money to buy food and he cannot find any work. At the beginning of the year 1846, many of the Byrne’s poorer neighbours are suffering from a shortage of potatoes. They cannot earn any money to buy other food because there is no work to be got on the farms. Local Relief Committees are set up to help them get some money.

Famine Carnew distributing clothes (2)-thestewartsinireland.ie

Distributing clothes in Carnew

Clothing in short supply with no money, people had to get hand me down clothes.

When the Famine struck people went searching for food.

Famine Scenes searching for food-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine Scenes searching for food 2 (2)-thestewartsinireland.ie Potato Blight 1-thestewartsinireland.ie

Potatoes or other root crops where the main stay of food for these people, so they went searching for such food in the ground. It would appear that they did not search for wild animals such as Rabbit, Boar, Deer, or even Pheasant, (so far I have found no references to such activity,  because if they were caught on the estates they probably would have been jailed or hung, justice was swift for the theft of food as is recalled in the famous song “The Fields of Athenry”. When March arrives it is time to sow the new potato seed. The Byrnes had almost as much seed as last year and Dad looks forward to a good healthy crop in autumn. But in July and August disaster strikes! One morning in July 1846, when Bridget and James go to look at the potato crop as usual, their hearts sink. They can smell the same rotten smell that they first noticed last autumn. They run to the field. The plants are dying and the terrible smell hangs in the air. When the children rush to tell Dad, he knows that his family is in real trouble.

Cabbage-thestewartsinireland.ieCabbage Field-thestewartsinireland.ie

Cabbage Field



They have a few other vegetables, like cabbage and turnips, growing on their farm but not nearly enough to feed all of them during the winter. It is too early to dig up the potatoes as they did last year. All they can do is wait and hope that some of the crop will survive. All the other small farmers on the Coollattin Estate have the same problem. There will not be enough potatoes to last until Christmas. There is hardly any work. Many of the men are too weak from hunger to work even if they can find any. Those who have work don’t earn enough to buy other food because prices have risen sharply. In September the government decides to start the Relief Work Schemes again. New rules are brought in and every Relief Committee has to fill out a long form to apply for money to start a scheme. All of the paperwork takes time and meanwhile people are starving. Michael Moore, his wife and children, have barely survived through last winter and spring. Bridget and Patrick have helped them get over the worst of by bringing small amounts of food. Now things are worse than ever. When the Relief Work starts in the autumn of 1846 Michael is too weak to work. Early in November the whole family is forced to go to the workhouse in Shillelagh. James Byrne goes to work on the Relief Scheme. Along with hundreds of other men he works from dawn to dusk building a road near his home.  He earns one shilling (6 cent) a day. This helps him to buy some extra food for the family. He knows that it will not be enough to keep them from starvation when his small supply of good potatoes runs out before next spring. In early 1847 news comes that gives James and his family hope that there may be a way out!  Lord Fitzwilliam is offering free passage to Canada to tenants who will leave his estate at Coollattin. The agent, Robert Challoner, is making a list of volunteers. The fare will be paid by the Coollattin Estate. All James Byrne’s neighbours are talking about the offer. Most have no idea where Canada is but some people have relations who went there in the 1820′s and 1830′s and sometimes write home. Some of the tenants are tempted and decide to go. Others think they should stay in Ireland and hope that things get better. James thinks about the offer very carefully. He knows that the landlord wants to get rid of many of the tenants on the estate. He talks to Mary and the older children. Bridget and Patrick are excited about the idea of going to a new country and think the whole thing is a great adventure. Mary is not so sure. She doesn’t want to leave her home and friends and she is worried that her mother, Bridget, is too weak to make the journey. James is afraid that if they do not accept, and if things do not get better, they will not be able to pay the rent. They could be evicted and end up in the workhouse.

At last the family decides to take up the landlord’s offer. Bridget’s granny wants to stay but the family will not go without her, so she eventually agrees to come with them. As part of the deal, the Byrne’s house is knocked down so no-one can live there again. James agrees to knock it himself and is paid 5 shillings (about 30 cent). The landlord pays for the family to travel to Canada. Some people also get money to buy clothes and extra food for the trip. The landlord also provides a large wooden chest to carry the family’s possessions. It is early April, 1847. The Byrnes are ready to leave on the first part of the journey – to New Ross, Co. Wexford.

Famine Sailing Dunbrody famine ship-1-thestewartsinireland.ie

 The Dunbrody

Famine Shipping The Morgan-thestewartsinireland.ie

The sailing ship Dunbrody is due to leave New Ross port for Quebec, Canada, in a few day. Friends and relatives have come to say goodbye and wish the family well on the long trip. They know they will probably never meet again.

Famine Road to port Emigration-thestewartsinireland.ie

Loading the cart

Helping hands load the family’s possessions on to a cart. The cart and horse has been loaned by a kind neighbour, who will travel with them to New Ross and bring the cart home. Bridget and Patrick say a tearful goodbye to their pet dog, Óigí. In the distance the Byrnes can see other family groups who have already set off. It is time to leave. Slowly the little group moves down the road.  The cart is loaded down with goods and the Byrnes walk beside it. When the younger children get tired they are put on the cart for some of the journey. When it gets dark they stop at the side of the road and get what rest they can. Next morning, they have a meal and start walking again. The journey to New Ross, about 80 kilometres, takes 4 days. Bridget and Patrick have never seen a town as big as New Ross or a river as wide as the Barrow before. It is a busy place with lots of shops and people going about their work. When they reach the Quays the children stare open-mouthed at the magnificent wooden bridge which crosses the Barrow to the Kilkenny shore. What really excites them is the sight of five large sailing ships moored at the quay side, with masts reaching up towards the sky.

Famine Shipping at quayside-thestewartsinireland.ieFamine Sailing on the quayside-thestewartsinireland.ieFamine Scenes waiting to depart-thestewartsinireland.ie

 Busy Quay side

The quays are a hive of activity. Dozens of men are loading and unloading cargo, carrying large sacks on their backs.

When all the passengers and their belongings are on board, the crew get ready to sail. All barrels and trunks of food, water and clothing are tied down with ropes in case they come loose in a storm. All the passengers gather on deck and a roll is called.  After this no-one is allowed to go ashore.

When everything is ready the gangways are pulled ashore and the Dunbrody is slowly pulled away from the quay by a steam tugboat. Bridget and Patrick stand beside the ship’s rail and wave to the people gathered on the quay until a bend in the River Barrow hides the town of New Ross from view for the last time. The children’s parents are below deck, tidying away all the gear for the long journey.

Famine Scenes on board ship-thestewartsinireland.ieFamine Sailing Dunbrody insideship-1-thestewartsinireland.ie

 Below deck

There is not much space. The Dunbrody is a fine ship. She is only two years old and was built in Quebec for the Graves family of New Ross. She is used to carry timber from Canada, cotton from America and guano (fertiliser) from Peru. She is fitted with bunks to carry passengers to the “New World” on the return journeys. There are two kinds of passenger – first class, who have a private cabin and “steerage” – who must all live and sleep in the cramped space in the hold below the deck. First class passengers pay between £5 (€6.35) and £8 (€10.15) for the trip and are served their food at the captain’s table. “Steerage” passengers pay £3-15-0 (€4.75) and cook their own food, most of which they have brought with them.

Other Passenger Sailing Ships

famine ship HMS Victor 1744-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine Ship Emigrant Ship 1850-thestewartsinireland.ieFamine Sailing Ship-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine Sailing Ship english NAVY-thestewartsinireland.ieFamine Sailing Dunbrody leaving-1-thestewartsinireland.ie Passenger Ship1-thestewartsinireland.iesultana passenger ship-thestewartsinireland.ie

Below Decks

Passengers on ship-thestewartsinireland.ie Passengers2-thestewartsinireland.ieFamine Emigration Sailing Ship English Navy-thestewartsinireland.ieEnglish Navy Old War ship-thestewartsinireland.iePassengers4-thestewartsinireland.ie Passenger ship interior-thestewartsinireland.ie

At full sail in the Atlantic Ocean

Famine Sailing Dunbrody quarterdeck-thestewartsinireland.ie

 Up on deck

The weather is calm and the passengers enjoy walking on deck. There is not much room below decks. The steerage passengers sleep on bunks. There is no privacy and all their belongings are stored under the bunks. Meals are cooked on deck when the weather is fine. Bridget and Patrick make new friends with children from Wexford, Kilkenny and Carlow. Some people have brought along fiddles and accordions and sometimes there is dancing in the cabin. The children play games like “Hide and Seek” and like listening to stories told by the adults. But as the days go by the journey gets boring and everybody wants to see dry land again.

Famine Sailing Atlantic Storms-thestewartsinireland.ie

 A bad storm in the Atlantic

Suddenly, after two weeks sailing the weather changes. A huge storm blows for four days.  The children have never seen anything like it and are very afraid. The passengers are not allowed on deck during the storm and the hatches (covers) and portholes (windows) are closed and locked. The Dunbrody tosses and turns and everybody is sea-sick. The only toilets are on deck and there are not enough buckets for the 317 people on board. Imagine being a storm where the ship heels over like in this picture, the conditions must have been awful and very frightening, with the ship being battered by mountainous waves and seas crashing over the decks soaking every one below. You can imagine what it is like for the children. They are afraid that the ship will sink and they are so sick they don’t really care! Dad tells them not to worry – the Dunbrody is a strong ship and the captain and crew are excellent sailors.

But he has heard stories of rotten ships full of passengers who left Ireland and never reached America. These were known as coffin ships. When the storm ends people are allowed on deck again and the mess in the cabin is cleaned up. Many of the passengers, especially the very old and very young, are so weak that they cannot move from the bunks. Mam and Dad are very worried about young Mary and Granny. They are afraid they will die before the end of the journey. After 40 days at sea, one morning the lookout on the mast shouts that there is land ahead. Everyone rushes to the rail and slowly the passengers can see the distant shore getting closer and closer. A great cheer goes up. At last they have arrived in the New World. But the voyage isn’t over yet and for some the worst is still to come.

Famine canada carteroute-1-thestewartsinireland.ie

 Canada at last

The land they can see is at the entrance to the St. Lawrence River. Quebec is still more than 500 kilometres away. But at least the waters are calmer, they can see land on both sides of the Dunbrody and they can spend more time on deck.

When the Dunbrody finally arrives near Quebec the passengers are not allowed to leave the ship straight away. The ship has to stop beside Grosse Ile, an island in the St. Lawrence River, about 60 kilometres from Quebec.

Famine canada grosseile-1-thestewartsinireland.ie

 Grosse Ile

The first view of Grosse Ile, ‘what awaits us in this strange new world, will it be better than Famine ridden Ireland’ what would you and I be thinking if we were on that ship during the 1800′s fleeing from ones homeland??’

Grosse Ile is used as a quarantine station.

Famine canada hospital aa-thestewartsinireland.ie

 Inside view of the Quatantine station

Many of the people who come on ships to Canada from Ireland are very sick, suffering from a fever called typhus which is very contagious. These people must stay in quarantine on Grosse Ile so that they will not spread disease in Quebec,  Montreal and other Canadian towns. Little Mary Byrne and Granny are still very weak but the rest of the family are fairly healthy. The Canadian authorities will not allow anyone to leave the ship until a doctor comes to examine everyone. There are other ships waiting and it will be a couple of days before the passengers are checked. Sick passengers are kept on Grosse Ile for several days.  Nothing can be done to cure the fever. Those who survive are allowed to continue on their journey.

Famine canada cemetary grosseile-thestewartsinireland.ie

 Grasveyard at Grosse Ile

Many die and are buried on the island.

The passengers who travelled on the Dunbrody are among the lucky ones. Only five people have died at sea. When the doctor comes on board he decides there is no fever on the ship and the passengers will only be delayed for three days. When the quarantine is over the Dunbrody passengers are allowed to travel on to Quebec.

And now onwards to Quebec.

The journey is made on a steam-boat and takes two days.  Many of the passengers have to sleep on deck at night. Some die on the journey. When they arrive in Quebec, the Irish immigrants are not given a great welcome. The citizens are afraid that the new arrivals will bring disease. The Byrne family move on into the countryside. Young Mary soon gets well again but the children’s granny, Bridget O’Neill, never recovers and dies during the harsh Canadian winter. The children’s Dad, James, finds work in the woods near Quebec. Here trees are knocked down, cut into logs and sent to Britain on ships like the Dunbrody. Most of the timber is used as props in British coal-mines. Young James, who is now 14, goes to work with his Dad. The family live in a log cabin built for the timber workers. When Bridget is 16 she goes to work as a servant to a wealthy family in the local town. When she is 17 she marries another Irish immigrant, John O’Brien, from Tipperary and they have five children. After a few years the family save enough money to buy a small farm. The family never returned to Ireland.

 Famine NY Ellis Island 15-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine NY Ellis Island 13-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine NY Ellis Island 12-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine NY Ellis Island 9-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine NY Ellis Island 7-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine NY Ellis Island 6-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine NY Ellis Island 4-thestewartsinireland.iefamine emigration cork (2)-thestewartsinireland.ie  Famine old family photos-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine old family photos 2-thestewartsinireland.ie

 Irish emigrants arriving in the USA

Whilst the famine was taking place there was no shortage of food in Ireland as the State was still exporting grain

Famine Grain Imports & Exports Ireland-thestewartsinireland.ie

 Lest we forget

Famine The Famine-thestewartsinireland.ieFamine mother children The Great Famine Skibbereen-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine Memorial Co sligo-thestewartsinireland.ie Famine Memorial Co Mayo-thestewartsinireland.ie

 A Memorial in Dublin

 A Memorial in Skibbereen Co Cork an area badly hit by the famine

A Famine Memorial in Co Mayo

A Famine Memorial in Co Sligo

Famine Irish family cabin-thestewartsinireland.ie

COOLLATTIN ESTATE Assisted Emmigration

Famine Sailing Dunbrody Ticket-thestewartsinireland.ie

A copy of the Redmons Ticket to the New World.

Listed below are some of names of families who were assisted or whose passage was paid for by the Coollattin Estate, to enable them to emigrate to Canada and or the United States.

From the SHEFFIELD ARCHIVES WWM/A/930 by Annette Code

April 18, 1842

(241) John Toban, 2 Pounds

(242) Thomas Murphy, Carnew father, wife, children, 10 Pounds

(243) W. Haskins, Knockadomcoyle to pay passage for James Bailey, wife and child, 5 Pound

(244) Patrick Byrne, Ballard, Qu. 5 Pound

(245) John Hopkins, Kilquiggan, 2 Pound

(246) James Bartley for a coat to America, 2 Pound, 10 shillings

(247) Mr or M Pearsons expenses to Dublin to arrange with Nr. Miley about a ship 4 Pounds 3 shillings

(248) Robert Ireton 30 Pounds (?) then 4 Pounds

(249) Jno.  McDaniel to Quebec, 4 Pound 5 shillings

(250) several sums to different families as per list 89 Pounds, 15 shillings

(251) Mr. Pearsons expenses, 3 Pound 6 shillings May 10, 1842

(252) Mr. Miley passage money for emigrants, 7 Pound 10 shillings

May 13

(253) Robert Ireton, balance of 30 Pounds for leaving his holding at Park, 26 Pounds

(254) Pat Neal & 7 sisters and brothers, giving up farm at Kilpipe, 40 Pound

(255) Michael Fleming take Widow Cummerford to Dublin 1 Pound

June 6

(256) John Bartley and family of 9 + 20 shillings pay carman William Blake, 9 Pound

(257) Alice Murphy, Coolkenno and family to buy provisions 3 Pounds 19 shillings

(258) Thomas Hughes, Coolkenno, 1 Pound

(259) Lucy Brougham & family, provisions 1 Pound

(260) Thomas Balfe and family, provisions 1 Pound

(261) Mr. Pearson’s expenses, 1 Pound, 19 shillings 4 pence

June 16

(262) James Jones for Matthew Brown to give up land 9 Pound

August 8

(263) Edward Kavanagh balance to be paid to Batty, K. for fathers crop at Tomnifinogue, it being stopped in consequence of Edwd claiming part Dec 22

(264) Mr. Miley passage of 312 persons emigrating last spring, 350 Pounds

March 25, 1843

(265) balance on account for 188 Adults, 64 children under 14 and 60 under 7 and also 5 shillings a head for fund money to convoy destitute up the country for work, 193 Pounds, 5 shillings and 10 pence


(257) Betty Sheane, 2 Pound 2 shillings

April 8, 1840

(258) Thomas Donaghue, Killinure, 2 Pounds

(259) Margt Hyde 2 Pound

May 21

(260) William Cullen for support of 30 emigrants in Dublin for 1 day 2 Pound 10 shillings

May 26

(26l) Jane Ramsay, Monaghullen to Dublin 1 Pound

(262) Robert Smith, Park for Robert Collier of Aghowle, wife & 7 children 50 Pounds

(263)Mary Doran, 1 Pound

(264) Ellen Doyle, Ballinulta, 1 Pound June 1

(265) Thomas Codd (family?) 5 Pounds

(266) Thomas Carton 1 Pound

(267) John Carey to buy clothes, 3 Pound 10 shilling

June 8

(268)James Keoghoe for taking John Carey and family to Dublin 1 Pound

June 16

(260) sundry for expenses to Dublin to emigrate to America 9 Pound 18 and 6 pence (America being North America being Canada at that time)

Aug 20

(270) Mary D____ 9 Pound, 10 shillings

Sept 9

(271) Mssr. Henry & William Scott 153 Pounds, 8 shillings, and 6 pence

Sept 15

(272) Catherine Doyle, Tinehaley, with friends, 1Pound, 10 shillings, 6 pence

Jan 2

(272) Elizabeth Doyle, 1 pound, 10 shillings, six pence

Jan 11

(274) Robert Collier, Coolroe for taking Mrs. Osbourne of Coolfaney and family last summer 1 pound, 5 shillings and six pence

Mar 25

(275) James Jackson,m Coolkenno for passage money for 67 persons as per particulars and receipt, 113 Pound, 5 shillings and six pence

(276) Henry and William Scott to Quebec & N.Y. 222 Pounds, 9 shillings and 6 pence


(186) July 18 Paid Mr. Demsey to give to Michael Bolan to enable he, wife and 3 kids to emigate, 10 Pounds

(187) March 25, 1839 Eliza Taylor, Celia Smith, Mary Osbourne & Eleanor Walker, expenses to Dublin to America 1Pound, 17 shilling 6 pence

(188) Dec 24, 1838 by cash from Mr. Demsey for Bolan of Tubberlonagh, who got to Dublin and declined going 10 Pound


Emigration cost 48 Pound 14 shillings 6 pence

May 18, 1839

(194) Mary Byrne, 4 pound 14 shillings & 6 pence

(195) Sarah Dowling, 4 pound, 10 shillings

(196) Judith Byrne, 4 pound, 10 shillings


(197) Mary and Biddy Byrne 4 Pound, 10 shillings

Oct 18

(198) Cathe’ Pavey emigrated to join friends 4 Pound

March 25

(199) W. Demsey to page passage of Ellen Walker and three others, Smith, Osborne and Byrne 23 Pounds

(200) Paid Mrss. Scott for Langrell of Moyne 4 Pound

WWM/A/925 Sheffield Archives (some copies of account books at National Library, Dublin)

It is noted there are 9 pages of widows pensions paid out to about 584 widows in this ledger/account book.

Even at this period in time when his Estate Manager William Haigh was trying to amalgamate small holdings back into large ones Earl Fitzwilliam was still a benevolent landlord.

March, 1836-March, 1837

June 17, 1837 Pryce, James & Adams for Vessel 1st.July 2 pounds x 3

July 6, Lawrence Byrne of Quigginroe, 10 persons, 1 Pound 10 shillings

July 21 (211) John Cooke 10 persons 15 pounds all same date

(212) Robert Adams, wife and mother

(213) John Pryce and family, 6 persons 5 pound 5 shillings

(214) Thomas Wall, 5 persons, 9 pound

(214) Thomas Wall, — – 7 pound, 15 shillings

(215) Edw Wall, five persons, 7 pound 15 shillings

(216) Moses Doyle, 8 persons, 12 Pound

(217) Denis Byrne, 5 persons, 9 Pound

(219) Pat Toole, 4 persons, 7 pound

(220)James Meagher, 4 persons, 7 pound

(221) James Dowling, 4 persons, 7 pound

(222) Nathaniel James, 8 persons, 11 pound 5 shillings

(223) Patrick Hennessey, 1 person, 2 Pound

(224) Henry Chamley, brother and family,3 Pound 15 shillings

(225) John Sheppard, Mills & Nowlan, 4 Pounds

(226) Michael Tracy, 6 persons, 7 Pound

(227) James Rooney, 6 persons, 7 Pound

(228)  Margt. Dowling & Michael Collers (sp) 2 Pound

(229) William Carr, Killinure, 4 Pound

(230) Pat Kavanagh, Ballyconnell, 5 persons, 3 Pound

Michl Neal, 5 persons. 7 pounds

(231) Nov. 27 1837 received cash from Mrss. Scott from those who refused to go after passage paid 23 persons 22 Pound 11 shillings

WWM/A/924 from Sheffield Archives Wentworth Fitzwilliam Coollattin account books dated 25 March, 1835 to 1836:

Date of entry, name of recipient and no. of family members, amount of assistance in English Pounds


April 18 (26l) Patrick Doyle 1 pound

May 6 (262) Elizabeth Kelly 2 pound

May 14 (263) Pat Healey & family 9 persons, 25 pounds

June 23 (264) Mary Mills 1 pound

(265)Patrick Kavanagh 9 persons,8 Pounds,9 shillings

(266) Thomas Murphy, Killinure, 9 persons; 8 pounds 5 shill

(267) Patrick Kerrivan, Coolkenno, 7 persons, 9 pounds

(268) Edward Hinch, Killibegg, 6 persons, 6 pounds

(269) Catharine Power, Gowle, 9 persons, 10 Pounds

(270) Denis Kealey, Tomnifinague 2 Pounds

(271) Edward Kealey ” “

(272) Pat Doyle, Killibegg, 9 persons, 19 pounds

(273) Mary Dorcey, Gowle, 4 persons, 4 pound 10 shillings

(274) James Nolan, Killibeg 2 pound 10 shillings

(275) John Dewey, Coolkenno, 4 persons, 4 pound 10 shillings

(276) Paid to Mssr. Scott & Co. Dublin, for passage 66-18-1

Augst 22

(277) Mary Fox 3 pound

Sept 9

(278) Andrew Fox 2 pound

March 8, 1837

(279) Rev. William Barker for Widow Brownrigg (Aug 24) 25 Pound

(280) Jane Flagherty & son (last 22 June) 10 pound 5 shill

Transcribed from The Wicklow News Letter 25th December 1869 Vol XIII-No 32



Landlords of Co Wicklow-thestewartsinireland.ie Landlord in Ireland-thestewartsinireland.ie Land League Meeting of Tenant farmers 1-thestewartsinireland.ie Land League Meeting c 1869-thestewartsinireland.ie Land league 1881-thestewartsinireland.ie Irish Men Gathering-thestewartsinireland.ie

Meetings of Tenants

Michael Davitt-thestewartsinireland.ieFamine Charles Stewart Parnell 2-thestewartsinireland.ie

Michael Davitt of the Land League  – Charles Stewart Parnell

famine Tenant farmers paying the rent to Landlord-thestewartsinireland.ie

Tenant Farmer paying his rent

A pleminary meeting to make arrangements for the county meeting on the Land Question was held in Crowley’s Hotel Rathdrum Co. Wicklow on the 20th December 1869.             On the motion of Wm. Gilbert Esq., seconded by the Rev. Denis Doyle, the chair was take by Archdeacon Redmond P.P. of Arklow,who was received with enthusiastic applause.  There was a good attendance.

Amongst those present were – Rev. Denis Doyle, Tinahely; Wm. Gilbert Esq., Deputy-Vice-Chairman Rathdrum Board of Guardians; Thomas Murray Esq., Cooladanagan; James R. Taylor Esq., M.D. Kilmullen; Messers Richard Johnson PLG Avoca/Ovoca; William Comerford PLG Rathdrum; Andrerw Kehoe Bray; Owen Fogarty PLG Aughrim; John O’Brien Wicklow; John O’Neill Arklow; Thos. Hannigan Arklow; Andrew Byrne PLG Arklow; Lewis Byrne PLG Arklow; S. Bourke PLG Ballyshane; Edward Byrne PLG Ballyurrin; Michael Byrne Monestown; Patrick Keely PLG Parkmore; Thomas Saul Rathdrum; John Cowley Rathdrum; John O’Neill Kilaveney.  Archdeacon Redmond in addressing the meeting said that he felt highly honoured to be called upon to preside on that occasion, but at the same time he thought the chair would be much better be filled by a layman. (No, no) However, he would be obedient to their call and he felt very happy in taking the chair. He never had his heart so much in any subject as in that of the Land Question, with the exception of the higher things he had to look after, namely the interests of the soul. With the blessing of God he hoped they would go on with the movement in connection with the Land Question and he had every certainty they would succeed. There were two subjects which he wished to call  their attention and these were rack-rents and capricious evictions. How these things could be abolished was what had called them together that day. Let them look over every county and what did they find ? Land which in Germany or Belgium would be turned into beautiful grazing land was allowed here to be bristling with bulrushes like bayonets and when you asked the tenant on that land why he does not drain it and cultivate it, he would reply “If I were to do so the landlord would double my rent.” Why should not the landlord give security to his tenants and thus not only make the latter secure and contented in their holdings but also contribute to his own happiness by having a prosperous and contented tenantry ? But power was the most intoxicating thing a man could possess and landlords too often weilded their power against the poor tenant. It was a terrible thing for any man to have it in his power to keep his fellow man under him in a state in some respects worse that slavery. It was terrible thing that a landlord should have the power to arbitrarly turning the tenant out of his home. It was a terrible thing that he should have the power of driving his tenant like a beast to the hustings and there to perpetrate the greates toutrage on our Constitution – to compel him to vote against his conscience. What liberty of choice had the poor unfortunate elector without a lease in Ireland ? (None.)  No more that the black negro antecedent to his emancipation. What more terrible intimidation could there be to the tenant than the fear of being deprived of his home? What more terrible bribe than the expentancy that the land occupied by an honest elector would be taken away from him and given to another dishonest one ? That was really a fearful state of things and there was not a single nobleman or gentleman who would not rise up at once and endeavour to put an end to it. He found the evils of the question to be comprised in two things, namely, landlord rapacity and capricious evictions. This country could never be free and happy till these things were abolished. (Hear, hear.) What was the remedy ? In the first place there should be fair rents throughout the country. Without that it was all moonshine to try and settle the Land Question. He (the Archdeacon) knew of one landlord who had raised his rent on one of his tenants from 17 shillings an acre Griffith’s Valuation to 42 shillings and the tithe charges in the bargin. At present there was no law to check the bad landlord, but the law was in favour of him. This was what they had to consider. The power of extortion should be put down if they wished to see the country free and prosperous. (Here, here.)

An eviction

Famine Family Eviction 2-thestewartsinireland.ie

The power of turning out capricously must be restrained. What were the direct remidies to meet those evils ? There should be an independent organ of adjudication between landlord and tenant. No man should be allowed to make slaves of Queen Victoria’s subject. No man should be allowed to involve in the continued agonies of a living death and in all of the horrors of a practical slavery, men who should be free. The tenant farmert lives in his house. At any moment may come the notice to quit. Where would he and his family fly to ? They will be driven to the poorhouse or forced to embark in the emigrant shipand to face the dangers of a transatlantic voyage. A good landlord is a great blessing. A greater curse there could not be than a bad landlord. Take the case of a tenant under a rack rent. He is working in spite of everything. He manages to pay the rent for some time but he finds his clothes getting threadbare  and he find the same with his wife and children. At length he is unable to meet the demands of his landlord and then comes the notice to quit like a sentence of death and he his wife and children are driven out homeless on the wide world. The remedy for these extorionate rents was an independent tribunal to do justice between landlord and tenant. Capricious evictions could only be met by a direct law to secure the tenant in his holding as if he had the fee-simple. As long as the tenant paid his rent he should be secure in his holding as the Queen is on her throne. (Hear, hear.) The Ven. Archdeacon concluded an able and eloquent speech amid loud applause. Letters of apology for non-attendance were read from several gentlemen. The requisitions from each parish to the High-Sherriff asking him to convene the county meeting were then produced and were most numerously signed. It was decided that the requisition to the High-Sherriff with the signatures from each parish should be published in the Wicklow Newsletter, “Irish Times”, and “Freeman’s Journal.” It was moved by Thomas Murray, Esq., seconded by James R. Taylor, Esq., M.D. and passed- “That the county meeting be held in the town of Wicklow, on Wednesday the 19th inst.,” as was decided at the previous preliminary meeting. The following resolution was proposed by Rev. Denis Doyle:- “That the chairman be instructed to write to the High-Sherriff of the County of Wicklow to ask him to accede to the request of several thousand ratepayers to call a meeting of the county on Wednesday the 29th of December at the hours of 12 o’clock noon in the town of Wicklow, to consider the proprietry of petitioning parliament for an amendment of the existing relations between landlord and tenant.” Thomas Murray Esq., seconded the resolution which was carried unanimously. It wa also passed unanimously – “That the chairman be requested to write to the Chairman of the Town Commissioners of Wicklow, requesting the use of the Murrough on the 29th instant, for the county meeting to consider the Land Question and that Mr O’Brien take the necessary steps for the carrying out of the resolution.” A cordial vote of thanks to the Chairman terminated the proceedings. The next preliminary metting will be held in Cowley’s Hotel Rathdrum at twelve o’clock on Monday the 27th instant to make proximate arrangements for the county meeting on the 29th instant. On the same newspaper page was the following letter  (no name listed as to who the writer was or date).

Paying the Landlord’s rent

famine Tenant farmers paying the rent to Landlord-thestewartsinireland.ie

To the Editor of the Wicklow News-letter Sir;- Now that the rent receipt of the Fitzwilliam Estate is over I think it is only fair play for you to contradict those idle rumours that were so industriousely circulated. That the tenants would be required to sign a paper setting forth that no Land Bill was required for the country and they were perfectly contented with their lot. Every one of his Lordship’s tenants know that such ill timed and unwarrantable reports had no foundation unless in the muddle brains of would be policitians.

Signed:-One proud to be a Fitzwilliam tenant.

(Note: the pictures shown here were not part of the newspaper article and have been added to give an pictorial view of what conditions were like during the late 1860’s in Ireland for tenant farmers. http://www.maggieblanck.com/Mayopages/LandIssues.html)

The Land Question

Famine Charles Stewart Parnell 2-thestewartsinireland.ieMichael Davitt-thestewartsinireland.ie

To the High Sherriff of County Wicklow

We, the Undersigned, request that you will call a meeting of this county on Wednesday 29th December 1869, in the Town of Wicklow, to consider the propriety of Petitioning Parliament for the amendment of the existing relations between Landlord and Tenant

Land League Meeting of Tenant farmers 1-thestewartsinireland.ie Land League Meeting c 1869-thestewartsinireland.ie Land league 1881-thestewartsinireland.ie Irish Men Gathering-thestewartsinireland.ie


Abraham James          Abraham Richard       Ashworth Thomas

Bailey Christopher     Bailey John     Blake James

Blake James    Boland Michael          Bowe John

Bowes John     Brian John      Brickley John

Brien John      Brily Hugh      Brougham Andrew

Bryan Barnay  Bryan Daniel  Bryan John

Bryan Nicholas           Bryan Patrick  Byrne James

Byrne James   Byrne James   Byrne John

Byrne John      Byrne Joseph  Byrne Laurence

Byrne Matthew           Byrne Michael            Byrne Michael

Byrne Michael            Byrne Patrick  Byrne Patrick

Byrne Patrick  Byrne Walter  Canavan Patrick

Carey John      Carrol Daniel  Carroll James

Carroll James Carroll John    Carroll Patrick

Coates J. P.     Connor James Connors James

Coughlan Charles       Cullen Michael           Cullen Thomas

Darcey Denis  Davis Patrick  Deegan Denis

Delaney William        Dempsey James          Donohoe Michael

Donohoe Richard        Dowling Patrick         Doyle Andrew

Doyle James   Doyle James   Doyle James

Doyle John      Doyle John      Doyle Michael

Doyle Moses   Doyle Thomas            Doyle Thomas

Doyle William            Dunne Patrick Fenlon Patrick

Fleming Patrick          Foley Patrick  Fortune Martin C.C.

Fox Denis       Fox John         Furlong Thomas

Gahan Harry   Gahan James   Gahan Joseph

Garrett Patrick            Graham William        Griffin James

Hall James      Heally Daniel Hopkins James

Hughes Andrew          Hughes Michael         Kating Michael

Kavanagh John           Kavanagh Matthew    Kealy Bridget

Keely Charles Keely Martin  Kehoe Denis

Kehoe John     Kehoe John     Kehoe Mark

Kehoe Michael           Kehoe Miles   Kehoe Peter

Kehoe Thomas            Kelly John      Kelly Michael

Kelly Peter      Kelly Thomas Kennedy Christopher

Kennedy Edward        Kennedy Edward        Kenny Charles

Kenny James  Kinsella Peter Kinsella William

Loughlin Daniel         Loughlin John McGuire Bryan

Mooney Michael        Moran David  Moran John

Mornan John   Mulhall Loughlan       Mulhall Luke

Murphy Andrew         Murphy Christopher   Murphy John

Murphy John  Murphy Laurence       Murphy Michael

Murphy Michael         Neill Arthur    Neill John

Neill Patrick   Neill William Nolan Michael

Nolan Peter     Nowlan Michael         Nowlan Peter

Oakes Samuel O’Carroll Thomas       O’Connor James

O’Neill John    Redmond Michael      Reilly Patrick

Sevan James   Sharp John      Sharp Joseph

Sheehan Thomas        Sheppard James          Sheppard John

Sheppard Thomas       Sheppard Valentine    Sheppard Valentine

Sinnot James  Slater Matthew           Smyth Owen

Stanton James Tallon Garrett Tallon Matthew

Tallon Peter    Toole Michael            Walker Thomas

Whelan Michael         Whelan Thomas         Whelan Thomas


Beakey John   Beakey John   Beakey Lewis

Beakey Patrick           Beakey Patrick           Beakey William

Berrigan Thomas        Boland Peter   Byren William

Byrne Andrew Byrne Andrew P.L.G. Byrne Arthur

Byrne John      Byrne John      Byrne Martin

Byrne Matthew           Byrne Michael            Condren Morgan

D’Arcy John    Deegan Joseph C.C.    Dempsey Edward

Doyle John      Doyle Martin  Dumphy James C.C.

Finlay William           Fitzhenry William H. Fitzsimons William

Gleeson John  Graham Mark Graham Miles

Granall John   Hagen Francis Hall Daniel

Hall George    Hall Job          Hannigan Thomas

Heagan P.        Hudson Richard          Kavanagh Daniel

Kavanagh John           Kavanagh John           Kavanagh Patrick

Kavanagh Patrick       Kearney James           Kearon George Jnr.

Kent George   Long Christopher       Magrath George

Manifold Abraham     McAnanama James    McAnanama Patrick

McAnanana Terrance McDermot Daniel      McDermott Hugh

Mooney John  Murray John   Murray Thomas

Murray Thomas          Newsome John           Newsome John

O’Neill John    Redmond James P.P. Archdeacon of Glendalough

Reynolds James          Rigan Owen    Ruskell George

Sharpe Thomas           Shehan Andrew          Somers Daniel

Stringer William        Walsh Patrick Whelan Michael

Whitmore John


Acton John P.L.G.      Booth Joseph  Booth William

Bradshaw James         Byrne Edward Byrne Garrett

Byrne Laurence          Byrne Matthew           Byrne Patrick

Byrne Terence            Clarkeson John           Cullen Laurence

Cullen William           Farrell P.         Gaskin Patrick P.L.G.

Heatly A. E.    Hender William          Hunter Robert

McCoy Robert            McFay John    McGrath John

Mooney Darby            Nugent Laurence        O’Connell William C.C.

O’Donnell Patrick       Paterson Colin M.      Reilly Patrick

Reilly Thomas            Robinson Thomas       Sherlock Edward

Short Thomas Short William Twis John

Winder William


Ashe Michael Bakey James P.           Barlow Matthew

Blake John      Bogue John     Boland Thomas

Boland Thomas          Bourne James J.          Brady Hugh

Breene Edward           Breene James  Breene Michael

Brennan James           Brien George  Bryan James

Bryan James   Burne Aaron   Butler William

Byrne Francis Byrne James   Byrne James

Byrne John      Byrne John      Byrne John

Byrne John      Byrne John      Byrne John

Byrne John      Byrne John      Byrne John

Byrne John      Byrne Laurence          Byrne Laurence

Byrne Laurence          Byrne Mark    Byrne Matthew

Byrne Matthew           Byrne Matthew           Byrne Michael

Byrne Michael            Byrne Miles    Byrne Owen

Byrne Patrick  Byrne Patrick  Byrne Peter

Byrne Thomas            Byrne Thomas            Byrne Timothy

Cannon John   Cardiff John    Carey Michael

Carey Patrick  Carey Patrick  Carey Patrick

Carr James      Carroll Owen  Chritchley James

Collin Matthew P.P.   Corrigan James           Cruise Marks

Cullen James  Cullen James  Cullen John

Cullen Thomas           Dolden Michael          Donnelly Laurence

Donnelly Michael       Doyle Alexander        Doyle Andrew

Doyle Edward Doyle Garrett  Doyle Garrett

Doyle James   Doyle John      Doyle John

Doyle Matthew           Doyle Michael            Doyle Patrick

Doyle Patrick  Doyle Robert  Doyle Terrence

Doyle Thomas            Doyle Walter  Doyle William

Duffy Michael            Dunne William           Earls John

Farrell Bernard           Farrell Bryan  Fogarty Phillip

Foley Matthew           Fortune Denis Gafney James

Gafney John    Gafney John    Gafney Thomas

Galvin James  Goldan Michael          Hagan James

Hagar Peter     Hall James      Hoben Michael

Hogan William           Holden John    Holden Patrick

Hudson A.C. M.D.      Hume Wm. C. J.P.      Hyland Joseph

Johnson Daniel           Johnson Edward         Johnson John

Johnson Richard P.L.G.          Johnson Samuel          Johnson William

Karney William          Kavanagh George       Kavanagh Owen

Kearney J.P. LRCSI    Kearon Daniel Kearon Francis

Kearon Francis           Kearon John    Kelly James

Kelly James    Kenny James  Kingston Peter

Kinsella James           Kinsella John  Kinsella Patrick

Kirwan D.       Kirwan Denis  Kirwan James

Kirwan M.      Kirwan T.        Kirwan T.

Kirwan Thomas          Kirwan Timothy         Levingston Joseph

Long Thomas  Lynch John     Magher James

Magher William         Mahan James  Malone James

Martin Michael          McCann John  McDonald John

Meagher Andrew        Meagher James           Meagher John

Meagher John Monaghan John          Mooney John

Moore Marks  Morgan James            Mulhall Luke

Mulhall Thomas         Murphy Daniel           Murphy James

Murphy Michael         Murphy Thomas         Neill Charles

Neill Patrick   Norris John C.C.         Nowlan Andrew

O’Neill Francis           O’Neill John    Owhalan Miles

Penrose James            Quinn James   Quinn William

Redmond James         Rielly Miles    Ruskell John

Ryan James     Ryan Michael C.C.     Sadler Thomas

Smyth Edward            Steadman Michael      Sutton Laurence

Sutton Michael           Sweney Patrick           Toole Michael

Tracey James  Tracey James  Tracey Michael

Tracey Peter   Tracey Peter   Tuke George

Tuke John       Tuke Richard  Tutty Michael

Wheatley James         Wheatley Simon         Wolohan James

Wolohan John Wolohan William


Abraham Joseph         Abraham Richard       Barry Thomas

Beahan Myles Behan Thomas            Bergan Daniel I.

Boland John P.P.        Bollard James Bookey John M.D.

Bourke Edward           Bourke Edward PLG  Bourke James

Bourke Michael          Bourke Patrick            Brady Michael

Brady William            Brien Sylvester           Brien William

Bryan Patrick  Bryne James   Byrne Denis

Byrne Dominick         Byrne Edward Byrne Felix

Byrne James   Byrne John      Byrne John

Byrne John      Byrne Laughlin           Byrne Laurence

Byrne Matthew           Byrne Michael            Byrne Michael

Byrne Patrick  Byrne Patrick  Byrne Patrick

Byrne Peter     Byrne Peter     Byrne Richard

Byrne William            Cahill Patrick Cain John

Canavan Denis            Canavan Michael        Cardeff William

Case Richard  Case Thomas  Casey Martin

Clarke Daniel Coffey John    Cogan John

Coleman James H.      Colman Matthew        Condron Michael

Connell John   Connell John   Connell Martin

Connell Peter  Coodey Patrick           Coogan Hugh

Cook James    Cooke James   Cooke John

Cooke John     Cooke Martin Cosgrave Thomas

Coughlin Michael       Cowley John   Cullen James

Cullen James  Cullen James  Cullen James

Cullen Michael           Cullen Patrick Cullen Patrick

Davies Thomas           Davis Michael            Dempsey Anthony

Donegan John Donegan Patrick         Donegan Thomas

Donnelly Patrick        Donohoe Thomas       Doody Martin

Doody Patrrick           Dowdall William        Dowling Richard

Doyle Denis    Doyle Henry   Doyle Hugh

Doyle James   Doyle John      Doyle John

Doyle Joseph  Doyle Laurence          Doyle Lewis

Doyle Lewis   Doyle Luke     Doyle Owen

Doyle Patrick  Doyle Patrick  Doyle Patrick

Doyle Patrick  Doyle Thomas            Doyle Thomas

Doyle William            Duff Andrew   Dunne John

Dunne John     Dunne John     Dunne John

Dunne Patrick Dunne Patrick Dunne Thomas

Dwyer Anthony          Dwyer Patrick Dwyer Patrick

Dwyer William           Farrington Walter       Fenelen Joshua

Finn Patrick    Finn William  Fleming Peter

Flinter Christopher     Flinter Edward            Flood Daniel

Flood Thomas Foley James    Foley John

Fowler Michael          Fox Patrick     Gahan Matthew

Gahan Maurice           Gahan William           Garret Thomas

Gaynor James Germain Phillip          Germaine John jnr.

Germaine John sen.    Germaine Michael      Gorman James

Goshen William         Goslin Peter    Graham John

Hart John        Hatch Patrick  Hayden Denis

Hayden Michael         Hayden Patrick           Hayes Richard

Hector Patrick Hoey Laurence  C.C.  Hoey Michael

Johnson Samuel          Kavanagh Daniel        Kavanagh Thomas

Kavanagh Thomas      Kealy Thomas Keegan Patrick

Keely Martin  Kehoe Andrew            Kehoe Peter

Kehoe Thomas            Kehow Patrick PLG    Kelly Denis

Kelly Dennis   Kelly John      Kelly John

Kelly Patrick  Kelly Patrick  Kelly Richard

Kelly William Kelly William Kenny John

Kenny Stephen           Kenny Thomas           Keogh John

Keogh Michael           Kinsella Matthew       Lalor Michael

Lawler Christopher    Lawler James  Lee Thomas

Lee Thomas    Lennon John   Lennon Michael

Lennon Michael         Lennon William         Loughlin Andrew

Loughlin Daniel         Loughlin James          Lynch John

Lynch Michael           Mackey Daniel           Maher James

Maher Michael           McDonald Anthony    McDonald Francis

McDonald Michael    McDonald Michael    McDonnell Denis

McLoughlin William Melia Edward Mildarry Patrick

Miley Luke     Miley Roderick          Mont Peter

Moore James  Moore Patrick Moran Christopher

Moran John     Moran Michael           Mulhall Loughlin

Mullin Thomas           Murphy James            Murphy John

Murphy Matthew        Neill James     Neill Joseph

Neill Patrick   Neill Patrick   Neill Patrick

Neill Patrick   Neill Patrick   Neill Phelim

Nichol John    Nicholson John           Nolan Andrew

Nolan Charles Nolan James   Nolan Joseph

Nolan Peter     Nowlan John   Nowlan Patrick

O’Connor Andrew       O’Hara James  O’Neill Edward

O’Neill John    O’Shea Denis  Patton James

O’Neill William          Reid Thomas  Reilly Patrick

Pendergast Thomas    Rickerby Thomas       Roach Philip

Reilly Patrick Roe John         Rowe Charles

Ryder James   Slator Christopher      Slator Edward

Stafford Thomas         Styles William           Tallon Thomas

Toole James    Toole James    Toole Thomas

Tutty Thomas Volan James   Wall Alexander

Wall Pierce     Walsh Patrick Waters James

Whelan James Whelan John   Whelan John

Whelan John   Whelan Michael         Whelan Owen

Whelan Valentine


Doyle J.F. C.C.           Doyle Patrick


Brien James    Browne Henry Bryan James

Byrne John      Byrne Matthew           Byrne Peter

Cogan John     Donohoe Denis           Doyle John

Doyle Patrick  Doyle Thomas            Doyle Thomas

Farrell Thomas           Griffin John    Hayden John

Kavanagh Thomas      Kay Michael   Kehoe Denis

Kelly John      Lawler Daniel P.P.     McCarthy Hugh C.C.

McDonnell Denis       McDonnell Patrick C.C.         Roache John

Rowe Charles Williams Thomas


Arthur Peter    Bourke Andrew          Brien Joseph

Bryan Michael            Byrne Charles Byrne Edward

Byrne John      Byrne John      Byrne Loughlin

Byrne Nicholas           Byrne Terence            Byrne William

Canaway Thomas       Cullen Laurence         Daly Hugh P.P.

Delahunt David          Delahunt Michael       Doyle Martin

Fogarty Michael         Fyson Denis    Goodman David

Kavanagh Peter          Kavanagh Thomas      Kelly Charles

Kelly William McDaniel Alexander  McDonald Patrick

Moloney Michael D. C,C.      Penrose Michael         Redmond Michael

Waldson John


Bourke James Bourke Patrick


Copeland John            Dowling Matthew       Ennis Henry

Fallon John     Fay James       Harrington John

Heally Michael           Kelly Martin   Magrath John

Metcalfe Henry          Nolan Stephen            O’Reilly T.N. C.C.

Sheridan James C.C.  Whittle James P.P.


Behan William           Byrne James   Byrne John

Byrne Lewis   Byrne Maurice            Byrne Michael

Byrne Peter     Byrne Thomas            Davis Charles

Denis Byrne    Doyle Andrew Doyle Patrick

Doyle Patrick  Doyle Thomas            Farrel Patrick

Keenan Matthew        Lawler James  Lawler Patrick

Maher Denis   Mernagh James          Patrick Keely PLG

Pluck Laurence           Rowan Edward C.C.   Storey Michael


Alford William           Blake William            Byrne John

Byrne Patrick  Cullen John     Dunne John

Evans Arris     Heath Robert PLG      Lewis Henry

Manly George Moran Charles            O’Neill Arthur

Prestage George         Prestage John  Steadman Samuel

Stringer Richard         Stringer Robert           Tutty William

Wolohan James


Byrne Jas. Newcastle Cassell John    Corbett W J.

Maguire William        Seagrave Peter P.P.


Anderson T C.C.         Byrne John      Byrne Thomas

Taylor James R. M.D.


Bourke Sylvester        Costello John  Cullen Patrick

Fogarty Owen PLG     Gaffney James            Gafney James

Halpin Alexander       Kavanagh John           Kavanagh Thomas

Murphy Daniel           Murphy Denis


Byrne John      Byrne Laurence          Byrne William

Connor Michael          Day Edward    Doyle William

Edge Samuel   Fleming James PLG   Kean James

Kean John       Kean Thomas  Keely John

Kennedy John Lynch Thomas C.C.    McGuirk Patrick

Mitten James  Moran Edward            Murphy Francis H.

Murphy John  Murphy N G.  Murphy Patrick

Murphy PLG   Murphy Thomas         Murphy William

O’Connel W.   Plunkett P.


Barry Thomas Behan John     Birthistle Thomas

Bourke Sylvester PLG            Bourke Thomas          Bourne James

Boyd Campbell           Brennan James           Byrne Andrew

Byrne Daniel  Byrne Darby   Byrne Denis

Byrne Edward Byrne Garret   Byrne Gregory

Byrne James   Byrne James   Byrne James

Byrne John      Byrne John      Byrne John

Byrne Laurence          Byrne Laurence          Byrne Martin

Byrne Michael            Byrne Michael            Byrne Michael

Byrne Michael            Byrne Michael snr.     Byrne Patrick

Byrne Patrick  Byrne Patrick  Byrne Patrick

Byrne Patrick  Byrne Patrick  Byrne Phillip

Byrne Phillip  Byrne Richard Byrne Thomas

Byrne Thomas            Byrne William            Carroll George

Carroll John    Clare Michael Clare Thomas

Clare Thomas Cleary Thomas           Clinch Andrew

Comerford J.   Condell William         Coogan Patrick

Cowley John   Cross Henry    Cullen Christopher

Cullen John     Dalton John    Darcy Christopher

Darcy Christopher      Darcy James   Darcy John

Domers Daniel           Donelly Peter  Donnelly Hugh

Doran William           Doyle Denis C. C        Doyle Patrick

Doyle Richard Doyle Terence            Dunne Michael

Dunne Patrick Farrell James  Farrell Michael

Farside Daniel            Fegan Jeremiah          Flanagan Patrick

Fleming John  Fleming Peter Fogarthy Owen

Freaney Andrew         Freegan James            Gilbert Joseph

Gilbert William DVC Rathdrum Board of Guardians           Githens Thomas

Gorman Thomas         Gorttane Patrick         Goslin William

Gosling Thomas         Grant Richard Griffin William

Guilfoyle William      Halpin Alexander       Halpin William

Hayden John   Hayden Michael         Hayden Patrick

Hill William   Jordan Simon  Just James

Kavanagh ******       Kavanagh Andrew      Kavanagh Charles

Kavanagh Denis         Kavanagh James         Kavanagh John

Kavanagh John           Kavanagh Patrick       Kavanagh Thomas

Kearney Bernard        Keating Patrick           Kelly James

Kelly Michael Kennedy John Kennedy Joseph

Kennedy Michael       Keogh Peter    Kinsella Edward

Kinsella Michael        Kirwan Daniel            Lennon John

Lennon Patrick           Leonard John  Loughlin James

Loughlin John Mallack James            McDonald Andrew

McDonald Edward     McDonald John          McDonald John

McDonald Michael    Merrigan Andrew       Morris William

Mulhall Denis Mulhall Patrick          Mulhall Richard

Mulhall Thomas         Mulhall Timothy        Murphy Edward

Murphy George          Murphy James            Murphy Michael

Murphy Simon           Murphy William        Neil John

Neil Patrick    Neill John       Neille Patrick

Nolan James   O’Brien Denis O’Hara Patrick

O’Neile Daniel            O’Neill John    O’Neill John P.G.

O’Neill Michael          O’Neill Owen  O’Reilly John

O’Reilly Timothy       O’Toole Jeremiah       Pasley John

Phelan James  Pierce John     Plant Thomas

Plunkett Michael        Plunkett Michael        Reilly Michael

Roark John      Rogan James   Rogers John W. M.D.

Rowen Thomas           Ryan Patrick   Sheil Thomas

Sinnott James Stafford Michael        Stafford Thomas

Stafford William        Styles Edward Sullivan Michael

Synnott Walter P.P.    Taylor Robert Timmins Edward

Tompkin James          Toole John      Toole John

Toole Luke     Toole Michael            Tyrrell Laurence

Wellwood John           Wheler John   Woodbourne William


Beer Robert    Byrne M Green Tree  Carr Joseph

Carr William  Chapman Joseph         Collins John

Collins Joseph T.C.    Delahunt Sylvester     Devlin Michael

Doig William Doolittle Thomas T.C.           Doyle James

Doyle John      Doyle Myles   Fitzgerald Joseph

Flanagan James          Gregory Thomas         Hopkins Henry

Hopkins John Perrin   Kavanagh Denis         Kelly Peter

Kennedy J.      Keogh Andrew (Bray)            Manley Charles

McCabe Michael T.C.            McDonald Matthew   McGuirk Patrick

McPhail Henry T.C.   McPhail William T.C.            Nolan John Ch.

Oakes John T.C.         O’Brien John   O’Doherty P.P.

O’Sullivan C.C.           Parker John     Redmond J

Rochford J.     Rooney Michael         Saunders William

Shean Richard Smith J. D. T.C.          Smyth Thomas T.C.

Travers J. A. T.C.       Troy Thomas T.C.


Map of Bray-thestewartsinifreland.ie

Map of Bray County Wicklow

Number Prefixed to each name on the Register

Surname & Christian Name of each Person on the Register

Place of Abode           Nature of Qualifications

Amount of Qualification or Rating

Town land or other denominations, Street, Lane, or other like place in this Registration Unit, and number of houses (if any), where the property is situated, or the name of the property and the name of the Tenant (if any) or if this Qualification consists of a rent-charge, the names of the owners of the property out of which such rent-charge issues, or one of them, and the situation of the property

 £    s.

No number No Name 4 Seapoint Terrace Lodger £1 per week board & lodgings  4 Seapoint Terrace, furnished James Sweeney

No name 4 Church Terrace, Bray inhbt h’holder  4 Church Terrace Bray, house and part of yard

No number  No Name Forthlands, Meath Road, Bray rated occupier 28  0            Forthlands Meath Road Bray,

01 Alexander, William 25 Upper Merrion Street, Dublin rent charge 21   0 Lands of Brokage and Derrybawn

02  Archer, James Mayville, Strand Road, Bray inhbt h’holder  Maryville, Strand Road Bray, house & small garden

3  Archer, John   96 Strand Road inhbt h’holder House, 96 Strand Road

04  Archer, George Bray railway station premises inhbt h’holder  Bray railway station premises, Bray dwellinghouse

05 Allen, Thomas  16 Main Street Bray   Rated occupier 32  0 16 Main Street Bray, house, offices, and yard jointly with Patrick Allen

06  Allen, Patrick 16 Main Street Bray   Rated occupier 32  0   16 Main Street Bray, house, offices, and yard jointly with Thomas Allen

07 Allen, Thomas 25 Vevay Road inhbt h’holder   25 Vevay Road, house

08 Allen, Henry  35 Main Street, Bray  rated occupier 20  0  Windsor Tce., 35 Main Street Bray, house, office, and small garden

09 Allen, Thomas T. 3 Royal Marine tce.,  rated occupier 65  0  3 Royal Marine tce., Bray, house and pleasure garden

10 Andrews, Alfred 2 Loretto Villas, Bray  rated occupier 20  0   2, Loretto Villas Bray house and premises

11 Bannister, Richard Woodbine inhabitant house holder Woodbine, (rere of Bayview Terrace) house & yard

11 Biggar, Col., D. F. Killarney House part missing Killarney House Killarney Road, gate lodge & Land

12 Bishop, John 16 Kevin’s Square inhabitant house holder 16 Kevin’s Square, house

12 Baynton, Harry J 7 Galtrim Road rated occupier 28 0 7 Galtrim Road House, yard & small garden

13 Bateman, Patrick Strand Road rated occupier 13 0 Strand Road Bray, house & garden

13 Boyd, William 44 Newtown-Vevay inhabitant house holder 44 Newtown-Vevay, house

14 Brady, Thomas Rockbrea, Vevay Road, Bray inhabitant house holder Gate lodge, Rockbrae, Vevay Road, previously No 2 Lauderdale terrace Newtown Vevay Bray

14 Battley D’Oyly  Belvedere Hall, Bray, Co Wicklow freehold  £400 a year  The, houses, messuages & premises known as Novara & part of the Keightley’s holdings situated at Bray Co Wicklow, known as part of Novara Avenue Novara Road, Loretto Terrace, 1 & 2 Fortview, Alexander Terrace

15 Bruce Robert Crowbank, Herbert Road, Bray  lodger  No rent by agreement Crowbank Herbert Road Bray, front room 1st floor furnished – Dorcas Bruce

15 Bailey, Ernest A 14 Brennan’s Parade Lodger 14 Brennan’s Parade Bray, top front bedroom furnished – Fred Notley

16 Butler, John  Rockbrea, Vevay Road, Bray inhabitant house holder  House in yard of Terence McCullagh Rockbrea, Vevay Road Bray

16 Barlow, Maurice Marlborough House rated occupier 20 0 Marlborough House, house & small yard

17 Burke, Marks Patchwork, Bray inhabitant house holder Patchwork Killarney Road Bray, house

17 Barnett, Thomas 2 Duncairn Parade, Bray rated occupier 20 0 2 Duncairn Parade, house & premises

18 Byrne, James 2 Aberdeen Tce., Bray inhabitant house holder Urban Council Cottages 2 Aberdeen Terrace, house

19 Byrne, Martin 14 Aberdeen Tce., inhabitant house holder 14 Aberdeen Terrace, house & yard

20 Brownell, Thomas Church Road, Bray inhabitant house holder Church Road Bray, gate lodge

21 Byrne, Edward 5 Kilmantin Place inhabitant house holder 5 Kilmantin Place, house & small yard

22 Bradshaw, William 5 Vevay Road, Bray   rated occupier 15 0 Erin cottage, 5 Vevay Road Bray, house & garden

23 Burnett, George 20d Herbert Road, Bray rated occupier 25 0 20d Herbert Road Bray, house & premises no number No name rated occupier 32  0 32 Duncairn Avenue Bray, house & small yard

40 Brew, Fred 9 Prince of Wales Tce., Lodger £40 yearly 9 Prince of Wales Tce., Bray, bedroom & use of sitting room, furnished Hugh B. Brew

41 Brew, Dr Cecil 11 Golfsmith Tce., rated occupier 52   0 11 Goldsmith Tce., House & small garden

42 Brien, John 10 Florence Road, Bray rated occupier 14 0 10 Florence Road

43 Brew-Mulhallen, Viv, Kingsmill Square rated occupier 36 0 Kingsmill Square Bray, house & garden

44 Byrne, John  Novara Cottage, Sidmonton Ave., Bray inhabitant house holder  Novara Cottage, Sidmonton Ave., Bray

45 Bryan, Alfred S. Hollyrood, Strand  Road, Bray Lodger No rent by agreement Hollyrood Strand  Road Bray, top back bedroom furnished-Ellen Bryan

46 Bryan, Patrick (jnr)  Hollyrood, Strand Road, Bray Lodger No rent by agreement Hollyrood Strand Road Bray, top back bedroom furnished-Ellen Bryan

47 Bryan, Thomas Newcourt Bray inhabitant house holder Newcourt Bray, house

48 Browne, Samuel Sidmonton Lodge rated occupier 45 0 Sidmonton Lodge, Novara Ave., house, offices & garden

49 Byrne, Andrew Quinsboro Road rated occupier 14 0 Quinsboro Road, house & shop

50 Byrne, Patrick 9 Vevay Road, Bray inhabitant house holder 9 Vevay Road Bray, house

51 Byrne, Myles 16j Quinsboro Road, Bray inhabitant house holder 16j Quinsboro Road Bray, shop & 3 rooms

52 Byrne, John 5 Dock Terrace inhabitant house holder 5 Dock Terrace, house & yard

53 Doyle, Patrick 4 St Kevin’s Square, Bray inhabitant house holder Urban Council Cottages, 4 St Kevin’s Square, house & yard

53 Bookey, Richard Aravon House, Bray rated occupier 80 0 Aravon House Meath Road Bray, house, schoolhouse & land

54 Doyle Denis Newtown-Vevay inhabitant house holder Village of Newtown-Vevay, house

54 Byrne, James 2 Hudson’s Terrace inhabitant house holder 2 Hudson’s Terrace, house & yard

55 Bolger, Richard J 18 Main Street rated occupier 28 0 18 Main Street, house

55 Doyle, Michael 63 Main Street inhabitant house holder 63 Main Street, Bray, house, office & yard

56 Doyle, Patrick 3 Purcell Sq South inhabitant house holder 3 Purcell Sq South, Bray, 1 room

56 Barrett, Frederick Marimount ho, Bray rated occupier 48 0 Marimount ho, Strand Road, Bray, house, offices & yard

57 Dixon, John 10 St Kevin’s Sq Sth inhabitant house holder 10 St Kevin’s Sq Sth Urban Council Cottage, house & yard

57 Beatty, Thomas 6 Novara Terrace, Bray rated occupier 40 0 6 Novara Terrace Novara Avenue Bray, house & small garden

58 Daly, Patrick13 St Kevin’s Sq, Bray inhabitant house holder 13 St Kevin’s Sq Bray, house

58 Byrne, Patrick J 10 Quinsboro Road, Bray lodger  £20 yearly 10 Quinsboro Road Bray, front room, 2nd floor, furnished, Mrs. Jane Byrne

59 Dawson, Henry 4 Aberdeen Tce., Bray inhabitant house holder 4 Aberdeen Tce., Bray, house

59 Bethell, Frank Marine Station Hotel rated occupier 140 0 Marine Station Hotel, Bray, house, offices & small garden

60 Elvery, John H Inniskeel, Kind Edward Road, Bray Rated occupier 60  0 Inniskeel Kind Edward Road Bray, house & prfemises

60 Byrne, Matthew C 48 Main Street, Bray lodger No rent by agreement 48 Main Street Bray, front room, 1st floor furnished, Matthew O’Byrne

61 English, James  Glen Lucan, Killarney, Bray inhabitant house holder Gate Lodge, Glen Lucan, Killarney Road Bray, previously 3 Hall’s Court Bray no number no name page torn 19 St Kevin’s Sq inhabitant house holder 19 St Kevin’s Sq Bray, house & yard no number no name page torn  rated occupier 45 0 Esplenade Tce., Bray, house & yard

61 Boyd, Walter Ravenna rated occupier 45 0 Ravenna Lorettto Avenue, house, offices & yard

62 Boland, Henry P 2 Wyndham Park rated occupier 31 0 2 Wyndham Park House & small garden

63 Booth, Michael 2 Brennan’s Parade, Bray Lodger 14s per week board & lodgings 2 Brennan’s Parade Bray, back bedroom & 2nd floor furnished, Mrs Elizabeth Archer

64 Carroll, John   8 St Aiden’s Tce., rated occupier 15 0 8 St Aiden’s Tce., House, office & yard

87 Cunningham, Michael 28 Main Street, Bray Lodger No rent by agreement 28 Main Street, Bray, back room, 1st floor furnished, Peter Cunningham

88 Cuthbert, Richard St Aiden’s Tce., Bray  leasehold 20  0  Duncairn Avenue Bray, 2 house

89 Cunningham, John W 28 Main Street, Bray  Lodger 18s per week board & lodgings 28 Main Street, Bray, back bedroom, No 3 1st floor furnished, Peter Cunningham

90  Condron, Philip  Castle Street, Bray, Co Dublin leasehold 20 0 3 houses Seapoint Villas, Seymore Road, Bray, Val. £18 each & 4 houses Seymore Villas, Seapoint Road, val. £10 each

91 Cranley, Patrick Esplanade Villas, Strand Road, Bray Lodger No rent by agreement  Esplanade Villas Strand Road Bray, bedroom ground floor, furnished, Alice Cranley

91 Kelly, Rev, Joseph Presbytery, Herbert Road, Bray rated occupier page torn Presbytery, Herbert Road, house

92 Crone, Bartholomew Coastguard Station, Putland Road, Bray inhabitant house holder Coastguard Station, Putland Road Bray, seperate room

92 Keogh, George Glen Court Bray leasehold 10 0 Glen Court

93 Kelly, Michael 1 Sugarloaf Tce., village of Newtown-Vevay rated occupier 21 0 1 Sugarloaf Terrace village of Newtown-Vevay, house, yard & garden

93 Cleary, Patrick 5 Railway Tce., Strand Road, Bray Lodger 12s per week board & lodgings 5 Railway Tce., Strand Road Bray, front bedroom 1 st floor, furnished, Mrs Margaret Cleary

94 Corcoran, Henry 3 Pierce’s Cottages Main Street inhabitant house holder 3 Pierce’s Cottages Main Street, house

94 Leekey, Joseph Carrig Brae rated occupier 65 0 Carrig Brea, 6 Vevay Road, house, offices & Land

95 Lee, James W Village of Newtown-Vevay inhabitant house holder Village of Newtown-Vevay, Oldcourt, Bray, house

95 Cordner, John 6 Quinsboro Ter., Bray leasehold 15 0 6 Quinsboro Ter., Bray, house & premises

96 Lee, Samuel Albert Cottage Newtown-Vevay Bray Lodger No rent by agreement Albert Cottage Newtown-Vevay Bray, bedroom, ground floor, furnished-James H Lee

96 Connor, John 38 Main Street inhabitant house holder 38 Main Street, house & yard

97 Carolan, Patrick 8 Vevay Road inhabitant house holder  8 Vevay Road, house & yard

97 Ledwidge, Denis 58 Main Street, Bray  Lodger No rent by agreement 58 Main Street Bray, front room, 1st floor furnished, Peter Ledwidge

98 Collins, William Woodbine inhabitant house holder Woodbine, (rere of Bayview Terrace) house & yard in common

98 Ledwidge, Peter Garfield House, Killarney Road rated occupier 14 0 Garfield House Killarney Road, Bray, house

99 Cunningham, Thos. Caretaker’s House Parochial Hall, Bray inhabitant house holder Caretaker’s House Parochial Hall Bray

99 Ledwidge, William 67 Main Street, Bray Lodger No rent by agreement 67 Main Street Bray, back room, 1st floor furnished-Miss Kathleen Ledwidge

100 Coffey, Thomas J 2 Athol Ter., Quinsboro Rd Bray Lodger £20 yearly 2 Athol Ter., Quinsboro Rd Bray,  bedroom top floor furnished, John Coffey

100 Ledwidge, Peter 58 & 59 Main Street, Bray rated occupier 10 10   58 & 59 Main Street Bray, house, office & yard

101 Crowe, John Emerson 3 Milward Tce., Meath Road, east side rated occupier 35 0 3 Milward Tce., Meath Road, east side, house , office & small garden

101 Le Fanu, Victor C Village of Newtown-Vevay  rated occupier 14 0 Village of Newtown-Vevay, Oldcourt, Bray, estate office

102 Crowe, John Emerson 3 Milward Tce., Meath Road, east side inhabitant house holder 3 Milward Tce., Meath Road, east side, house , office & small garden

103 Darby-Dowman, Audrey 5 Brennan’s Tce, Bray Lodger No rent by agreement 5 Brennan’s Tce, Bray, top front bedroom furnished – H Darby-Dowman

104 Darby-Dowman, Harry E 5 Brennan’s Tce, Bray Lodger No rent by agreement 5 Brennan’s Tce, Bray, back bedroom 1st floor furnished – H Darby-Dowman

105 Daceus, William Rahara, Sidmonton Road, Bray rated occupier 47 Rahara, Sidmonton Road Bray, house & premises

106 Davis, Robert H 1 Marlborough Terrace, Bray rated occupier 48 0 1 Marlborough Terrace Bray, house & yard

107 Davidson, Hugh 6 Wyndmham Park Road, Bray rated occupier 30 0 6 Wyndmham Park Road Bray, house & premises

130 Doyle, Emanuel Hudson’s Tce., Bray  inhabitant house holder  Hudson’s Tce., Bray, house

131 McCullagh, Torrens F Rockbrea, Vevay Road, Bray rated occupier 100 0 Rockbrea, Vevay Road Bray, house, office & Lands

131 Doyle, James 11 Loretto Place inhabitant house holder 11 Loretto Place

132 Doyle, Denis 23 Quinsboro Road, Bray lodger No rent by agreement 23 Quinsboro Road Bray, front room, 2nd floor, furnished, Patrick Doyle

132 Mc’Donnell, Alexander 84 Main Street, Bray rated occupier 18 0 84 Main Street Bray

133 McDonavgh, Chas, W  Ennismore, King Edward Road rated occupier 5310 Ennismore King Edward Road, house & Land

133 Doyle, Michael 11 Loretto Avenue inhabitant house holder 11 Loretto Avenue Novara Avenue Bray, house

134 Doyle, Michael Bray Court House, Bray inhabitant house holder Bray Court House Bray, caretaker

134  McFarLand , Wm H 90a Main Street, Bray lodger  No rent by agreement 90a Main Street Bray, back room, 1st floor, furnished – Wm. H McFarLand

135 McGurk, Rev. John 4, Herbert Road, Bray jointly rated occupier 55 0 Presbytery, 4 Herbert Road, jointly with Rev. Father O’Loughlin, Presbytery & yard

135 Doyle, Patrick 6 Westbourne Tce., Quinsboro Road rated occupier 26 0 6 Westbourne Tce Quinsboro Road, house & yard

136Doyle, James Brennan’s Parade rated occupier 10 0 Brennan’s Parade, Bray, house & yard

136 McFarLand, Andrew 90a Main Street, Bray jointly rated occupier 60 0 90a Main Street Bray, house & yard, jointly with W H McFarLand

137 McNulty, Michael Village of Newtown-Vevay inhabitant house holder Village of Newtown-Vevay, Oldcourt, house of Earl of Meath

137 Doyle, Martin 13 Brennan’s Parade rated occupier 10 0 13 Brennan’s Parade, house & yard

138 McNulty, Charles W Bray Head Tce., Newtown-Vevay, Bray lodger No rent by agreement Bray Head Tce., Newtown-Vevay Bray bedroom & use of sitting room furnished – Michael McNulty

138 Doyle, Bernard H 2 Quinsboro Road rated occupier 36 0 2 Quinsboro Road, house, offices & yard

139 McNamara, John 11 St Kevin’s Square, Bray inhabitant house holder 11 St Kevin’s Square Bray, Urban Council Cottages

139 Dunlop, Charles J 3 Wyndham Park Road rated occupier 31 0 3 Wyndham Park Road, house & premises

140 Mumby, Wilfrid Glaragh, Vevay Road, Bray rated occupier 25 0 Glaragh, Vevay Road Bray, house & premises, previously Carriholly, La Touche’s Road Greystones

140 Dunlop, Charles J 3 Wyndham Park Road  lodger  £25 yearly for rooms only 3 Wyndham Park Road, 2 back rooms furnished, Charles J Dunlop

141 Murphy, Michael Village of Newtown-Vevay inhabitant house holder Village of Newtown-Vevay, house, offices & yard

141 Daniels, Thomas H 7 Goldsmith Ter., Bray rated occupier 45 0 7 Goldsmith Ter., Bray, house & small garden

142 Eccles, Col. Francis 3 Fitzwilliam Tce., Bray rated occupier 60 0 3 Fitzwilliam Tce., Strand Road  Bray, house

143 Edmondson, Geo. B 3 Marlborough Terrace rated occupier 26 0 3 Marlborough Terrace, house & yard

144 Edwards, James 1 Quinsboro Road rated occupier 40 0 1 Quinsboro Road, house jointly rated with Frederick C Frye

145 Eldridge, Frank 5 Claremont Tce., Bray rated occupier 25 0 5 Claremont Tce., Meath Road Bray, house & premises

146 Everard, Christopher  6 Seapoint Villas 6 Seapoint Villas

147 Fanning, Andrew  Florence Villas, Florence Road, Bray lodger  £1 per week board & lodgings Florence Villas Florence Road Bray, backroom 2nd floor furnished – Mrs Jane Fanning

148 Fanning, John Florence Villas, Florence, Road Bray lodger £1 per week board & lodgings Florence Villas Florence Road Bray,  backroom 1st floor furnished – Mrs Jane Fanning

149 Fitzgerald, Edward 2 Trafalgar Terrace, Meath Road, Bray lodger  £3 per month  2 Trafalgar Terrace, Meath Road Bray, front & back parlour, furnished, M J Hunter

150 Fagan, Joseph Dock Terrace, Bray inhabitant house holder Dock Terrace, Bray, house

151 Farrell, Patrick 16a Seapoint Road inhabitant house holder 16a Seapoint Road, house (under No 16)

152 Findlater, Adam S 17 Main Street, Bray rated occupier 30 0 17 Main Street Bray, house & yard

163 Quinlan, John Carrig Brea, Vevay Road inhabitant house holder Carrig Brea Vevay Road

164 Quinn, Denis 21 Village of Newtown-Vevay inhabitant house holder 21 Village of Newtown-Vevay

165 Raverty, Dr Henry J 3 Herbert Road, Bray lodger No rent by agreement 3 Herbert Road Bray

166 Richardson, John 1 Pembroke Cottages, Bray inhabitant house holder 1 Pembroke Cottages Bray

167 Read, Edward R 3 Mill Lane, Bray rated occupier 218 0 3 Mill Lane Bray

168 Read, Joseph  “Patchwork”, Killarney Road, Bray  inhabitant house holder  “Patchwork” Killarney Road Bray

169 Redmond, Charles Gatehouse Lodge, Ardbrea Bray, inhabitant house holder Gatehouse Lodge Ardbrea Bray, house

170 Richardson, Robert  4 Permbroke Cottages, Bray lodger No rent by agreement 4 Permbroke Cottages Bray, top back bedroom & sitting room furnished, – Richardson

171 Glen, Rev. H Patterson Quinsboro Road Rated occupier 30 0 Quinsboro Road Bray, house & yard

172 Good, Walter Ernest   Aurora Cottage, Putland Road Rated occupier 26 0 Aurora Cottage, Putland Road, house & yard

173 Gorman, Thomas, Rev. Canon St Cronan’s, Bray Rated occupier 42 0 St Cronan’s Bray, house & Land

174 Griffin, John Edward 23 Main Street Rated occupier 30 0 23 Main Street, house, shop, office & yard

175 Griffin, Henry “Bayview” Meath Road, Bray inhabitant house holder “Bayview” Meath Road Bray, caretakers apartment

176 Goodbody, George R  Donore, Sidmonton Road, Bray Lodger £39 yearly Donore, Sidmonton Road Bray,4 rooms 2 on ground floor, 2 on 1st floor, furnished, Maria L. Bewley

177 Graydon, Laurence 12a Seapoint Road, Bray inhabitant house holder 12a Seapoint Road Bray, previously house rere Shanakill View Bray

178 Grennan, John Joseph 3 Alexander Tce., Bray Rated occupier 23 0 3 Alexander Tce., Novara Road Bray, house, offices & yard

179 Greene, Michael P 5 Prince of Wales Tce., Rated occupier 53 0 5 Prince of Wales Tce., Bray, house & small garden

180 Greenhorne, Hugh 1 Galtrim Road Rated occupier 34 0 1 Galtrim Road, house, yard & small garden

181 Grant, George Fox Hilton (Co. Tipp), Callan, Co Kilkenny freehold 20 0 House, offices & Land , in the town of Bray, as follows:- Premises held by Reps. Of Richard Mulliford, rent paid by Robert Smyth, previously held by Reps. Richard Doyle, rent paid by Very Rev. Dean lee; premises held by Reps. John Donnellan, rent paid by Very Rev. Dean Humphreys

182 Griffin, Robert 6 Quinsboro Road, Bray Rated occupier 50 0 6 Goldsmith’s Tce., Quinsboro Road Bray, house & premises

183 Healy, James  Hill View, Meath Road, Bray Lodger No rent by agreement Hill View Meath Road Bray, back bedroon 2nd floor, furnished – Miss J Healy

184 Hanbury, Hugh 6 Brennan’s Tce., Bray inhabitant house holder 6 Brennan’s Tce., Bray, house & yard

185 Hancock, Frek. M 2 Meath Road, East side Rated occupier 22 10 2 Meath Road East side, house & small garden

186 Howell, James 11 Woodbine inhabitant house holder 11 Woodbine, house & yard

187 HyLand, George  12 Dock Terrace inhabitant house holder 12 Dock Terrace, house & yard

188 Hanson, Fredk. M.D. 4 Prince of Wales Tce., Bray inhabitant house holder 4 Prince of Wales Tce., Bray

189 Hamilton, William 1 Waverley Tce., Bray Lodger No rent by agreement 1 Waverley Tce., Meath Road Bray, front bedroom & use of sitting room, furnished, Mary Hamilton

198 Waldron, Patrick 88 Main Street, Bray  Lodger No rent by agreement 88 Main Street Bray, middle backroom, 2nd floor furnished-Wm Waldron

199 Walker, Richard Pembroke Cottage, Bray Lodger 14s weekly board & lodgings Pembroke Cottage Bray, back bedroom, ground floor, furnished-John Walker

200 White, Michael 2b Mill Lane inhabitant house holder 2b Mill Lane, house & small yard

201 White, William 4 Church Terrace, Bray Lodger 12s weekly board & lodgings 4 Church Terrace Bray, bedroom 1st floor furnished, Mrs Kathleen McLoughlin

202 Walker, John Pembroke Cottage, Bray inhabitant house holder Pembroke Cottage Killarney Road, Bray, house

203 Whiston, James Village of Newtown-Vevay inhabitant house holder Village of Newtown-Vevay, Oldcourt, house & garden

204 Whiston, Thomas 11 Aberdeen Ter., Bray inhabitant house holder 11 Aberdeen Ter., Bray, Urban Council Cottage, house

205 Waldron, William 88 Main Street, Bray rated occupier 12 0 88 Main Street Bray, house & yard

206 Waldron, Thomas 88 Main Street, Bray  Lodger No rent by agreement 88 Main Street Bray, front room, 2nd floor furnished-Wm. Waldron

207 Wolfe, James Clare Cot., Herbert Road, Bray rated occupier 154 0 Clare Cot., Herbert Road Bray, house & yard

208 Woodroofe, John Killarney Hill, Killarney Road inhabitant house holder Killarney Hill, Killarney Road, house, gate lodge, offices & Land

212 Humprheys, Robert 91 Strand Road inhabitant house holder 91 Strand Road, house

213 Hutcheson, Herbert W. 10 Brennan’s Tce., rated occupier 38 010 Brennan’s Tce., house & yard

214 Ivory, Thomas Woodbine inhabitant house holder Woodbine, rere of Bayview Ter., cottage

215 Jemeson, Morgan C. Pen-y-bryn rated occupier 37 0 Pen-y-bryn, Novara Road, house

216 Jacob, Frederick “Laxton” rated occupier 55 0 “Laxton” Novara Avenue, south side Bray, house, office & garden

217 John, Samuel P Norman, house rated occupier 47 0 Norman, house, 3 Oakland  Terrace, house & garden (jointly with Mary Jane John

218 Johnson, Henry 1 Belgrave Villas, Bray rated occupier 34 0 1 Belgrave Villas Meath Road Bray, house, office  & small garden

219 Johnson, Henry Jas. 2 Belgrave Villas, Bray Lodger No rent by agreement 2 Belgrave Villas Meath Road Bray,  top back bedroom, furnished-Henry Johnson

220 Johnson, Albany R. 2 Florence Road, south side rated occupier 1010 2 Florence Road south side, Bray, house & yard

220 Carton, Margaret 44 Village of Newtown-Vevay inhabitant house holder 44 Village of Newtown-Vevay, house

221 Campbell, Elizabeth Eden View, Church Terrace inhabitant house holder Eden View, Church Terrace, house & small yard

221 Johnson, James 2 Loretto Place, Bray rated occupier 23 0 2 Loretto place Bray, house & premises

222 Kavanagh, Henry James 1 Charlton Tce, Novara Avenue rated occupier 24 0 1 Charlton Tce, Novara Avenue, Bray

222 Casserly, Kate Newtown-Vevay rated occupier 14 0 2 Oldcourt Terrace Bray, house & garden

223 Kavanagh, Andrew 16e Quinsboro Rd, Bray inhabitant house holder 16e Quinsboro Rd, Bray, gate lodge to Galtrim House

223 Collins, Kate Village of Newtown-Vevay inhabitant house holder Village of Newtown-Vevay, house

224 Keane, Timothy J Ismay, Kingsmill Sq. rated occupier18  0 Ismay, Kingsmill Sq. House, office & garden

224 Donohoe, Sarah 101 Main Street, Bray Lodger No rent by agreement 101 Main Street Bray back room 2nd floor, furnished, James Carberry

225 Dempsey, Mary Bridget Dispensary House, Herbert Road, Bray Lodger No rent by agreement Dispensary House Herbert Road Bray, back bedroom, 2nd floor furnished-Patrick Dempsey

225 Keatinge, William 9 Fitzwilliam Tce., Bray rated occupier 48 0 9 Fitzwilliam Tce., Bray, house & premises

226 Dempsey, Ellen Village of Newtown-Vevay, Bray inhabitant house holder Village of Newtown-Vevay, Oldcourt Bray, house

226 Keddy, Patrick 7a Newcourt inhabitant house holder 7a Newcourt, house

227 Keenan, Laurence 5 St Aiden’s Terrace, Duncairn Avenue Lodger No rent by agreement 5 St Aiden’s Terrace, Duncairn Avenue, back bedroom, ground floor furnished Miss M.A. Keenan

228 Keenan, Christopher 15 Dock Terrace inhabitant house holder 15 Dock Terrace, house & yard

229 Kelly, Henry   3 Martello Terrace inhabitant house holder 3 Martello Terrace, house & small yard

230 Kelly, Michael 6 Dalton’s Lane inhabitant house holder 6 Dalton’s Lane, house

244 Madden, Lucy J. Belmont, Vevay Road, Bray  lodger  £1 weekly Belmont, Vevay Road Bray, Bray, 2 bedrooms & sittingroom furnished-Susan Dewaine

245 Meath, Earl of Kilruddery, Bray rated occupier 153 0 Oldcourt Bray, house, office, gate lodge & Lands

246 Molloy, Rose Maria 5 Church Terrace, Bray inhabitant house holder 5 Church Terrace Bray, house & small yard

247 Montgomery, Mary Colesberg, Herbert Road rated occupier 57 0 Colesbury, Herbert Road, Bray, house & premises

248 Moran, Teresa 1 Herbert Road inhabitant house holder 1 Herbert Road, house & yard

249 Moore, Bridget 1 Oldcourt Terrace rated occupier 14 0 1 Oldcourt Terrace, Newtown-Vevay Bray, house & garden

250 No name Berry Cottage Vevay Road, Bray inhabitant house holder Berry Cottage Vevay Road, Bray

250 Murphy, Bridget 2 St Kevin’s Square, Bray inhabitant house holder 2 St Kevin’s Square Bray Urban Council Cottages, in direct succession from No1 Purcell Square, house & garden

251 Langton, Martin Coolroe house, Tullow, Co Carlow leasehold 10 0 18 Main Street, Bray

251 Moss, Hanah 4 Brighton Terrace rated occupier 27 0 4 Brighton Terrace, house & small garden jointly with Lizzie I. Banks

252 McAdams, Elizabeth Oldcourt Bray inhabitant house holder Oldcourt Bray, gate lodge, house

252 Larkin, James 3 St Aiden’s Terrace   rated occupier 12 15   3 St Aiden’s Terrace, house, office & yard

253 Leary, John 3 McCormack’s Avenue inhabitant house holder 3 McCormack’s Avenue, house

253 McCrea, Mrs Mary Anne 10 Killarney Road, Bray rated occupier 53 0 Ardcairn 10 Killarney Road Bray, house, offices & Land

254 Leary, John 3 McCormack’s Avenue inhabitant house holder 3 McCormack’s Avenue, house

254 McFarLand , William H. 90a Main Street Bray leasehold 20 0 90a Main Street Bray, Pembroke, stores, house, shop, out-offices & yard

255 McDonagh, Mary Ennismore, King Edward, Road leasehold Kylemore King Edward Road Bray, house & premises

255 Ledwidge, John 4 Hudson’s Terrace Lower inhabitant house holder 4 Hudson’s Terrace Lower, housed & yard

256 Lee, John No 8 Jones’ Terrace, Bray inhabitant house holder No 8 Jones’ Terrace Bray, house

257 Leary, Michael Gate Lodge near Galtrim House, Quinsboro Road, Bray inhabitant house holder  Gate Lodge near Galtrim House Quinsboro Road Bray,

258 Leeson, Richard 98 Strand Road rated occupier 10 10 Waterside Cottage, 98 Strand Road Bray, house

259 Llyod, Owen, Lynden, F. Colonel Fortview Terrace, Bray rated occupier 45 0 Fortview Terrace, Loretto Avenue, Bray, house, offices & yard

260 Long, Murtagh 30 Vevay Road, Bray Lodger No rent by agreement 30 Vevay Road Bray, bedroom 1st floor, furnished, Wm. Long

261 Long, William 30 Vevay Road, Bray inhabitant house holder 30 Vevay Road Bray, house, office & yard

262 Lowry, Andrew 1b Seapoint Road inhabitant house holder 1b Seapoint Road, house

263 Luggard, Edward L. 8 Goldsmith Terrace, Bray inhabitant house holder 8 Goldsmith Terrace Bray, shop & over

264 Luttrell, Henry 2 Ellerslie Villa, Sidmonton Road, Bray rated occupier 46 0 2 Ellerslie Villa Sidmonton Road Bray, house & premises

265 Lyons, Pat Newcourt Bray inhabitant house holder Newcourt Bray, gate lodge of Devaynes Smyth

266 Magee, James M. Wyndham Park rated occupier 31 0 1 Wyndham Park, house, yard & small garden

267 Macrony, Louise G. 16c Quinnsboro Road rated occupier 57 0 16c Quinnsboro Road, Concert hall

268 Marchant, Charles 10 Fitzwilliam Terrace, Bray rated occupier 48 0 10 Fitzwilliam Terrace Strand Road Bray, house & yard

269 Marnan, Thomas G. Novara Terrace rated occupier 40 0 Novara Terrace, house & small garden

270 Martin, Joseph Clarke C. “Rockmount” Meath Road rated occupier 33 0  “Rockmount” Meath Road, house & yard

271 Madden, Richard 1 Montebello Terrace, Bray rated occupier 46 0 1 Montebello Terrace Strand Road Bray, house, offices & small garden

272 Matthews, Richard 18 Hudson’s Terrace Lower inhabitant house holder 18 Hudson’s Terrace Lower, house & yard

273 Mercer, Philip G. 8 Galtrim Road rated occupier 28 0 8 Galtrim Road, house, yard & small garden

274 Meegan, William 11 Prince of Wales, Terrace inhabitant house holder 11 Prince of Wales Terrace, rooms over coach house

275 Milliner, Col. Joseph K. Galtrim house rated occupier 45 10 Galtrim house, Seapoint Road, house & offices

276 Morrow, George 33 Main Street, Bray inhabitant house holder 33 Main Street Bray, seperate room

277 Murphy, Michael 11 Brennan Parade, Bray Lodger 12s per week board & lodgings 11 Brennan Parade Bray, back bedroom 2nd floor, furnished-John Murphy

280 Whelan, Ellen 7 Pembroke Cottages, Killarney Road, Bray inhabitant house holder 7 Pembroke Cottages Killarney Road Bray, house, offices & yard

281 Whelan, Margaret  6 Pembroke Cottages, Killarney Road, Bray Lodger No rent by agreement 6 Pembroke Cottages Killarney Road Bray, back room 1st floor, furnished – Sarah Whelan

297 MacDonnell, Patrick Beechfield, Bray rated occupier 40 0 Beechfield, Novara Avenue, Bray, house & small garden

298 McDonnell, John 5d Railway Ter., Newcourt Strand inhabitant house holder 5d Railway Ter., Newcourt  Strand, house & yard

299 M’FarLand  Wm. H Pembroke Stores,90a Main Street Bray, leasehold 20 0 3 & 4 Carlton Terrace, Bray,

300 McGarry, William 9 Brennan Parade, Bray rated occupier 10 0 9 Brennan Parade, Bray, house

301 McGarry. George 2a Seapoint Road, Bray inhabitant house holder 2a Seapoint Road, Bray

302 McGarry, George 1 Grattan Parade, Bray rated occupier 13 0 1 Grattan Parade, Bray, house & small garden

303 McKenna, John Joseph 9 Florence Road, Bray rated occupier 14 0 9 Florence Road, south side, Bray, house & yard

304 McKitterick, Joseph 36 Duncairn Avenue, Bray Lodger 18s per week 36 Duncairn Avenue, Bray, top front bedroom furnished-Annie Cunningham

305 McKeeman, William J.  3 Claremount Terrace rated occupier 25 0 3 Claremount Terrace, house & small garden

306 M’Lellan, William 2 Grosvenor Cottage, Bray rated occupier 13 0 2 Grosvenor Cottage, Strand Road, Bray, house & small garden

307 M’Nulty, Michael Village of Newcourt-Vevay, Oldcourt, Bray leasehold 20 0 No,s, Milton Tower, Seapoint Road, Bray

308 M’Sweeney, James 4 Seapoint Terrace rated occupier 18 0 4 Seapoint Terrace, Seymore Road, house & yard

309 Martin, Christopher 7 Royal Marine Terrace rated occupier 10 0 Martello tower, 7 Royal Marine Terrace, house & garden

310 Miller, Joseph T. 5 Goldsmith Terrace, Bray rated occupier 5 Goldsmith Terrace, Bray, house & garden

311 Mooney, Thomas 18 Dock Terrace, Bray inhabitant house holder 18 Dock Terrace, Bray, house

312 Moore, Thomas 4 St Aiden’s Terrace, Duncairn Avenue South rated occupier 12 15 4 St Aiden’s Terrace, Duncairn Avenue South, house, offices & yard

313 Morgan, John (Dr). 3 Tras-yr-afon, Strand Road, Bray leasehold 20 0 3 Tras-yr-afon, Strand Road, Bray, house & premises

314 Mulcahy, Paul P. 3 Warburton Villas     rated occupier 22  0    3 Warburton Villas, house & yard

315 Mullen, Bernard J. 2 Eagle Terrace, Bray jointly rated 26 0 2 Eagle Terrace, Sidmonton Avenue, Bray, licenced house & yard

316 Mullen, Patrick 2 Eagle Terrace, Sidmonton Avenue, Bray rated occupier 26 0 2 Eagle Terrace, Sidmonton Avenue, Bray, jointly rated with Nernard J. Mullen

317 Mulligan, John Newcourt Strand, Bray inhabitant house holder Newcourt Strand, Bray, house & small garden

318 Murray, Christopher 36b Main Street, Bray rated occupier 24 0 36b Main Street, Bray, house & yard

319 Murphy, John 3a Meath Terrace, Meath Road inhabitant house holder 3a Meath Terrace, Meath Road, West Side, Bray, offices in rere

320 Murphy, John 11 Brennan’s Parade, Bray rated occupier 10 0 11 Brennan’s Parade, Bray, house & yard

321 Murphy, John Hudson’s Tce., Bray  inhabitant house holder Hudson’s Tce., Bray, house

322 Murphy, James Newcourt inhabitant house holder Newcourt, Bray, house

323 Murphy, Thomas 5 Eglington Road leasehold 20 0 Herbert Villa, Sidmonton Road, Bray

324 Murphy, Thomas 20 Vevay Road, Bray inhabitant house holder 20 Vevay Road, Bray, house & yard

346 No Name 1 & 2 Quinnsboro Ter., Bray rated occupier 106 0 1 & 2 Quinnsboro Ter., Bray, house & premises

347 O’Meara, Michael Alexander Terrace rated occupier 23 0 5 Alexander Terrace, house, offices & yard

348 O’Reilly, Thomas Quinnsboro Road, Bray rated occupier 52 0 Quinnsboro Road, Bray, house, offices & yard

349 O’Reilly, John M. 17 Quinnsboro Road, Bray Lodger No rent by agreement 17 Quinnsboro Road, Bray, bedroom top floor furnished, Thomas O’Reilly

350 O’Reilly, Frederick 11 Main Street, Bray rated occupier 30 0 11 Main Street, Bray, house & yard

351 O’Shea J. J. Florence Road rated occupier 13 0 Florence Road, south side, Bray, house & yard

352 O’Toole, Francis 3 Brennan’s Parade, Bray rated occupier 11 0 3 Brennan’s Parade, Bray, house & yard

353 O’Toole, Michael Myrtle Cot., 15 Vevay Road inhabitant house holder Myrtle Cot., 15 Vevay Road, Bray, house, offices & yard

354 Oakley, Thomas Albert Walk, rated occupier 10 0 4 Albert Walk, house & yard

355 Patton, John A. 2 Loretto Place, Bray Lodger £40 yearly for rooms only 2 Loretto Place, Bray, bedroom & sitting room furnished, James Johnson

356 Parker, John Glenhazel, Meath Road, Bray rated occupier 43 0 Glenhazel, Meath Road, Bray, house & premises

357 Paterson, John 14c Newcourt Strand inhabitant house holder 14c Newcourt Strand, coastguard station & guard

358 Pearce, George 45 Main Street rated occupier 34 0 45 Main Street, house, office & garden

359 Pepper, John W. Belvidere, Meath Road inhabitant house holder Belvidere, Meath Road,  Bray, house & premises

360 Pilkington, Richard Grant 55 Rutland Square, Dublin leasehold 10 0 Dunallen House, Strand Road, Bray

361 Power, Thomas 8 Westview Terrace rated occupier 28 0 8 Westview Terrace, Meath Road

362 Price, J. O. Eglington Road rated occupier 24 0 Eglington Road, house & yard

363 Purdon, Jas. Theodore 21 Quinnsboro Road, Bray inhabitant house holder 21 Quinnsborough Road, Bray, house

364 Plunkett, John Westbourne Terrace rated occupier 20 0 1 Westbourne Terrace, house, offices & yard

365 Quinn, Colonel Edward 3 Duncairn Terrace rated occupier 62 0 3 Duncairn Terrace, Quinnsborough Road, Bray, house, offices & garden

366 Quinn, Thomas Newcourt, Bray inhabitant house holder Newcourt, Bray, house

367 Quinton, Francis Newcourt Strand Bray inhabitant house holder Newcourt Strand Bray, separate apartments, coastguard station

368 Quigley, Michael 1b Sloan Terrace, rere Meath Road, Bray inhabitant house holder 1b Sloan Terrace, rere Meath Road, Bray, house & yard

390 No Name 9 Brennan’s Terrace, Bray Lodger No rent by agreement 9 Brennan’s Terrace, Bray, Eva ??? (Page torn)

391 Roantree, Dr. Daniel J. 1 Prince of Wales Terrace, Bray rated occupier 70 0 1 Prince of Wales Terrace, Bray, house, office & small garden

392 Ryan, Richard E. 32 Main Street rated occupier 36 0 32 Main Street, house & shop including 1 Novara Avenue

393 Ryan, Daniel Philip Knocklyon, Co Dublin freehold 20 0 Bray

394 Ryan, Michael 26 Vevay Road inhabitant house holder 26 Vevay Road, Bray, house

395 Ryan, John 7 Westview Terrace rated occupier 25 0 7 Westview Terrace, house & small garden

396 Reilly, George 116 Main Street, Bray leasehold 20 0 31-2-3 Duncairn Avenue, Bray,

397 Salmon, Patrick  9 Railway Terrace, Newcourt Strand inhabitant house holder 9 Railway Terrace, Newcourt Strand house

398 Salmon, John Rere 2a Railway Terrace, Newcourt Strand inhabitant house holder Rere 2a Railway Terrace, Newcourt Strand  Bray, house & yard

399 Scott, Thomas Newlands, Kingsmill Square rated occupier 48 0 Newlands, Kingsmill Square, house, office & garden

400 Scott, Henry H. W. 1 St Alban’s Terrace rated occupier 35 0 1 St Alban’s Terrace, house & small garden

401 Scott, Rev. Canon The Rectory rated occupier 25 0 The Rectory, Novara Avenue Bray, parochial house & ground

402 Scott, Edwin 16a Quinnsboro Road, Bray rated occupier 45 0 16a Quinnsboro Road, Bray, house, shop & yard

403 Scraggs, Thomas 36 Duncairn Avenue, Bray rated occupier 17 0 36 Duncairn Avenue, Bray, house & yard,

404 Seymore, Robert Clk Mullingar, Co Westmeath leasehold Seapoint, Bray, house, office & Land s

405 Shannon, Samuel S. 1 Claremont Terrace, Bray Lodger £36 yearly 1 Claremont Terrace, Bray, bed & sitting room, 1st floor, furnished, Kate Nolan

406 Sheridan, Lawrence 17b Newcourt inhabitant house holder 17b Newcourt, house

407 Sheridan, Lawrence 7b Newcourt inhabitant house holder 7b Newcourt, house

408 Shaw, Bernard Geo.1 Florence Terrace rated occupier 44 0 1 Florence Terrace, Florence Road, Bray, house & small garden

409 Shaw, Charles 13f Sidmonton Avenue inhabitant house holder13f Sidmonton Avenue, Bray, house

410 Sheahan, Patrick 7 Brennan’s Parade rated occupier 10 0 7 Brennan’s Parade, house & yard

411 Shannon, Patrick 50 Main Street rated occupier 16 0 50 Main Street, house, offices & small garden

412 Sherry, Thomas 6 Jones Place, Bray inhabitant house holder 6 Jones Place, Bray, house

413 Sloan, John 2 Sloan Terrace rated occupier 35 0 2 Sloan Terrace, Meath Road, house & yard

414 Sloane, Alexander 1 Sloan Terrace rated occupier 27 0 1 Sloan Terrace, house & yard

415 Scott, Ernest “Shangoolan”, Sidmonton Road, Bray rated occupier 46 0  “Shangoolan”, Sidmonton Road, Bray, house & premises

416 Sloane, James 1a rere Victoria Terrace, Meath Road, Bray inhabitant house holder 1a rere Victoria Terrace, Meath Road, Bray previously house 2a Victoria Terrace, Meath Road, Bray, house

434 No Name Floraville, Sidmonton Road, rated occupier 45 0 Floraville, Sidmonton Road, offices & gardens

435 Timmins, James 4 Railway Terrace, Newcourt Strand inhabitant house holder 4 Railway Terrace, Newcourt Strand

436 Tisdall, Archibald Wm. Dalmore, rated occupier 55 0 Dalmore,

437 Toole, Edward Dalton’s Court inhabitant house holder Dalton’s Court

438 Traynor, Patrick 26a Strand Road inhabitant house holder 26a Strand Road

439 Traynor, Michael In rere Duncairn Avenue rated occupier 11 0 In rere Duncairn Avenue

440 Turner, John B. 8 Quinnsboro Road, Bray Lodger No rent by agreement 8 Quinnsboro Road, Bray

441 Troy, Thomas Vevay Road inhabitant house holder Vevay Road

442 Traynor, Michael Hugo House, Duncairn Avenue Lodger No rent by agreement Hugo House, Duncairn Avenue

443 Traynor, Michael J. 4 Westview Terrace, Meath Road rated occupier 30 0 4 Westview Terrace, Meath Road

444 Traynor, John Hugo House, Duncairn Avenue Lodger No rent by agreement  Hugo House, Duncairn Avenue

445 Treacy, Thomas 25 Vevay Road, Bray inhabitant house holder  25 Vevay Road, Bray

446 Traynor, Thomas Hugo House, Duncairn Avenue Lodger No rent by agreement Hugo House, Duncairn Avenue

447 Triscott, Andrew H. 4 Warburton Terrace, Bray rated occupier 25 0 4 Warburton Terrace, Bray

448 Valentine, Charles 7 Wyndham Park Road, Bray Lodger No rent by agreement 7 Wyndham Park Road, Bray

449 Valentine, Ralph 8 Main Street, Bray inhabitant house holder 8 Main Street, Bray

450 Van Mannen, H. G. Ventnor House, Bray rated occupier 16 0 Ventnor House, Bray

451 Wade, George A. Lonsdale, Bray leasehold 20 0 Lonsdale, Bray

452 Walker, Robert King 1 Millward Terrace, Bray rated occupier 37 0 1 Millward Terrace, Bray

453 Walker, James 2 Novara Avenue rated occupier 10 10 2 Novara Avenue

454 Ward, Thomas 19 Vevay Road inhabitant house holder 19 Vevay Road

455 Watson, Edward 10 Duncairn Terrace, Bray rated occupier 70 0 10 Duncairn Terrace, Bray

473 Acton, Mary L. Ellerslie house, Sidmonton Road, Bray rated occupier 57 0 Ellerslie house, Sidmonton Road, Bray, house & premises

474 Allen, Mary 13c Florence Road rated occupier 17 0 13c Florence Road, house, shop & yard

475 Allen, Annie 2 Wavecrest, Strand Road, Bray rated occupier 45 0 2 Wavecrest, Strand Road, Bray, house, offices & small yard

476 Archer, Elizabeth Brennan’s Parade, Bray rated occupier 12 0 Brennan’s Parade, Bray

477 Armstrong, Dorothy Somerset Avenue, Bray rated occupier 12 0 Seafield Cottage, Somerset Avenue, Bray, house & premises

478 Atkinson, Eyma Warwick Lodge rated occupier 35 0 Warwick Lodge, house & yard

479 Banks, Langrish F. 3 Loretto villas rated occupier 20 0 3 Loretto villas, house & small garden

480 Barnwell, Eva Seapoint House, Seapoint Road, Bray Lodger £20 yearly Seapoint House, Seapoint Road, Bray, top front bedroom furnished-Mrs. Mary Barnwell

481 Barnwell, Eva Seapoint House, Seapoint Road, Bray Lodger £20 yearly  Seapoint House, Seapoint Road, Bray, top front bedroom furnished-Mrs. Mary Barnwell

482 Barnwell, Frances 3 Albert Terrace, Meath Road, Bray Lodger No rent by agreement 3 Albert Terrace, Meath Road, Bray, top front bedroom furnished-Jane Barnwell

483 Barnwell, Jane 3 Albert Terrace, Meath Road, Bray rated occupier 22 0 3 Albert Terrace, Meath Road, Bray, house & premises

484 Barrett, Florence Marimount, Strand rated occupier 48 0 Marimount, Strand house & premises

485 Barrett-Lennard Mrs. J. Seaview rated occupier 32 0 Seaview, house & garden

486 Barrow, Mary Marimount, Villas rated occupier 21 0 Marimount Villas, Loretto Avenue, house & garden

487 Barry, Margaret Augustine Villas, Meath Road inhabitant house holder Augustine Villas, Meath Road, West Side, house & yard